• 09/22/2020

Tips for Booking an Airport Hotel

booking an airport hotel

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Staying in an airport hotel might not sound as fancy as booking a hotel in a famous district of the place you’re visiting, but it sure can be very convenient. Travelers who have to catch a flight departing at an unusual time of the day or night should opt for an airport hotel. Apart from being more affordable than the hotels in the city center, they also provide an airport shuttle to make transportation a breeze. They are also used to people arriving at weird hours, so there’s 24-hour check-in and other late night amenities. If you are thinking about staying near the airport, keep reading to discover some handy tips for booking an airport hotel.

Affordability and Services

Hotel properties near airports usually have considerably lower rates than hotels of the same quality that are closer to the city. If you are staying in a city for just a few nights, you can save on your hotel costs by booking near the airport. Of course, there is a difference in price and services when comparing budget and luxury hotels, but even budget airport hotels offer great services. Most airport hotels include breakfast, airport shuttle, and room amenities in the rate. Also, you can use the hotel facilities like room service, bar, restaurant, and fitness center. Some hotels even offer local currency exchange.

Airport Parking

This tip is more about travelers who fly from their hometown and choose to spend the night in an airport hotel to save themselves from the morning traffic and other possible delays. This type of parking is called “Park, Sleep, and Fly.” Some airport hotels offer parking on their premises, so you can get a good rate on long term parking and be well rested for your trip. For large airports with astronomical on-site airport parking rates, such as Sydney Airport, this could be a great way to save money if you plan on driving. Sydney Airport has some of the highest airport parking rates in the world, with prices from $62 per day. But by booking an airport hotel near Sydney, then you can park near the terminals for half the price.

Proximity to the Airport

Most of the airport hotels are located very close to the airport. In some cases, they can be within walking distance to your terminal. Usually, the closest to the airport equals the highest price. The smartest choice is the one that combines an affordable price with a logical distance to the airport. If you book a hotel near the airport, you don’t have to worry much about catching an early morning or a late-night flight. If you’re not sure how early you have to be at the airport, you can ask the staff at the reception. They can offer their valuable advice and even give you tips about the airport and the check-in process, whether you are taking a domestic or an international flight.

Available Transport

As long as the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service, it doesn’t really matter much if a hotel is a mile or five miles from the airport. The small differences in time is not that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things, especially if you would rather save money. Contact the hotel to ask for up-to-date information on the shuttle service, pick-up schedule, and the travel time. The shuttle might run on a strict schedule, but it is also common that pick-up times can be flexible, so you can arrange what time you need to board the bus.

Wi-Fi Connection

People who often travel for business know that the most important thing is to be sure that their room or at least a lounge area in the hotel has a quick and stable internet connection. In case you need to check your email, write a report, or contact your boss or team, a hotel has to be a place where you don’t have to stress about technical issues that can harm your work. Especially when you’re booking an airport hotel abroad, wi-fi is gold when you want to contact your family and let them know you’re safe and sound.


The closer you stay to the airport, the most concerned you probably are about the noise. In their effort to minimize the noise created by airplanes, airport hotels install systems to soundproof the interior of the property. If you wish to get a good night’s sleep, then, surprisingly enough, an airport hotel might be the quietest option. Fellow travelers, who need to stay in airport hotels, want to have peace and quiet because they either just landed after several hours of flying or they want to rest as much as they can before catching a red-eye flight. You can quickly notice when reading the description of the hotel rooms that accommodations close to the airport put great emphasis on soundproofing, more than most other hotels. 

Is it Worth it to Stay in an Airport Hotel?

Depending on what type of traveler you are, you might prefer booking an airport hotel. If you stress a lot about being at the airport on time and never risk missing your flight, then an airport hotel is the best solution. These types of hotels are extremely convenient and still offer the same level of cleanliness, amenities, and services that other hotels have. Not only that, but they also offer great cost savings! So, no matter if you’re a business or a leisure traveler, a couple or a family, airport hotels are suitable for everyone.

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