• 11/27/2023

The Best Travel Makeup Bags for Your Next Adventure

Black travel makeup bag with brush, primer sticking out, and powder in the background.

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Boosting your confidence with makeup is fun, but there are many products to sort through while applying foundation or eyeshadow. It’s especially tricky to keep track of everything while traveling. Look into these travel makeup bags for your future getaways or upcoming holiday plans. You’ll know where to find your favorite products and how to protect them during your adventures.

What Is a Travel Makeup Bag?

A travel makeup bag is a container that holds your daily beauty products. It keeps all of your essentials in one place. They streamline your beauty routine while minimizing how much room the products occupy in your suitcase.

Benefits of Using a Travel Makeup Bag

You might wonder why you should get a travel makeup bag when you could easily dump your makeup products in a Ziplock bag or another single-use container. These are the benefits people enjoy when using a bag meant for cosmetics.

You Won’t Stain Your Clothes

Everything likely goes in the same bag when you travel, especially if you bring one carry-on bag for a flight. The last thing you need is to find your clothes stained with exploded eyeliner.

There are some simple stain-removing solutions you can always use on your clothes, like a makeup remover wipe. That’s the last thing you want to do when you’re on the road. A travel makeup bag will hold everything so the mess stays contained if a product accidentally opens.

Your Brushes Will Stay Clean

Makeup brushes collect whatever they encounter, like dust and bacteria. They’ll come across more grime if they’re crushed at the bottom of your suitcase or buried beneath dirty clothes. A specific makeup bag keeps them clean so you never brush bacteria across your face.

You’ll Easily Find Everything

Convenience is the key to an incredible trip. Prevent stress from affecting your travel plans by putting your cosmetics in a travel bag. You’ll know exactly where to find everything for those last-minute mascara or lipstick touchups.

You’ll Start a Sustainable Makeup Routine

Single-use plastic bags may hold your makeup products effectively, but they add waste to landfills with each trip. A reusable bag is much kinder to the environment. Consider using one if you live a sustainable lifestyle or want to reduce your household waste.

Best Travel Makeup Bags

Check out these incredible cosmetic bags when you’re ready to upgrade your makeup routine. They’re perfect for frequent travelers or occasional adventurers.

1. Bagsmart Hanging Cosmetic Bag

Even if you prefer natural makeup to achieve an effortless look, you’ll need to know where your cosmetic products are in your bag. A hanging organizer hooks onto a towel rack or shower curtain to easily display your collection. The four-tiered pockets feature see-through plastic and numerous zippered compartments to organize products of all sizes.

Price: $22.99 from Amazon

2. Eachy Travel Pouch With Divider

If you need a large-capacity travel bag, look no further. Itchy’s classy leather bag is waterproof and washable. With over nine inches across and over four inches deep, this bag can hold whatever you need. Store things in its zippered divider or the inner wall pockets. Your makeup will stay safe inside this protective bag no matter how you travel. 

Price: $23.99 from Amazon

3. Ocheal Travel Makeup Bag With Handle

The most passionate makeup fans will love Ocheals’ massive cosmetics bag. It’s nine inches wide and six inches deep, creating the ultimate container for the largest products and brushes. Store your things upright in the interior compartments while the brush flap protects the heads of each applicator. Browse the bag’s 35 styles to find one that speaks to your personality or matches your suitcase.

Price: $24.99 from Amazon

4. Zauknya Large Capacity Checkered Makeup Bag

Every fashionista needs an eye-catching makeup bag. You’ll love Zauknya’s newest makeup organizer if that’s what you want. It comes in vibrant colors and checkered prints that add texture to this fabulous bag. The inside features pockets for all your makeup needs, while the waterproof fabric protects your makeup from anything it could encounter on your adventures.

Price: $28.99 from Amazon

5. Ethereal Double Layer Makeup Purse

Give your makeup storage a new look with Ethereal’s two-layer organizer bag. The bottom compartment stores your brushes in a flat, protective pouch. The bag above it has room for any product you use on a daily basis. The waterproof, handheld bag is perfect for traveling. Store it in your suitcase or carry-on bag to never be without your favorite products.

Price: $11.99 from Amazon

6. Double Layer Makeup Organizer Bag

Sometimes, people want a sturdy, stacked makeup bag for their travels. This gorgeous pink or white bag is exactly that. The top container uses see-through plastic to shield your makeup from liquids while allowing instant access to whatever’s inside.

The bottom container is more private. It has pockets and divided compartments to store your makeup within its sturdy, anti-collision walls. If you put this bag between clothes and hotel essentials in your suitcase, it’ll never become crushed under your things.

$23.99 from Amazon

7. Packism Clear Duo Makeup Bags

When you need something simple and reliable, Packism’s latest toiletry bags are perfect for makeup storage. The matching small and large bags are see-through and made with robust materials. They also follow TSA guidelines so your makeup bag will never be the reason you get held behind in airport security lines. If your makeup spills on your adventures, throw both bags in the washing machine to quickly clean them.

Price: $11.99 from Amazon

8. Maange Translucent Triple Bag Makeup Organizer

People with tons of makeup products may want multiple travel bags to separate everything. Maange makes match travel makeup bags for just that need. The small, medium and large bags are waterproof and durable. Zip your belongings into place before using the carrying straps to get everything where you need to go. After you get home, the bags fit inside each other to provide an instant storage solution.

Price: $16.99 from Amazon

Store Your Makeup With Ease

Your passion for makeup shouldn’t complicate traveling. Use any of these cosmetics bags to simplify your adventures. Whether you want a travel makeup bag that’s stylish, practical or anything in between, there’s a budget-friendly solution ready to organize every last product in your makeup drawer.

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