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How To Cleanse Crystals at Home: 8 Ways To Rejuvenate Them

An assortment of pink and green crystals.

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Crystals — when you look at them, they’re just sparkly, colorful stones that catch the eye. But some people use them for entirely different purposes besides as adornments. Believed to have healing capabilities and promote a good energy flow, people wear these shiny gems to ease their mind, body and soul. But like an old pair of jeans, crystals get contaminated with bad energies, so cleansing them is vital. Learn why and how to cleanse crystals at home with these x ways. 

Why Is It Important To Cleanse Your Crystals?

Some people keep a citrine or emerald in their wallets or pockets to stimulate abundance. Others do the same with various stones to bring positive things into their lives. Think of crystals as a piece of clothing — by using them every day, they inevitably get dirty and tainted with negative vibes. Cleaning them is essential to restore them to their natural state and it’s the only way they maintain their effectiveness. 

What Happens if You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals?

The use of crystals is a widespread practice, but there’s no scientific proof to confirm their benefits. Some speculate their effectiveness lies in the placebo effect, explaining why they work for others but not everyone. 

The placebo effect can be potent and, in many cases, has become a source of miracles, with people getting healed of their diseases or achieving their life’s dreams — and in some instances, crystals were part of these eventful moments.

People believe the crystals’ healing abilities come from their power to absorb, store and manipulate energy. They’re like containers of good energy and work by refilling the user with positivity while absorbing their negative frequencies. When there’s a transfer of energies, purification can help the stones get rid of the stored lousy energy that can affect the user.

How To Cleanse Crystals at Home

Fortunately, several ways can shake off all the negative shades of your precious gems. Check out these x ways. 

1. Running Water

Water has a potent decontaminating ability, so they’re your best option for cleansing your nurturing stones. If you have access to natural bodies of water — like a stream — it would be ideal. If you don’t, water from your faucet will suffice. 

Simply put them under a turned-on tap for a minute, ensuring they’re fully submerged and washed by water. Dry with a towel. Preferably use this cleansing method for hard stones. 

2. Soil

You can purify crystals by returning them to nature, and your garden or backyard is the most convenient antidote for your unclean crystals. Use this for stones you think are heavily intoxicated with negative energies. 

First, look for a spot within your garden away from foot traffic. Then, dig a small hole a few inches deep with a garden trowel or your hands. Bury the stones for several hours or leave overnight. Take them out the next day to use again.

3. Saltwater

If you’re near an ocean, it can be one of the excellent choices for a purging dip. Salt is a widely used substance in spiritual cleansing, precisely the reason why people take salt baths to purify their aura or use it to clear negative energies at home. It’s been a staple ingredient across time and cultures for such rituals. 

Similarly, you can use saltwater or a bowl of tap mixed with table salt to decontaminate your crystals. Soak hard stones like amethyst on it for a few hours to days. 

4. Full Moon

Another centuries-old tradition is harnessing the moon’s power to clear negative vibrations. The full moon is the best time to bathe and cleanse your crystals while recharging them. 

Ideally, you’ll have to place your beloved gems on the ground where they touch a natural surface. For instance, you can leave them on the lawn. But if this isn’t possible, you can also put them on the windowsill or the balcony and ensure they’re unhindered under the moonlight. Leave them overnight and they’ll be ready to use again in the morning. 

5. Sunlight

In contrast with the moon, which brings feminine energy, the sunlight is as powerful in rejuvenating crystals with its masculine force. To cleanse, leave the stones outside for a few hours for natural light exposure. You can also place them on the windowsill before dawn and bring them in after sunset. Use this purifying method for selected crystals, except for amethyst, rose quartz and a few stones that are sensitive to light and will fade colors when exposed directly to sunlight. 

6. Incense

One thing to consider about good crystal care is their vulnerabilities. For instance, azurite, opal and fluoride dissolve in water, while amethyst, sapphire and topaz fade with intense sunlight. You need to do your research for a suitable and safe cleansing method — but one method you can never go wrong with is incense. Using natural incense made of white sage, juniper, myrrh and mugwort is the safest way to restore the stone’s power.  

Light your incense and place it on a burner. Take the crystals and hover them over the smoke, allowing each to be enveloped in the cleansing power of the incense for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can place the stone beside the burner. 

If you want to recharge the stones, use the following natural incense. 

  • Frankincense
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender
  • Palo santo
  • Sweetgrass

7.  Use Larger Stones

Larger stones, such as clear quartz, amethyst, selenite and carnelian, are believed to have the ability to get rid of the accumulated negative energies in smaller gems near them. If you collect large stones, place the smaller crystals on top of them and leave them overnight. 

8. Sound

Similar to how sound can heal the body of inharmonious vibrations, it can likewise purify crystals by using singing bowls, a tuning fork, chanting or a bell. 

Start by placing your crystals on a cloth and place them close to the instrument you’re working with. The key sound you play doesn’t matter as long as it’s loud enough to emit higher energy that can kick out the waves of negativity on the crystals you own. 

How Often Should You Cleanse Crystals

Preferably, you must restore your crystals to their natural state once every month, but it’s required to do it more frequently if you use them more often. For example, your home stones may need regular cleansing if more people come in and out of your space and their emotional baggage is absorbed by the crystals. If you resonate strongly with the stones, your instincts will tell you when it’s time for purification.

Cleansing Your Crystals Is Essential

If you heavily rely on these healing gems, such as they’re a part of your spiritual practices, it’s vital to clear them of unwanted energies regularly. While they’re special stones formed through the crystallization process for up to millions of years, there are no scientific studies to demonstrate their benefits. They remain part of alternative medicine. If you believe in them, it’s best to take care of them properly through cleansing. 

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