• 06/10/2023

What Are Angel Numbers and What Do They Mean?

what are angel numbers

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Do you ever look at the clock and see repeating numbers like 11:11, 2:22 or 5:55? Maybe you saw 4:44 a.m. and p.m. in one day. You may also notice number sequences in other places, such as your grocery receipt or novels. 

While some people dismiss angel numbers as merely a coincidence, others believe repeating numbers is a sign that your spirit guides are trying to reach you with an important message of direction and validation. But what are angel numbers and what can we learn from them?

What Are Angel Numbers?

In numerology, angel numbers range from 0 to 9 and appear repeatedly in sequences and patterns. For instance, you might see 111, 777 or 2222. Likewise, number patterns could look like 1234, 321 or 6464. 

Each number carries its own meaning or message for greater spiritual discovery. While these numbers appear in everyday places — clocks, invoices, book pages, word counts, social media follower counts, license plates and addresses — we’re typically more aware of them than ordinary numbers.

For those who believe in their other-worldly meanings, angel numbers symbolize wisdom and guidance from spiritual powers. Whether you call them angels, ancestors, spirits or the Universe, these numbers give you insight into various situations and occurrences throughout your life. 

Most Common Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

There are countless sequences and variations of angel numbers, and each has a distinct meaning. However, you might come across some more than others. Here are the most commonly noticed angel numbers and what your spirit guides are attempting to tell you.

111 and 1111

If you see a sequence of 1 — either in threes or fours — it could indicate new beginnings. Numerology experts say it’s best to believe in your life’s timing and allow your thoughts to lead you when 111 or 1111 appears. Some would agree that a series of 1’s could mean you’re manifesting something great.

You might see 11:11 on a clock or owe $11.11 at the store. When you see sequential 1’s frequently, get in the habit of setting an intention for yourself. 


Numerology deems the number two as a sign of duality — light or dark — or unity. As such, it’s little surprise that seeing 222 pertains to interpersonal relationships. 

Your angels could be warning you to be more open and vulnerable to certain situations. It could also mean you must build stronger connections, be it marriage, family or friendships. At work, 2’s may relate to team-building, collaboration and tapping into one’s creativity. 

Through strengthened relationships and heightened creativity, 2’s lend themselves to self-discovery. 


The number 3 in numerology represents self-expression, optimism, communication and creative tendencies — the more positivity you exude in the world, the greater your happiness.

Your angels may remind you to seek balance when they show you 333 — jot down your ideas, create a vision board and start improving your health. A sequence of 3 is also a reminder to celebrate your achievements, offer gratitude and find ways to inject more creativity into your life. 


A sequence of 4 holds one of your spirit guides’ most influential and essential messages. On its own, angel number 4 represents protection and security. As a result, you can anticipate that 444 means your angels are protecting you so you can move through life more freely.

Think of 444 as a block against negativity. Allow your worries to subside when you see 444 and step into your power — the angels always have your back.


If you’ve seen 555 pop up everywhere, you could be in store for some life changes. Many people fear change, but 555 reminds you that you can handle whatever comes your way. 

Rather than try to avoid change, choose to embrace it wholeheartedly. Be curious about starting a new chapter and all the possibilities it holds for you. A sequence of 5 could also mean you should leave your comfort zone and let go of limiting beliefs. 


The biblical reference to the three 6’s is often associated with evil, darkness and bad luck. However, the number simply gets a bad rap. 

If you’ve fallen in hard times, your angels could send encouragement through 666. You might be taking things too seriously and must let go of stuff dragging you down. The number 6 in numerology indicates that we’ve forgotten what’s most important in life and must shift gears for greater focus.


When was the last time you pampered yourself or spent time alone? Seeing 777 — a unique sequence you won’t see on any clock — reminds you that you require tender love and care. 

Take time to slow down — a long walk outside is an excellent way to reflect on your life and re-center yourself. Meditation and journaling are other ways to connect with your inner being and understand your wants and needs.  


If you’ve seen 888, you’re in luck — you’re about to receive abundantly. Maybe your finances are looking up, or you’re about to find a partner or a new job. 

The angels aren’t going to alter the circumstances of your life to ensure you reap the rewards, but they will show you 888 to grow your awareness and make you more open to opportunities. 


The number 9 in numerology often signifies the end of something and a new beginning — a grand transformation. When you let go of things that no longer serve you, you make room for something better.

Seeing 999 also reminds you of your self-worth — that may mean setting boundaries or eliminating self-criticism. We often believe our negative self-talk the longer we listen to it, so you must stop this bad habit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to live up to your full potential.

What Do Angel Number Patterns Mean?

Not all numbers appear in sequences — some materialize as patterns, like 1010. If you see 1010, you can assure that you’re heading in the right direction, whether applying for a job or entering a healthy relationship.

Likewise, 1212 could mean that you must remain open to opportunities and know that your spirit guides support you toward reaching your goals.

Individually, the numerological meanings of 1, 2, 3 and 4 are distinct — but together, 1234 is a powerful combination. Seeing 1234 validates personal growth and releasing negativity. You’ll want to embrace positivity as you gain a sense of renewal. You might say that 1234 signifies steps toward your destiny. 

Your Spirit Guides Are Calling You

Angel numbers are the most effective way your spirit guides communicate with you. Pay attention to number sequences and patterns frequently appearing in your daily life. They could hold powerful messages that validate and help you on your journey. 

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