• 06/27/2019

These Hotel Honeymoon Amenities Will Make You Swoon

hotel honeymoon amenities

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When you’re not daydreaming about where you’ll be going on your honeymoon, you’re probably considering what you’ll bring. You have enough planning to do with a wedding on your mind, but there’s some prep involved with your honeymoon, too. Since your hotel honeymoon amenities will determine the comfort and satisfaction you feel during your trip, they’re especially important to take into consideration during your planning.

Make your usual packing list, but don’t forget that you’re not going to be stranded out in a new place alone. If you’re staying in a hotel or resort, you’ll have a whole staff ready to assist you with whatever you need. In fact, they’ll probably have some surprising amenities waiting for you. Check out these hotel honeymoon amenities that will make you swoon. You might not have as much to plan for as you would think.

1. Choose Your Own Pillow

Some travelers prefer to bring their pillows from home. They’re something familiar in a location that will be totally new, which can help people sleep better at night or feel more comfortable at their hotel. If you’re flying for your honeymoon, this option probably isn’t possible. Don’t feel panicked about having to leave your pillow at home. Some resorts will offer a pillow menu to honeymooners. You can choose from a range of sizes and firmness.

2. Romantic Turndown Service

Hotels know that when guests arrive on their honeymoon, they want to spend alone time together. That’s why if you mention the reason for your trip, you’re likely to get free turndown service. Turndown service is when the hotel staff pull the blankets back on your bed and close the curtains, so it’s all ready for when you get back at night. For honeymooners, hotel honeymoon amenities will often include laying rose petals on the bed, placing chocolates on your pillows or even lighting a candle or two. It’s worth looking into for a little extra luxury.

3. Preloaded iPod Playlists

You might be putting together a playlist for your reception, but what will you listen to while you’re away on vacation? Thankfully, you won’t have to put together extra playlists for your honeymoon. Luxury hotels are known to have iPods ready with different playlists for honeymooning guests, with speakers set up in their room for the best surround sound. Certain hotels also offer in-room record players. It’s a neat feature that honeymooners should take advantage of to help get in the mood to relax.

4. Complimentary Beach Bikes

Newly married couples often go on a honeymoon to a beach location, and if that’s the case for you and your future spouse, you could be in luck for a new adventure. Beach hotels know their guests want to see the town, so they make it easy by having complimentary bikes on standby. See if this amenity is available where you’re going, so you can cruise through your honeymoon.

5. Discounted Attraction Tickets

Most hotels, especially those in tourist areas, will have a stack of brochures by the front door so guests know what they can do in the area. The pamphlets will point out local attractions of all kinds, but some hotels take it a step further. Mention your honeymoon to the hotel you’ll be staying at and ask if they have discounted attraction tickets. They could give you free tickets or a pair at a reduced price for a place you were originally planning to pay full price for.

6. Late Checkout

It’d be nice for any guest to be able to check out of their room at a later time than allowed, but the deadline was made so staff can clean the rooms and make them ready for the next guests. Still, there are some special cases where they can push the checkout time, and honeymoons are one of them. The key is to ask well in advance, so they know to make the cleaning staff aware of the delay. Most people wouldn’t assume that an adjustment in check-out time would be possible, but it’s one of the hotel honeymoon amenities that every newly married couple should be aware of.

7. Room Service Credit

Planning to stay in your hotel room for the first few nights? Save some money and order room service instead of going out to eat. Some hotel meals can be expensive, but try mentioning your honeymoon to the manager when you arrive and ask about getting room service credit. Luxury hotels and resorts may be able to give you as much as a $100 credit on your account to cover your first few meals.

8. Free Champagne Bottle

The best way to celebrate is by popping open a bottle of champagne, but you don’t need to go out and get one for yourself after you finally arrive at your honeymoon destination. You could potentially find a free bottle of champagne in your room when you walk in. It’s a more common honeymoon tradition that many hotels share but don’t advertise.

Remember to Ask

Sometimes what you pay for will be what you get. If you stay in a luxury hotel, you might not ever have to ask them to do a thing. They’ll note you’re on your honeymoon and have extra amenities ready for you. Standard hotels will have some of these amenities on standby, but won’t mention them unless you ask. Most places will work with you to make your honeymoon the most enjoyable experience possible.

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