• 10/24/2023

How to Break a Negative Soul Contract

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You meet countless people within your lifetime. As you move through the years, you meet people, briefly connect and go your separate ways. However, some people will touch your life in a profound, spiritual way and become connected to you, whether positively or negatively.

Some believe that meeting these people is not a coincidence but is predetermined. The concept of soul contracts explains that your connections with others are made even before you are born. But what if you are stuck in a negative connection? Is it possible to break a spiritual contract?

What is a Soul Contract and How Does it Work?

Soul contracts are spiritual agreements made before one’s birth. Your soul enters into an agreement with other souls, mapping out how your life will unfold. Your soul contracts determine the life lessons, events, challenges and opportunities you will face in your lifetime. 

Soul contracts can be positive and enriching, but they can also be negative. Negative soul contracts involve challenging, difficult or painful experiences. These contracts are made to impart valuable lessons and help you better understand yourself. 

Can You Break a Soul Contract?

It is possible to break soul contracts. Some criticism of the concept of soul contracts is that they are determinist. Some feel like the belief system offers no free will, and people are bound to their destinies no matter what. 

However, many believe that soul contracts are just guides. They are a framework that tells you how your life will play out, but they are not permanent. When you experience toxic relationships or get stuck in negative cycles, you may need to break a soul contract.

How to Break a Negative Soul Contract

There is no exact method as to how you can break a soul contract. However, some believe certain events or actions can help release you from one. Some believe an untimely death can break a soul contract, while others believe conscious actions can do the trick.

Here are some ways to break soul contracts:


If you believe you are stuck in specific cycles, recognizing your predicament is the first step to breaking out. Reflect on your life and relationships. What aspects of your life are you struggling with right now? Are you experiencing a difficult time in your life? Which relationships are giving you the hardest time? Think about what these soul contracts are teaching you. 

Conscious Intention

Once you recognize the negative cycles in your life, set a conscious intention to release the contract. Incorporate your intention through meditation, prayer, affirmations or other rituals. Focus on your desire to break free of the negative spiritual agreement.

Personal Improvement

Working on your personal and spiritual growth can help you create natural shifts away from negativity. When you constantly improve yourself, you can overcome the challenges that come your way.

Healing Practices

Engaging in healing practices can help you better understand and deal with the emotions tied to a negative soul contract. Some healing practices involve therapy, meditation or other spiritual activities. Once you put in the work and overcome unresolved pain in your life, you can also break free of negative spiritual agreements.

Escaping Negative Cycles

You might notice that you’re repeatedly dating the same toxic people. Or perhaps you see that your friend only comes to you when they need something, and you let them continue treating you that way. 

These cycles can consume and suffocate you, which can affect your life. When you finally escape these cycles, you can break free of negative soul contracts.

Seeking Spiritual Guidance

Some believe seeking guidance from spiritual experts can help break soul contracts. You can turn to spiritual mentors and practitioners to help you recognize, understand and break negative soul contracts.

How do you Detect a Negative Soul Contract?

In some cases, detecting a negative spiritual agreement is the hard part. How do you even know if you’re in one? Here are some ways you can observe if you have a negative soul contract. 

  • You and another person cause each other pain, but you can’t get away from each other. 
  • You are codependent with another person.
  • You constantly try to gain someone’s approval to no avail.
  • You have intense emotional reactions towards another person. 
  • You feel drained when you are with a certain someone.
  • Your problems with another person just repeat, creating an unending cycle. 
  • You have lingering resentment that you cannot express.
  • You are going through recurring life challenges.
  • You feel yourself falling into unhealthy and toxic patterns. 
  • You suffer from lingering trauma that you can’t deal with.
  • You feel like life is teaching you the same lesson repeatedly.
  • You feel an urge deep inside you to change your life.

However, try to avoid seeing these signs as a hard fact. Instead, use these signs as a guide to help you better protect yourself and understand your relationships.

Breaking vs. Resolving a Contract

Sometimes, soul contracts end not because they’re broken but because they’re resolved. Soul contracts can be positive, negative or neutral. Contracts don’t need to be negative for them to end. You can settle a contract when you achieve whatever your souls have agreed upon. 

For instance, you may have experienced meeting a person who deeply touched your life, but only for a short time. You may have changed each other for the better, but you weren’t meant to be with each other for life. 

This situation can mean that the soul contract between you has been settled. Your souls might have agreed on meeting briefly to improve each other’s lives, but no more than that. 

Breaking Free of Negative Soul Contracts

There are many belief systems around the world that attempt to make sense of our lives and our experiences. The concept of the soul contract is one of them. Soul contracts offer you an insight into your relationships and life direction. 

If you’re stuck repeating the same mistakes or letting the same negative people into your life, you can look into soul contracts and how to break them.

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