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The Average Cost of Wedding Centerpieces and Creative Ways to Save

single buds which reduce the average cost of wedding centerpieces

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Your wedding is probably something you’ve been looking forward to since you were a child. However, if you were one of those kids with a binder full of cut-out ideas like gold plates and cutlery, extravagant floral arrangements and designer dresses, you’re probably currently undergoing sticker shock. Even the average cost of wedding centerpieces could bowl you over. However, with some DIY skills and a creative mindset, you can design showstoppers while remaining within budget

What Is the Average Cost of Wedding Centerpieces?

The average cost of wedding centerpieces is between $80 and $400, depending on the materials, size and number of tables.  

Flowers are typically the most expensive option but also the most popular. You’ll need to decide how fixed you are on a particular look when setting your budget. If you’re looking at a centerpiece that costs $25, for example, that would add up to $250 for 10 tables. One centerpiece per table will work for round tables, whereas long rectangular tables may need three or more centerpieces to look full.

You may also want to decorate additional tables, such as those for desserts, your guest book, gifts or favors. While you don’t have to decorate these spots, you can factor them in if you opt for affordable centerpieces.

How to Save on Floral Centerpieces

You can still have floral centerpieces and stay on budget. You just have to use your imagination and be willing to shop around. 

Opt for Larger Buds

Talk with your florist about flower options that may take more space but cost similarly to smaller options. For example, a few bunches of hydrangea will easily fill out an arrangement and save you money over the same volume of roses. 

Try Cheaper Flowers

You can also just opt for cheaper flowers in general. Carnations and sunflowers are much less expensive than other popular options. You can also use a common filler like baby’s breath on its own to create light, ethereal centerpieces.  

Choose In-Season Local Blooms

Part of what makes floral arrangements so expensive is brides who have their eyes on very specific blooms. However, similar to produce, flowers have specific growing times and regions. You’ll pay much more for picks that need to be shipped or are out of their regular season. Look instead for flowers from local growers and choose in-season options. 

Embrace the Less-Is-More Mentality

Rather than set grand-scale arrangements at every table, opt for small bud vases to make a minimal statement. The look is much more delicate. However, if you must have large vases, only place them at a few tables and use smaller arrangements on the others. You’ll get a much better bang for your buck.

Creative and Cost-Effective Centerpiece Ideas

Thankfully, you can skip flowers altogether if they aren’t in your price range.  You can create stunning table decor and still come in under the average cost of wedding centerpieces. These creative and budget-friendly ideas will leave an impression on your guests and set the scene for your perfect wedding reception. 

Arrange Colorful Fruit 

Nature offers a rich bounty of colors and not just with flowers. Fruits and even vegetables can be just as stunning. Most produce is less expensive than flowers, and you can buy in bulk. 

Apples, oranges, limes and lemons are great colorful options that take up a decent amount of real estate, making them an incredibly cost-effective decorative item. Another option is to use impactful vegetables like bright yellow squash or rich eggplants. You can lay them out on their own or arrange them in pretty bowls or baskets.  

12-pack round woven baskets: $21.99

3-pack heart-shaped woven baskets: $23.95

Light Candle Displays

Candles are an incredibly romantic option for table centerpieces, and they give you endless arrangement possibilities. You control the size, color, shape and amount and can customize the selection to your wedding theme. 

Small, shaped tea lights floating in bowls are a unique choice. You can also try elegant white or colored tapers for a romantic and classic feel. Use different-sized glass cylinders with lit white votives for a more modern yet sophisticated look. 

100-pack white tealight candles: $14.99

10-pack taper candles, various color options: $14.99

12-piece glass candle stick holders: $21.99

36-piece votive candle holders, various color options: $39.99

Use Greenery for Scenery

Greens are exponentially cheaper than flowers. Instead of using them as filler for your arrangements, let them shine on their own. Work with a florist to pick the perfect option for your reception aesthetic and theme. Ferns, ivy and pine branches are all gorgeous choices but provide vastly different vibes. Another popular option is eucalyptus, which is incredibly versatile and can stand upright in vases or lay flat on the table. For an extra touch, intertwine your greens with colorful ribbons or white fairy lights. 

Faux ivy garland, 40 feet: $12.98

18-piece faux eucalyptus branches: $9.99

16-pack LED fairy lights: $22.99

Repurpose Wedding Favors as Decor

If you get creative, you can use the same items for your wedding favors and reception centerpieces. Many couples choose gifts to fit their theme, so making a dual-purpose item would match your decor already. 

Little jars of honey or jam make a great present and would look stunning on the table with twinkle or tea lights. Colorful gift bags are another excellent option to create a bright statement. Plus, you can add nearly anything inside and still have the table look classy. 

60-piece clear gift boxes: $14.99

25-piece burlap gift bags: $9.97

Create Seashell Arrangements

Seashells are quite inexpensive, especially if you collect them yourself or buy them in bulk. An assortment of sizes, colors, textures and shapes will transform plain tables into beachy bliss. This option is perfect for destination or ocean-themed weddings. Scatter them along the middle of the table and accent them with pristine white sand or white votives for a modern, romantic feel.  

200-piece assorted sea shells: $12.49

160-piece white sea shells: $9.99

Pick Potted Plants

Plants and pots come in many shapes, sizes and colors, leaving you with nearly endless possibilities for decorating tables with them. You can purchase pots in bulk from a garden or craft store, but an even cheaper option is to find faux plants secondhand. You won’t be able to find ones that all look the same when you get pots this way, but you can use spray paint to make them more uniform — matte black, gold or one of your wedding colors would work perfectly. 

Small pots are ideal for succulents or African violets. Larger ones can hold orchids or pothos. Stop at a local greenhouse to select the perfect plants to match your desired aesthetic. Once the wedding is over, you can give the plants out as gifts or use them to decorate your home, giving you even more value for your money. 

32-piece assorted faux succulents: $43.51

Think Outside the Box to Lower Your Average Cost of Wedding Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are a long-standing tradition for wedding receptions. As such, they can be a bit overdone. If you’re willing to think outside the box and try something different for your wedding, you can still create a stunning visual for your guests and stand out from other events. Try choosing something unique to your theme and love story. 

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