• 09/15/2023

Spiritual Crystals For Your Mind and Body

Various sized crystals sit on a table next to a plant.

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A new approach has been taking the spotlight, promoting holistic healing. This can come in the form of alternatives to medicine and can include anything from yoga to healing crystals. You have probably seen people show them off by keeping collections in their homes or even wearing them as jewelry. There are many types of spiritual crystals to help your mind and body. 

Why Use Spiritual Crystals 

Crystal healing has been used since Egyptian times due to the suggestion of their energy. People are becoming more open-minded to the power of crystals in their everyday lives. Some people believe that crystals have the ability to help the mind, body and soul. It is important to remember that there is no scientific evidence that supports crystal use, but studies suggest it offers a placebo effect to suggest healing power. 

Crystals may be effective because it uses the power of suggestion. The mind has much more power than we may realize. Suggesting an outside force is helping you heal can help the mind heal in itself. 

Crystals are made up of different elements that our bodies may react to. Some suggest that they are energetically charged and that we can exchange energy. There is no harm in giving them a try, but they should never be used to replace medical treatment if needed. 

Crystals For Your Mind and Body

There is an array of crystals to choose from. Depending on what you want to get out of a crystal can help you decide which one you would like to invest in. It is important to keep in mind sometimes crystals can have different meanings, thinking of this as freeing instead of confusing. Here are some popular options people reach for. 


If you feel stressed often, the Jasper gemstone can help provide a sense of nurture. People believe that it can create a state of calmness and protect your energy by absorbing negativity. It is a great option when going through stressful and challenging times. 


Moonstone is said to promote feelings of inner strength and growth. Some refer to it as the emotional healer. It promotes balance in your emotions and encourages confidence in any situation. You can activate their energy by setting them near a window to absorb the moon’s light. 


This crystal is a beautiful purple that is great for channeling harmony. It can relieve emotions like anger, impatience and stress. It is excellent for the mind and body since it alleviates physical, emotional and physiological pain. If you struggle with nightmares, this gem can rid them off and protect you while you sleep. 


Associated with the fire element, Carnelian promotes confidence and courage. Knocking out those feelings of self-doubt and worry can help remind yourself why you are amazing. Many people struggle with self-confidence so you can use this gem to help. It can also help turn jealousy and rage into calmness and enjoyment. You can wear this against your skin or place it at the entrance of your home for the best results.

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis is a royal blue gem supposed to release tensions like headaches and anxiety. Many people place it directly onto their brow area to get this effect. Those in spiritual circles believe it has a lot of power at night, which can enhance dreams and give protection. 

Give Crystals a Try

The more skeptical you are about spiritual crystals the less likely they will affect you. Trying out crystals will not harm you, although it does not guarantee that you will have any results. Keeping an open mind about the positive characteristics these gems offer may bring the specific energy you want. 

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