• 10/14/2022

6 Self-Love Crystals You Should Know About

Self-Love Crystals You Should Know About

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The journey to loving yourself exactly as you are might have its ups and downs. It isn’t always easy to extend grace and patience towards yourself, especially if your energy is unbalanced. These are a few self-love crystals that can help with your journey and guide you toward inner peace that doesn’t depend on any external influences.

1. Rose Quartz

Pink rocks might catch your eye if you’re browsing crystals online or strolling through a shop. They’re likely rose quartz segments. The crystal has a soft pink hue, providing a sense of ease to any environment. People also revere it for representing love and generating positive energy, so it may help to place a few of these crystals around where you spend the most time.

2. Rhodonite

Many Eastern cultures believe every person maintains a balance of yin and yang. Yin represents a connection with the earth, your femininity and darkness. Yang is the embodiment of lightness and heaven. When those two energies become unsynched, your self-love may not prosper.

Rhodonite balances yin and yang energies to help people’s worth through internal or external challenges. It will connect with your heart chakra while grounding your journey to improved self-worth.

3. Red Jasper

Red jasper often appears in the form of a polished stone. Place it where you spend the most time in thought, like around your bed or in your car. Its energy grounds people to help them avoid untrue or anxious spiraling thoughts. You can also hold it while repeating self-love affirmations to make them feel more genuine as your journey continues.

4. Rhodochrosite

Some people believe that rhodochrosite is helpful for healing purposes. Its bright pink appearance channels your root chakra to engage the part of your mind that facilitates self-love. Focus on its energy while practicing new self-care habits to garner compassion and forgiveness for your inner spirit that has struggled so long to embrace who you are.

5. Amethyst

Place gorgeous purple amethyst crystals around your home to decorate it with stones that aid in enlightenment. It traditionally connects with a person’s crown chakra, as well as their third eye. Both facilitate more exploration into your true nature, which allows you to banish negative energies that spurn bad thoughts toward yourself.

Sit amongst amethyst crystals while reading self-help books or participating in other habits that teach you more about who you are. You’ll more easily understand your nature and fall in love with yourself.

6. Citrine

You’ve likely found citrine when you spot a crystal with the golden hues of a sunset. It’s a crystal that matches the color of happiness and makes it easier to feel positive every day. Wear it as jewelry or other accessories so the uplifting energy follows you throughout the day. You’ll have less self-doubt that leads to inner discontent because citrine’s powerful spiritual qualities constantly hold up your feelings.

Learn More About Self-Love Crystals

Anyone can use self-love crystals to more easily defeat whatever is keeping them from appreciating their true nature. Get rid of negativity, confusion and even fear by integrating these helpful crystals into your life. You’ll more easily find things to love about yourself and no longer struggle to believe you’re incredible just as you are.

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