• 05/27/2024

12 Summer Nail Designs to Try This Season


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When summer rolls around, it calls for bright and sunny colors. You can get so many fun designs that reflect how the warm summer days feel. Even if you aren’t one for designs, there are endless options of colors or minimal designs you can try that could be a step outside of your comfort zone. Here are eight summer nail designs for this season.

1. Freestyle Swirls 

All of the biggest trends in the past tend to find their way back. Swirls were big in the ‘70s and have had the nail game in a chokehold for the past few years. They can be neutral colors or go all out with bright or neon colors. Handpaint this or utilize a water marbling technique. Put droplets of nail polish and water and mix them around. Once it looks good, dunk your nails directly in the solution. Clean up after.

2. Cloud Art

This nail art is perfect for colorfully representing the stormy days of the summer. Ask your nail artist to start with a base color of your liking. Popular ones are purple or blue. The clouds are made up of a couple of dots combined to give them a light, bubbly look. You can pair it with designs such as multi-colored swirls, stars or rainbows. 

3. Yellow and Pink Flowers

Nothing says summer like flowers and the colors yellow and pink. It is best to get a neutral base that represents the color of your natural nails. On each finger, get two or three flowers for the splash of color. Pastels are versatile since they shine on all skin tones and outfits. You can also adopt a more vibrant palette.

4. Rainbow Nails

For those who can’t decide on one color, this is the perfect nail for you. Each nail is painted with a different color creating a rainbow effect of your choice. Some people twist this look, using a different shade of one color on each nail. It creates a beautiful look of the color fading into the next. 

5. Glam Nails 

The summertime is when you can experiment with your nails. Pick a bright summer color and add glam on top. It is a great way to elevate a plain nail. Rhinestones and sparkles on the nails will give it a new level of shine. 

6. Butterflies 

Butterflies are making a comeback in fashion and nail art. They are a big part of the Y2K fashion trend in clothing and clips. You can add them to a neutral nail, French tip, or any color you love. It doesn’t have to be done by a professional nail artist since there are stickers you can add on for the perfect butterfly.

7. Mismatched Pop Art

Why choose one design when you have ten fingers to work with? Each nail can have a personality ranging from pretty pink strawberries, checkerboards or smiley faces. The possibilities are endless and it will surely be an eye-catching look. 

8. Ombre

Ombre is a unique and beautiful look since the two colors merge and fade into one another. You can choose any two colors to create this look. Many people do a French-inspired look with white that fades into a natural pink, or you can go all out with pinks and oranges for a sunset illusion. Whatever colors you want on your nails will give them a beautiful and polished look.

9. Mermaid

If you’re swimming this summer, cop the mermaid’s nails. Having an iridescent shift can make the design seem quite magical. You can also play around with texture and patterns, mimicking seashells or mermaid scales. Adding small charms, pearls and other jewels can complete the ethereal sea goddess look.

10. Fruit Graphics

Summer is a time for fruits and refreshers. Show off your favorite fruit by drawing graphic art on your nails. Picture the patterns of citruses or the iconic look of berries. And, of course, watermelons are a classic favorite during this warm season.

11. Jelly

Jelly nails’ popularity has come and gone, this is a testament to their status as a staple in summer nail designs. Their highly reflective surface resembles a glistening jelly popsicle or lollipop. You can pick one color for all nails for a monochromatic look. Doing different hues can also provide plenty of variation.

12. Holographic

With the summer sun in full swing, consider getting holographic nails. If you want to go beyond the regular nail topper, some multi-chrome polishes fit this category. Either way, these sparkles showcase the full spectrum of the rainbow. The design is simple yet surreal under daylight.

Try These Summer Nail Designs 

If you want to spice up your nails this summer, try one of these options for a beautiful summer look. Having freshly painted nails will elevate any style you have this summer. 

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