• 06/08/2022

What Is Rose Salt? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Rose Salt

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When new health fads take the world by storm, it seems like everyone’s talking about the same thing. Rose salt is the latest health and wellness fascination that may seem unfamiliar. You don’t need to worry about potentially missing out on something that will help you achieve your goals. Read this guide to learn about this multipurpose mineral and start using it in your routine.

What Is Rose Salt?

When you think about rose salt, you might imagine giant tubs of white salt mixing rose petals and oils together to create the light pink product that’s on everyone’s minds. In reality, the mineral is much more straightforward.

Rose salt is the popular name for Himalayan salt. It’s a mineral found in the Pakistan mountains that gets its famous color from a combination of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Roses aren’t necessary to create this ingredient, although the scent compliments some of the many uses of this mineral.

How to Use Rose Salt

There are many ingenious ways to use more rose salt in your daily life. See if any of these techniques would improve your health and wellness journey.

Soak in It

Pour a bit of Himalayan salt into your next bath or find a bath bomb that uses it as its central ingredient. Research shows that the mineral reduces pain associated with fibromyalgia and may even alleviate some eczema symptoms when your skin absorbs it while soaking in warm water. The anti-inflammatory properties could create instant results, depending on how long you spend in the bath.

Add It to Your Recipes

You can sub rose salt for white salt in recipes in many cases. It doesn’t change the taste. The primary benefit is that Himalayan salt can be easier on your blood sugar, depending on your current health conditions and how your unique body responds to a small amount.

If you find that your body responds well to rose salt on your typical meals, think about embellishing other recipes with the eye-catching mineral. You could add it to cookies to make them extra special for your wedding or a holiday party. It also pairs well with cocktail recipes, popcorn or chocolate desserts.

Balance Your Temporary Diets

You may start a diet soon to reach specific wellness goals. It’s likely a temporary change, but it could still deprive your body of the nutrition it needs to function at its best. When people start a juicing diet, it provides essential nutrients their bodies need, but they often don’t get enough sodium. Sprinkling rose salt into your juice or other diet meals will fix that problem.

Unblock Your Spiritual Well-being

Himalayan salt statues or lights may help your spirit find peace. It’s an excellent addition to crystals that improve your mental health by decreasing depression or anxiety. People use them around their houses to enhance their interior design and benefit from the positive energy radiating from the mineral. 

Exfoliate Your Skin

Rose salt has a naturally coarse texture, so it’s also perfect for exfoliating dry skin. You could find a container at your favorite beauty store or make a scrub at home with Himalayan salt, coconut oil and essential oil. It’s an all-natural way to banish dry skin and get more rose salt in your life.

Things to Consider

It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before making dietary changes. Talk about these primary concerns if they may conflict with your medical conditions.

It Affects Your Blood Pressure

Any type of salt will raise your blood pressure if you consume too much. Individuals who are predisposed to developing blood pressure problems or currently take medications for that purpose should discuss rose salt with their doctor to find the safest amount for their daily diet.

It Doesn’t Have Iodine

Himalayan salt forms from rocks, so it doesn’t have iodine like white table salt. Anyone with an iodine deficiency should continue their recommended intake of traditional salt to maintain their health. Relying only on rose salt will prevent you from getting the iodine your body needs.

It Can Hurt Pets

Salt lamps are gorgeous additions to your home, but they may harm your pets. Curious cats and dogs could lick them for a long time and experience blood pressure problems. If your family pets explore the world with their tongues, keeping your rose salt experience contained to salt shakers and bath bombs may be a safer idea.

Where to Find Rose Salt

People had to track rose salt down at specialty stores a few years ago. Now your average grocery store will likely keep it in stock because it’s in such high demand. Check your preferred grocery store for this salt or a home goods store for Himalayan salt lamps. If you can’t find anything there, both resources are available online.

Weigh the Benefits

People love adding rose salt to their lives because there are so many ways to use it. Whether you want to soak in a luxurious bath, add it to your cooking or balance your health, it is a great resource to consider while discussing potential lifestyle changes with your doctor.

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