• 01/22/2020

Wedding Planning: Pro Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Memorable

make your wedding memorable

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The wedding day is a precious moment that celebrates the union of two souls as they go on a life journey together for the rest of their days. This is inevitably going to be a memorable event for the couple and for the family, as well as the wedding planning. However, there are more ways you can make the wedding more memorable and unique in the eyes of both the guests and the couple themselves. There are plenty of aspects of a wedding that, with a few tweaking and creative thinking here and there, can be much more exciting and memorable to behold. If you want to brainstorm more ideas on how to improve and level up your wedding planning, then read on.

Guest List and Invitations

If you want to make your wedding day memorable, then you have to be careful about the people you invite. Of course, it may be tempting to give in to the pressure of relatives to invite them to your wedding, even if you’re not close to them. However, not only is that choice unappealing to you, but it can also be quite expensive. When making a guest list and invitations, you can make each invitation unique to each receiver if you want it to serve as a keepsake as well. By narrowing down your guest list to the truly important people and then making your invitations a personal one as well, you’re starting off strong with your wedding.

Find the Perfect Venue

Part of having a memorable wedding is making sure that the location is memorable as well. You can book any place that specializes in weddings, but why not try a little harder to find the location of your dreams? Ideally, it should be someplace meaningful to you and your significant other, which will truly make the wedding location more meaningful. Your perfect venue doesn’t have to be this big, posh (Note: expensive), a fancy place to impress your guests. It simply has to be something that you love. A place that would feel magical during your wedding day. Some people even decide to get married in their universities or schools since this is where they met their soon-to-be partner in life.

Make a Perfect Playlist

Another aspect of the wedding day that you should consider would be the songs playing as you celebrate your union with your partner. Of course, the music for the main ceremony is important. Still, you might want to consider hiring musicians that play live music and are professionals for the job. Another thing you should consider would be the music during the reception. You would want everyone to be dancing at some point so you should make sure that your songs don’t only suit your tastes but also that of others. Sure, you can add sentimental songs to celebrate how far you and your partner both have come every once in a while, but don’t neglect the upbeat songs too!

Your Dream Wedding Dress

If you’re picking out your wedding dress, then you have a lot of options to choose from. So much so that it can be difficult to choose at times what to wear. If you have a wedding dress that gets passed from generation to generation, then the choice might be a lot easier for you. It may also require you to tweak the dress a bit. However, if you’re starting from scratch, then making the dress unique to the wearer is the challenge. Some people decided to ditch the whole white wedding dress altogether. For some, they weren’t even wearing a wedding dress. Either way, as long as the outfit is true to who you are, then that is what matters.

Create a Signature Cocktail

Another simple way you can make your wedding memorable is through the open bar that you might want to have. Having a signature cocktail to serve everyone is a great way of personalizing even something like the drinks that you serve. It can make the experience feel fancier, but it also makes the drinks more intimate since they could have a story behind them.

Create Fun and Catchy Hashtags

If people are going to be posting on their social media about your wedding, then you might want to have a fun and catchy hashtag for the wedding. The great thing about having a hashtag is that it helps make it easier to track what guests are posting. This is especially true if you have a lot of guests attending the wedding. You can then look back at your wedding anytime simply by looking up the hashtag and seeing what happened that night in the view of other people.

Come Up With a Theme

Having a theme for the wedding makes it easier for you to plan out how to decorate the rest of your wedding. Aside from that, it helps your guests decide what to wear too. For example, if you’re going to have a beach-themed or tropical-themed wedding, then guests can look for summer wedding outfits to wear. Choosing a theme helps you be as creative as possible.

Give Meaningful Souvenirs

One part of the wedding that guests look forward to are the souvenirs that the couple gives away. You want the souvenirs to be memorable for the event, but you also want to make sure that your guests find a use for it in some way. Some people give away treats and snacks to munch on after the wedding celebration, while some people even get personalized perfume. Whatever you think suits you and your guests the best would require some deliberation on your part. The added touch, though, will definitely make your wedding level up.

Have Miscellaneous Fun Activities

Having fun activities available on the location of your wedding will help entertain the guests before the ceremony starts. Plus, it can make for some interesting stories and laughter and energy from your guests before the ceremony starts. If the grooming is taking a little longer than anticipated, then these fun activities can help entertain your guests in the meantime. During your wedding planning, make sure that you try out these pro tips so that your wedding will be a memorable event, not only for you but also for your guests. Happy wedding planning!

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