• 04/25/2023

8 Best Wedding Nails For Your Big Day

Hands show off a white manicure.

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Your wedding day is all about you and all eyes will be on your hands. A small detail makes a significant difference on your wedding day. Photographers, friends and family will be demanding to see your hands since your new wedding band sits alongside your engagement ring. It can be overwhelming to come up with another beauty choice after choosing an outfit, shoes and hairstyle. 

Your big day calls for you to splurge on finding the perfect shade, design and shape to complement the rest of your look. Here are the 8 best wedding nails for your big day. 

How to Choose the Details

Many brides keep their nails polished with classic styles like French tips and neutral pinks. You don’t have to go the traditional route if this doesn’t sound like your style. The nail game has changed and manicurists aren’t afraid of intricate designs. You may want to match your nail design to the patterns on your wedding dress or have ideas of your own to make a statement. 

You will also want to consider the shape and length. When considering the length, think about what you will have to do with your hand. If your nails are too long, doing things like putting on shoes or picking up a ring can be challenging. Certain shapes can give off a different vibe to the look. You can go for a soft, classic shape or get edgy and do something out of the norm like:

  • Stiletto
  • Almond
  • Square
  • Coffin 
  • Ballerina 
  • Oval 

Wedding Nails Inspiration

To save time from scrolling on Pinterest looking for wedding nails, here is a compilation of the best wedding nails for your big day. 

1. Pale Pink with Mini Crystals 

Pale pink is a standard color for brides to get since it is a clean look between neutral and light pink. To add extra sparkles to this look, you can request to use crystals at the base of the nail around the cuticle on one or all your nails. The crystals can spread out to look like diamonds sitting on the nails or keep them together toward the bottom of each nail. Either way, adding glitter or jewels to a simple color like pale pink will make them pop. 

If you decide to put the crystals near the cuticle, keeping your nail beds healthy is important. The best way to get healthy nail beds is by getting a couple of manicures before your wedding day manicure. It will ensure you have them in their best shape for the one that matters most. Also, cuticle oil can help them stay healthy in the off times between manicures. 

2. Almond with White Swirls 

If you want something more fun but not too over the top white swirls are a fun and beautiful option. It is a fun way to do something other than a French manicure but with the same concept. Each nail gets a unique design of swirls and creates an abstract look. If you have a lacy dress, you can match the lace swirls with it. 

3.  Neutral Ombré

Ombré nails put a twist on neutral and French tips. It usually is done with a pale pink and white but can be done with whatever soft shades you like. They will apply the lightest shade and let the nail dry, then use the next shade to overlap slightly. It gets tapped in the middle slightly to create the illusion of the colors fading into one another. Once the process is repeated on each nail, you have a beautiful ombré nail. 

4. French Almond with Pearls 

If you want a French nail but are trying to add something different, try adding pearls. It adds a glam look to the medium almond-shaped French manicure. It is not limited to pearls either. You can use crystals for this look as well. Whichever fits your aesthetic best is an excellent choice for trendy and classy nails. 

5. Marble with Gold 

If you are looking for an elegant design that makes a statement at the same time, marble is for you. Marble is created to give a detailed effect using alcohol ink, creating depth and dimension on the nails. You can add real gold flakes which adds color and makes it fancy looking. The design may look difficult to achieve, but it is simple. It is different than just a simple color and can make you feel beautiful once they’re done. 

6. Pretty in Sheer Pink

There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple. Shades in OPIs “Bubble Bath” and “Funny Bunny” are popular for a reason. They give the nails a gorgeous natural look without an intense pink or white tone. If you pair it with a round or almond shape, it gives the perfect natural manicure. In some cases, the simpler it is, the better. 

7. Gold or Silver Lined French Manicure 

The French manicure is a perfect starting point for any elegant look, but many people want to add something to make it their own. A classy way to spice things up is by outlining the French with gold or silver glitter. It adds just enough sparkle where it doesn’t distract you but elevates the look. An almond or square shape will give it a sleek, polished look that highlights the detail. 

8. Bold Black or Red

Who said you have to play it safe with the neutrals and pinks? If you want something edgy for your big day, black and red are for you. Black can be done matte with shiny tips or keep it simple with a glossy black. Any shape will look great with this choice. 

Red hues range from fiery to scarlets to burgundies. Either way, red gives a romantic feel that will stand out. Find the best shade to match the season or wedding theme. 

Get Creative with Your Wedding Nails

Like everything else on your wedding day, you should choose what fits your style best. Everyone has a different taste, so no matter what you choose, make sure it makes you feel beautiful. 

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