• 03/25/2022

How You Can Know Your Worth (And Add Tax!)


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Knowing your worth and practicing healthy self-esteem habits often go hand in hand, and it’s more of a journey than a concrete destination for most people. Knowing your worth can be hard sometimes, especially with things like imposter syndrome and toxic hustle culture lurking around every corner nowadays. But knowing your value and self worth is all about seeing yourself with fresh eyes, and allowing yourself to engage with the true value of who you are! It can be hard to know your worth, and even harder to add tax — the confidence, positivity and other great things that can come along with it. If you want to practice learning your worth and then some, here are a few ways that you can put that into motion.

Listen To Yourself

Before you begin talking to yourself, one of the most important things you can do is listen to yourself about what you need and how you’re feeling. Although this isn’t going to solve everything right away, it’s important to learn how you’re feeling about yourself and your life in order to honor your needs and desires. When you listen to what you need and how you feel, you can better understand how to move forward with things like boundary setting and self care

Set Boundaries

Speaking of setting boundaries and practicing self care, one of the best ways to reinforce your worth is to make sure that others in your life respect your needs and wishes. Boundaries convene and variety of different things, and they serve everyone’s life differently. Although learning how to set boundaries is often a winding journey rather than a specific destination, when you enforce the boundaries that make other people treat you with the respect you deserve, you’ll be more inclined to treat yourself that way in the future. Things like learning how to say no and passing on tasks that don’t speak to you can be difficult, but completely necessary.

Practice Self Care 

Self-care can be in so many different things to so many different people, and it’s important that you discover which habits and acts all right for you. For making sure that you eat healthy foods to making sure that you stay hydrated every day and all the way to spending time with loved ones and making the space in your life for the things you’re passionate about, it could be difficult to remember that you should be your first priority. Regardless, it’s important to practice self-care and remind yourself to do so, because that can help you understand exactly how worthy you really are.

Cut the Negative Self Talk

Negative self talk is more than just a bad habit. In fact, when you learn how to put yourself down, you start to believe the things that you say more and more as time goes on. If you’re in the habit of telling yourself that you’re not worthy or that you don’t live up to the qualities that you want to see in yourself, it can be a self fulfilling prophecy where are you can’t get out of your own way. Try saying some positive affirmations and talking to yourself the way that you might talk to a friend. If you wouldn’t say mean or negative things to them, you probably shouldn’t say them to yourself either.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude can help you have a more positive outlook on life, but it can also Hope you have a more positive outlook on yourself, as well. Although you might not see it right away, learning how to embrace positivity through the rest of your life can be a great segue into feeling good about yourself and knowing your worth. Try practicing gratitude in the mirror or even writing gratitude affirmations down in a journal if you have the time. It could end up changing your entire outlook.

Allow Yourself to Evolve

One of the most important things that you can keep in mind when learning your worth and sticking to it is that you have the space to evolve in your life. The more confidence you gain, the more you can open up and become the best version of yourself. Learning your worth is about evolving as a person, and reminding yourself that it’s okay to do that is an amazing experience.

Learning Your Worth and Then Some

It can be a lifelong journey to learn your worth, but it’s definitely one worth taking and exploring. By listening to yourself, learning how to set proper boundaries and speaking to yourself the way that you would speak to a friend, you can learn that you’re worth it, one day at a time.

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