• 04/04/2022

Make Cleaning Easier: Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Make Cleaning Easier Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spending a long winter indoors makes spring weather that much more irresistible. You may want to go outside more when it begins to warm up, but the changing seasons can also inspire people to refresh their homes with a bit of cleaning. Use this spring cleaning checklist to remember steps many people forget and make your home cleaner than ever.

1. Mop Your Floors

It’s so easy to forget about mopping your floors. Vacuuming your carpets and rugs can seemingly remove any lingering dirt, but what about your vinyl or hardwood floors? 

This spring, ensure that you clean any flooring not covered in carpets. Whether that means mopping with homemade soap or using specific cleaning products for specialized vinyl floors, you’ll remove things like bacteria and pollen that could harm your health.

2. Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans will help you cool down as your home warms up with the spring weather, but they could also irritate your lungs and sinuses. Fan blades collect dust and other floating particles as they turn.

If there’s a gray buildup along the edge of each blade, wipe your ceiling fans down with an anti-bacterial spray and paper towels. Your immune system won’t have to battle microorganisms that might make you sick, allowing it to stay strong with daily multivitamin use and a healthy diet.

3. Wipe Down the Oven

People often forget to clean the inside of their oven. The burned remnants of overflowing casseroles or muffins won’t go away on their own. Spend a few minutes scrubbing or run your oven’s cleaning cycle. Your oven will immediately become more food safe and you can start manifesting a cleaner kitchen, so it doesn’t have to wait another year to get clean again.

4. Empty Your Pantry

Even the most strategic grocery shopper eventually has expired goods in their pantry. It will only take fifteen minutes to pull everything out and check the expiration dates. Toss anything past its expiration date and look into donating unwanted food that’s still good. It’s a quick, tedious job that deserves a reward, like napping to improve your mental health or meeting friends for a meal.

5. Inspect Your Dryer Vent

Your dryer’s lint trap collects much of the airborne particles that come off of your clothes, but others will slip through and clog your dryer vent. Professional teams can empty any blockages that prevent your clothes from drying or you can unclog the duct yourself.

All you need is a duct cleaning kit, a vacuum with a hose attachment and a dustpan. After disconnecting the dryer duct, vacuum inside the vent with the hose and extend it as far as possible. Your clothes will dry much faster and your dryer vent won’t push chunks of lint out into the environment.

6. Sweep Your Garage

The garage floor is another part of the home that many people ignore. If there are piles of leaves or other yard debris in the corners of your garage, grab a broom. It only takes a minute to sweep junk out of your garage and transform it into a cleaner part of your home. Plan on keeping it that way by using a leaf blower to push leaves, sticks and other debris off your driveway after each spring thunderstorm.

Use a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Anyone can use this spring cleaning checklist to sanitize every last corner of their home. Add these steps to your to-do list and you won’t forget any essential parts of your house, like the ceiling fan blades and dryer vents. You’ll feel better after they’re clean and you can reward yourself with fun spring activities.

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