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How To Get The Glass Skin of Your Dreams

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Have you ever wished for that flawless, glass-like complexion that seems almost too good to be true? Glass skin has been making waves in the K-beauty scene for years and rightfully so.

While it may seem like an impossible feat, this guide will unravel the secrets to achieving the glass skin of your dreams. 

What is Glass Skin?

If you’ve been following Korean skincare practices, you’ve probably heard the term “glass skin.” This refers to skin looking dewy, smooth, clear and reflective like a glass. It’s when the face looks at its healthiest state.

This type of skin glow has been a popular trend ever since, but it takes more than a few skincare products to achieve it. Certainly, it’s not something you can achieve overnight. It requires dedication to sticking to a specific regimen. 

How to Get Glass Skin: Follow These 10 Steps

If you’re looking for the road to glass skin, start with these basic guidelines on how to start your skincare routine.

Step 1: Take a steam session

Facial steaming requires exposing your face to the steam from hot water. It helps open pores and get rid of dirt on the skin. You can take a steamy shower and massage your face with your fingertips in circular and upward motions. However, you can follow the traditional session that requires hot water, a bowl, a towel and at least five minutes of your time. 

Here’s how you can create your facial steamer in the comfort of your home:

  • Boil water in a kettle.
  • Transfer hot water to a heatproof bowl.
  • Get a towel that’s large enough to surround your head and bowl. Put it over your head.
  • Lean closer to the bowl. Ensure it doesn’t burn or sting your face.
  • Steam for at least five minutes.

Step 2: Double-Cleanse skin

This two-step cleansing method ensures your face is as clean as possible, removing makeup, dirt and other gunk on your pores. It requires an oil-based cleanser that helps wipe away makeup, excess oil and sunscreen. The next step is using a water-based cleanser to whisk away the remaining residue.

When you wear makeup daily, double cleansing every evening will benefit your face. However, a gentle cleanser should be fine if you don’t have oily skin or stay at home for most of the day.

Step 3: Get Rid of Dead Skin

Exfoliation is vital if you want to achieve a healthy-looking skin. To avoid dull-looking skin, removing the top layer of dead skin is essential. This also makes it easier for other skincare products to penetrate your skin.

You don’t have to use a physical exfoliator for your face — a chemical variant works best, especially for sensitive skin. If it’s your first time using one, use it at least twice a week.

If you want to do it the Korean way, use a damp washcloth. Dip a soft cloth in hot water, squeeze the liquid out and wipe it gently on your face. Ensure to do it using upward motions.

Step 4: Use a Sheet Mask

Facial masks are a must-have in a Korean skincare regimen. It provides a quick and effective way to pamper the skin with nutrients. It’s packed in individual pouches, making them easy to take out for single use. If you’re tight on time, this step can be optional.

Various types of sheet masks are available in the market, catering to different skin needs. For regular use, opt for those that boost hydration and moisture. Look out for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and niacinamide.

Step 5: Layer With Essence and Serum

Amp up your skin’s moisture with the help of these liquids. An essence — often confused with toners — is a lightweight, water-based product that helps hydrate, brighten and nourish the skin. Unlike toners, this product is patted into the skin using your hands.

A serum gives a higher concentration of active ingredients targeting specific concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, dullness and fine lines. There are numerous types of serums on the market, but some of the most popular ones include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and brightening ingredients.

Serum is thicker in consistency than essence and is commonly used to treat skincare problems. For skin brightening, use vitamin C or niacinamide. However, if your goal is pure hydration, go for a product that contains hyaluronic acid.

Step 6: Moisturize

If there’s any step you should not skip, it’s moisturizing your face. This phase is essential to lock in all the nutrients from the products you applied in the previous steps. Look for moisturizers that contain ingredients such as ceramides, panthenol, or a vitamin C-infused moisturizer to protect your skin barrier.

Your moisturizer should depend on your skin type. If you have dry skin, a cream-based moisturizer is your best bet. For oily skin, go for a gel-based variant.

Step 7: Use Eye Cream

The skin under the eyes is more sensitive and thinner than other parts of your face. It can quickly look puffy or dark if you’re stressed or lacking sleep. Given this, it’s only essential to give extra attention to it.

Eye creams contain more potent ingredients your undereye area will need. These products are formulated to target problems such as puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.

Step 8: Apply Sunscreen

Always remember to put on sunscreen during the day. It’s the most essential part of any skincare regimen to prevent sun damage and signs of aging. To achieve glass skin, you should also take preventive measures that may cause long-term damage.

For day-to-day use, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. When outdoors, use a variant with at least SPF 60 and reapply as needed.

Step 9: Drink Water and Tea

Beautiful skin starts from within, so keeping your body hydrated is essential. It’s no doubt that water is vital for your overall health.

On the other hand, tea comes with antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, which can speed up skin aging. This is also a part of the dietary routine in South Korea — adding it to yours will give you positive health benefits. It’s refreshing for the body and skin at the same time.

Step 10: Stick to Your Routine

As you may already know, glass skin isn’t a one-night magic. Just because you followed these steps once doesn’t guarantee instant results. It requires patience and self-discipline, making sure you follow each step religiously.

Ready to Achieve Glass Skin?

Many people wonder how to get glass skin, but only a few know that it takes patience and dedication to a solid skincare routine that will help you achieve it. When you stick to these steps, you will surely enjoy glassy, glowing skin in the future.

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