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The 12 Houses of Astrology: Your Ultimate Guide


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There’s more to astrology than your sun sign, also known as your zodiac sign. Analyzing your birth chart can help you understand why you and your friends are so different when you have the same zodiac sign. The planets in your chart, their relationship with other planets and their house can tell you a lot about yourself. 

The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 12 houses are one of the most fascinating things about astrology.  These houses reflect the 24-hour rotation of the earth around its axis—the houses rotate every 24 hours. Every house only represents a two-hour window where the sun moves daily. That’s why to calculate your birth chart you must know the exact time of your birth. 

You can determine romantic or platonic compatibility using your birth chart also. Use your birth charts to see whether you’ll mesh well together or not. In the houses of the zodiac, the first six houses are personal houses and the last six are interpersonal.  The first six govern personal and private matters from daily environments to immediate family and close friends. The last six rule joint ventures, career, society and relationships. 

First House

The first house of the zodiac is defined by the ascendant and governs your identity, making it the house of self. Your temperament, self-image, identity and physical appearance are represented by your first house. When planets transit to the first house, they allow goals to manifest and new ideas to take form. The first house is associated with Aries energy and the assertive planet of Mars. 

Second House

The second house represents everything about your environment from society to your income and material possessions. This house relates to Venus, which is the planet of love, relationships, values and beauty. Taurus corresponds to this house, which is a fixed earth sign. The second house represents your self-worth, self-esteem and income. It is concerned with stability and security. 

Third House

The third house governs communication and how you express yourself. This house allows you to move away from yourself and express yourself with others. You can express yourself through written forms of communication or verbally, but it oversees how you communicate. This house is associated with the air sign Gemini and the planet of Mercury. 

Fourth House

The fourth house in the zodiac represents your home life — the inner workings of your world. This house represents your inner circle and domestic sphere. Cancer, the cardinal water sign corresponds with the fourth house as does the moon since it rules the sign. The moon governs your emotions and can affect other aspects of your life. Emotional security and your upbringing as well as foundations play a role in the fourth house.

Fifth House

The sun, the source of creativity, rules your fifth house. The fifth house involves hobbies, self-expression, having fun and everything else that brings pleasure. The sun sign Leo corresponds to the fifth house. Everything light and playful that involves love and artistic expression can correspond with the fifth house of the zodiac. 

Sixth House

The sixth house governs your overall health and well-being. It involves your emotional, mental and every day life. This house is associated with domestic pets and small animals, since they’re part of your daily routine. This house corresponds with Virgo, the earth sign and the planet Mercury. 

Seventh House

This house involves one-on-one bonds like marriage and other personal and professional relationships. The seventh house sits opposite from the first house that represents self and identity, so it can boost your self-awareness. Your relationships and exchanges with others helps you get to know yourself. This house relates to Libra, an air sign, and Venus, the planet of relationships.

Eighth House 

The eight house is associated with Scorpio, which is a fixed water sign. The planet Pluto is transformative and corresponds with the eighth house is a complex way. This house rules over sex, rebirth, death, transformation, and joint resources. The eighth house governs the emotional bonds and other deep aspects of your life, like intimacy.

Ninth House

The ninth house is a house of adventure. The fire sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter, which brings fortune correspond with this house. Your wanderlust and thirst for knowledge resides in this house. The ninth house involves foreign languages, religion, publishing and other areas of higher learning. Exploring cultures and ideas that expand your mind and life, like long distance travel are indicating factors that you have activity in your ninth house. 

Tenth House

The tenth house is the house of reputation, career and social status. This house is located at the top of your birth chart and rules public image and professional aspirations. Capricorn energy is associated with this house and the planet Saturn, the ruling planet that provides structure. Your ambitions and how you deal with authority and responsibility are related to this house.  

Eleventh House

The eleventh house represents networking, community, hopes and ideals. This house envisions future possibilities and rules large groups of people. Like-minded individuals who share hopes and dreams with aspirations to improve things are associated with the eleventh house. The sun sign Aquarius corresponds with the eleventh house and the planets Saturn and Uranus, which is the planet of innovation. 

Twelfth House

The twelfth house is a house of secrets and seclusion. Governed by Neptune that loves illusions and oversees karma, the twelfth house rules over spirituality and the uncoscious. Pisces is a mutable water sign that governs the twelfth house. This final house on the wheel builds on the other 11 houses and governs things coming to an end. This house corresponds to the subconscious and imagination, such as afterlife and dreams. This is a secretive house with hiddens arenas in the chart that governs societal spaces. 

Understanding the 12 Houses of Astrology

Understanding the 12 houses of astrology can lay a foundation for understanding and self-awareness that can lead to your success. Reading your birth chart and understanding the houses can give you insight into your inner workings and psyche. You can use this knowledge as building blocks to creating success and happiness. 

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