• 04/04/2022

How to Plan an Excellent Carnival Theme Wedding


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Nearly all weddings have a theme nowadays, but couples might feel challenged when they think of the perfect one for their big day. There’s nothing more exciting than a carnival theme wedding for the fun-loving couple. It offers something unique and an interesting opportunity to DIY much of your decor and provides entertainment different from the norm. A carnival wedding theme would surely help your wedding stand out!

Carnival Theme Wedding Invitations

With an event as outgoing as a carnival wedding theme, you have to have invitations that show your guests what level of excitement they should expect. Set the stage for the grandest wedding ever by going above and beyond on your paper, both before and after your wedding day.

1. Ticket Stub Save-the-Dates

What better way to tell your loved ones to save the date than by sending them a large ticket with your wedding information on it? While this stationery may not be an invitation, it’s still a “ticket” to know that they get to come to your wedding! Plus, if you create a save-the-date in ticket form, they know that the invitation will be that much more creative. 

2. Ferris Wheel Wedding Invitations

Ferris Wheels are typically the most exciting attraction of any carnival. Why shouldn’t they be center stage for your wedding? Consider hyping up your guests by making your invitations Ferris Wheel-themed. You can either opt for a traditional invite with a Ferris Wheel printed on it or something a bit more unique that requires guests to spin the invitation.

Though it might take some creative printing on your part, the invitation will turn out wonderfully. All you need to do is follow a printable guide to learn how the invitation wheel works. Once you understand the core assembly, you can begin creating your own and laying out your information the way you want it. The finished product is a neat Ferris Wheel invitation that will get people excited for your carnival theme wedding.

3. Polaroid Thank-Yous

Have a Polaroid or other instant camera tucked away for after the photos. Then, throughout the night, take exciting pictures of you and your new spouse. After the wedding, you can save all these shots and include them in your thank you notes. Plus, everyone you thank will love to have a little piece of the wedding to tuck away in a scrapbook or hang on a wall. It’s a unique thank-you gift that may keep your guests talking for weeks to come.

Carnival Theme Wedding Food

Everyone loves wedding food. Give your guests a carnival theme wedding dinner to remember by implementing these fun foods into your big day. Remember to check for people’s allergies before committing to something!

1. Food Stands at Cocktail Hour

Food trucks have become a popular substitute for a regular sit-down dinner. However, if you still want to maintain that tradition, yet incorporate something similar for your cocktail hour, consider making food stands. You can easily DIY these food stands out of wood and bright paint. Consider setting out popcorn and peanuts, along with something like hot dogs or corn dogs.

2. Traditional Carnival Food for Dinner

Think of traditional carnival and fair food when you’re planning for dinner. Although messy, foods like baked beans and macaroni and cheese can conjure fond memories from your guests’ minds. Serve meat like BBQ chicken or pulled pork, and your guests should be happy with their traditional carnival dinner.

3. Candy Favors for Guests

The best favor is one that your guests can eat. As people line up to leave after your grand exit, make sure they can grab a goodie bag. Some people may choose to give out cotton candy as a sweet treat to end the sweetest evening. Others may opt for fill-your-own treat bags for a candy bar with different assorted sweets.

Instead of a large wedding cake, you may choose to serve guests a personal funnel cake or cupcake. Doing so could save you money and help you stick within your budget while adhering well to your theme.

Carnival Theme Wedding Details

When in doubt, keep your eye on the details. Decorations will go above and beyond to communicate your theme to everyone in attendance. Employ these tactics and more to have a perfect carnival theme wedding.

1. Carnival Games for Cocktail Hour

Who doesn’t love a good carnival game? Consider setting up ring toss and ball toss areas for your guests who will love a little entertainment while you’re getting your photos done. You may not have prizes for them to win, but they won’t have to pay to play, either. For those guests who aren’t as active, consider finding a painted character stand with holes in the faces. Kids and adults alike can put their faces in the gaps, thus creating funny photos and memorable moments.

2. Unique Entertainment

A unique wedding theme deserves equally original entertainment. Cocktail hour is a great time to break out the unusual and exciting entertainment, such as a dancer or contortionist, to occupy people’s time while you’re busy getting photos. At the end of the night, consider having fireworks in the background of your big send-off to make it a night to remember for everyone involved.

3. Memorable Guestbook

Guestbooks are a great opportunity for your guests to wish you well and show that they attended one of the most important days of your life. Instead of a physical book, think of capturing your guests in some other way. With bright, multi-colored paints, you can encourage your guests to get messy and stamp their thumbprints on a canvas. They can then wipe off their thumbs and sign their names. Later, you can use lines to make the thumbprints look like balloons — and you’ll have beautiful decor you can display to remind you of your wedding always!

Envision the Greatest Carnival Wedding Possible

With these fun ideas, you’ll surely have a carnival theme wedding to remember. Remember, carnivals are all about fun. Take a step back and look at how far you’ve come in your wedding planning. Don’t try to put too much on your shoulders. Sit back and enjoy your special day — you and your spouse have earned it!

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