• 09/12/2022

10 of the Best Ideas for Potted Centerpieces

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Choosing wedding decorations is one of the best parts of planning. Adding potted plants can create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. Here are 10 ideas for potted centerpieces

1. Mix Plants of Different Sizes and Heights 

Group small and tall plants to create a stunning visual effect. You can even use a whole tree, such as an olive tree, to make a statement. Plus, the thinner trunk allows for easier conversation. Then the small ones with fuller leaves can add texture and warmth. Succulents and ZZ plants are easy to care for options. 

2. Create a Rustic Vibe

Asymmetrical plants and ferns can create a more woodland atmosphere. They work well for an outdoor wedding in the countryside. You can also decorate with fake snow and pinecones for a winter event. Choose different sizes and shape planters for a unique look. Then add in some candles for a more intimate and inviting setting. Plus, then the decor can act as mood lighting for evening festivities. 

3. Use Them as Escort Cards

This is one of the ideas for potted centerpieces that incorporate design and function. You can use potted succulents to hold escort cards. That way, guests can grab them on their way in while admiring your beautiful decorations. 

Use the same size pot for uniformity. However, you can mix up the type of plants to add character and a sense of personalization. For example, if you know your friend’s favorite color, then match it with the petals. 

4. Add in Some Fresh Herbs

Place some fresh herbs in white planters. It adds a summer vibe and blends well with the natural elements of outdoor weddings. Some herbs can even have symbolic meanings. For example, basil represents fertility and lasting love. So, you can use these to decorate the aisle or tables. The herbs can even become party favors for your guests at the end of the night.

Here are some other plants to consider adding:

  • Dill 
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Parsley 

5. Add Scented Plants 

Scented plants can create a romantic and inviting atmosphere. Rosemary and lavender are good options for subtle scents. You can aslo base the smells on your wedding theme. For example, natural scents, like pine and oak, work well for a rustic-themed event. 

When chipping flowers, they are within your budget. For a lower-end budget, hyacinth and freesias are best. If you have more room, lilies, and lilacs are beautiful choices. Also, consider if anyone has any scent allergies. 

6. Use Them as Aisle Decorations

Lining your aisle is one of the best ideas to incorporate potted centerpieces. Place them next to chairs to add more character to the space. Mix in some cut-up branches and twigs to create a cozy setting. You can even use brightly shaded petals to add a pop color. Consider matching the hues with the rest of the decor. Also, use plants for different shapes and sizes to create a stunning focal point. 

7. Give Them Away as Guest Favors

Tiny succulents make great guest favors. They are easy to care for and are the perfect decor item for any room. Adding plants to your space can make you feel more relaxed and even purify the air. Potted plants are also cost-effective wedding favors that double as decorations. This then saves room in your budget for important expenses, like food and entertainment. You might even want to let the guest choose their favorite one. 

8. Consider Incorporating Cacti

Cacti are unique design elements that can fit a boho-themed celebration. Plus, these are easy maintenance plants so that you can focus on more important details. Also, mix cacti with other succulents to create an earthy-style tablescape. Then decorate with natural colors, such as dark browns, to match the theme. For example, a wooden table or chairs are good choices. 

9. Place Them on a Ladder

Decorate a ladder with potted vegetation. It can be a fun display for the entryway of the reception. You can also add wedding photos and a chalkboard. Another excellent idea is using the letters of your initials. When choosing flowers, you can go for petals for an elegant appearance. Pick vibrant colors, such as reds or yellows, for a warmer feeling. 

10. Have Copper Holders

Copper can create a beautiful and rustic atmosphere. The shiny color will easily attract guests and make the plants stand out even more. Add candles around them for a more romantic setting. Place these pots on guests’ tables and entryways. They can also help decorate entertainment spaces near the dance floor or photo booth. If you’re looking for a DIY project, you can paint the planters yourself. 

10 Potted Centerpieces Ideas

Adding natural elements can brighten up any wedding venue. Potted plants are a great option. So, use these design ideas for potted centerpieces on your special day.

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