• 11/01/2021

Best Wedding Hair Trends for 2021 Brides

Best Wedding Hair Trends for 2021 Brides

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Figuring out your bridal look can take weeks or months of looking at different pictures in magazines before you ever set foot in a salon. Checking out the current trends is a great place to start, especially for your hair. Your style should look like the most authentic expression of your personality without looking dated. These wedding hair trends for 2021 brides will look gorgeous on your big day and in photos for many decades to come.

1. Long Flowing Curls

Curling your hair is a classic way to dress up for a big event. You likely curled your hair for things like your senior prom or your first dinner with coworkers. It adds visual texture to your appearance and feels extra special if you don’t wear your hair like that every day.

Consider wearing long flowing curls with your wedding gown to form the foundation of your bridal look. It’s a great style for brides who want to wear a statement dress or have a classic theme for their big walk down the aisle. 

2. Loose Long Braid

Braids are often associated with a casual appearance, but they can transform your look on your wedding day. If you have long hair, you could review types of braiding techniques and wear one throughout your ceremony and reception. It will feel great to have your hair out of your face, but it will also look dressed up with a few loose plaits and an accessory or two.

3. Half-Up Curled Bun

After curling your hair during a trial run, pull the top half up into a bun. It’s an excellent way to make your hair a little dressy while practicing your beauty routine to perfect your wedding look. It also works for brides with short hair or women who fall in love with a dress that features a low neckline they want to show off.

4. Low-Swept Braided Bun

Brides also braid half of their hair and collect it in a bun at the nape of their neck. It gives your look more flair while keeping it away from your face. The style captures elegance and beauty, but everyone from laid-back to princess brides can make it work with their theme.

5. Updo With a Flower Crown

If you want an updo that stands out from the standard bun you wear every day, use a flower crown as your main bridal accessory. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Talk with your preferred florist to add it to your wedding order or make it yourself with faux flowers from your local craft store. 

6. Beach Waves With a Tiara

Any bride can make their wedding even more incredible by placing a sparkling tiara on their head. There are minimalist designs to tuck into your hair if you’re not normally into bling, but you can also live your royal dreams with a tiara embellished with massive jewels. Style your hair into loose beach waves to balance your final look in time for your bridal portraits.

7. Curly Ponytail Braid

Your ceremony won’t last very long, so your primary hair concern should be keeping it perfect throughout your reception. A curly ponytail is one of the more decorative wedding hair trends for 2021 that are also functional. You can mingle with guests at your reception and dance away at your after-party without your hair falling flat with sweat. It’s also a great look for brides with thick or unruly hair who don’t want to bother with it after their stylist finishes before their ceremony.

8. Floral Metallic Barrette

Barrettes got a bad reputation after the 90s, but they’ve come back in a big way in the bridal world. You can find them in an endless array of styles, like metallic floral accents or pearls set in satin. It’s easier to add a barrette to your hairstyle if you know what your dress looks like since it’s a complimentary accessory that should play with elements in your gown.

9. Fishtail Crown With Curls

Fishtail braids are dreamy because people don’t wear them every day. They require someone to do your hair for you, then tug at each plait until it has the right volume. Curl your hair first to give your braid even more life before decorating it with pearl pins, flowers or other tiny accessories that tuck into the many pieces crisscrossing down your back.

10. Bold Colored Ends

Many brides dye their hair six months early if they want to change their coloring completely. That schedule gives you time for touch-up appointments. Others dye the tips of their hair in bold neon colors just weeks before their ceremony. Think about using fun bright shades in your final look so no matter which style you choose, the rainbow weaves through every curl or plait.

Discover Wedding Hair Trends for 2021

These are the best wedding hair trends in 2021 because they’re so easy to personalize. Consider which styles make your heart skip a beat and what you want your dress to look like to find the best hairstyle for your big day.

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