• 06/28/2021

7 Face Yoga Methods to Reduce the Look of Aging


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Improving your skincare routine can help boost your confidence. However, it’s way too easy to end up spending tons of money on countless cosmetic products. Consider trying a more natural way to keep your face feeling refreshed and youthful. A face yoga method is a cost-effective option you can do from the convenience of your home, with impressive results. 

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Benefits of Facial Yoga 

Facial yoga exercises are a great way to strengthen your muscles and keep them in place. As they get firmer, the rest of your skin follows suit and begins to smooth out. This helps make your skin appear younger. 

As you continue to work your facial muscles, they grow in size. This can add more definition to your cheeks and make your skin look less droopy. 

Easy Face Yoga Methods to Try Out 

If you’re looking to reduce wrinkles and have a youthful appearance, try these facial yoga exercises. 

1. Forehead Smoother

For this exercise, you want to make a fist with both hands. Then, with your fingers facing out, place your knuckles in the middle of your forehead. Apply a medium amount of pressure while sliding fists to each side, ending at your temples. Repeat this process about six times. This technique will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Wrinkles can be caused by multiple factors related to natural processes and specific activities. Here are some of their common causes:

  • Aging: As you age, your skin cell starts to divide more slowly, and the middle layer begins to thin. As this happens, depressions can begin to form on the surface of your skin.
  • Facial muscle contractions: Smiling, frowning or squinting can cause forehead lines. The more often you perform these actions, the more prominent wrinkles become. 
  • Sun exposure: Spending too much time in the sun can lead to premature aging. Wrinkles develop during the cell rebuilding process. 

2. Double V

This method involves creating a peace symbol with your hands. You want to have your middle fingers touch the interior edge of the eyebrows, and your pointer fingers touch the outer edge. Apply a moderate amount of pressure while looking upward and squinting. Do this about eight times to help with droopy eyelids or crow’s-feet, which can be caused by genetics or if you had Lasik surgery. 

3. Natural Lip Plumper 

Consider trying this exercise to plump your lips. Sit down and slightly tip your head back. Next, pucker your lips tightly and push them forward. Hold the position for about 10 seconds. Do this about five more times. 

4. Wide Awake 

The Wide Awake method is another good face yoga method to test out. Place your palms on the sides of your face and your ring finger on the ends of your eyebrows. Apply light pressure and slowly lift your hands up and down, pulling at the skin. To reduce eye bags and drooping brows, repeat the process four times. 

5. Natural Neck Lift 

This technique is done by gently bending your head back so you feel a slight pull. Push out your bottom lip for a more effective stretch. Place your finger on either side of your neck and stroke down toward your collarbone. Do this about five times to help with saggy neck and jaw lines. 

6. Tension Relief 

This exercise helps reduce eyestrain and is good to do right before bed. Press into the inner corner of your eyes for about 30 seconds. Then, gently circle your finger in one direction for 30 more seconds. Repeat that process in the opposite direction. 

7. Eye Circles 

Try this process to boost your oxygen circulation and reduce puffiness. Place your ring finger at the interior of your eyebrows and lightly tap your fingers toward the outside. Push into your temple for a couple of seconds while continuing to touch above your cheekbones. Do this for another 30 seconds. 

8. Neck Massage 

Sometimes your neck can become tense and stiff. To help with this, tilt your head back slightly and place your fingers right at the tip of your neck. Gently press down, moving your fingers toward your collarbone. Push into it for a couple of seconds, and then release your fingers. Continue this for 30 seconds. 

9. Jaw Unlocker

This method helps to loosen up the muscles in your jaw and neck. Sit down while making a fist with your left hand. Then, place it on the outside of your jaw with your thumb facing down. Rotate your head toward your fist and press your jaw to your hand for a couple of seconds. Repeat this process on the other side. 

10. Lion’s Breath

This breathing exercise relaxes your facial muscles. Start by taking a seat and leaning forward, and then inhale through your nose. Open up your mouth and stick out your tongue, stretching it toward your chin. With strength, exhale while making a “ha” sound. Then go back to breathing normally. Repeat this seven times and breathe deeply for one to three minutes. 

Consider Face Yoga Methods to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Facial yoga can help to reduce wrinkles and drooping features. While you may feel silly doing some of these exercises, your skin will thank you later.

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