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The Best Essential Oil Brands for a Balanced Life

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In recent years, essential oils have blossomed into a booming industry, captivating those interested in wellness worldwide. Essential oils have appealed to people for their aromatic and healing properties. As such, they’ve found their place in the holistic health movement, offering natural alternatives to synthetic solutions. Yet, with growing demand comes an influx of brands, each promising purity and potency. However, every wellness expert knows that not all essential oils are created equal.

Amidst the sea of enticing labels and captivating scents, some essential oil brands dilute their products with fillers and additives. Not only do they jeopardize their therapeutic benefits but also the well-being of the user. As such, it can be challenging to find a brand that offers quality without breaking the bank. To ensure you find the best essential oil brands available, you must research and explore the world of essential oils. 

What Qualifies as a Top Essential Oil Brand?

When looking for a high-quality essential oil brand, it’s crucial to look beyond the marketing claims and glitzy packaging. A true top-tier brand distinguishes itself through several key factors.

Sourcing and Harvesting

Finding the best essential oil brands begins at the source. Reputable brands prioritize sustainably sourced, organically grown plants. They ensure there are no pesticides or harmful chemicals that taint the product. Furthermore, they often establish direct relationships with growers, building transparency and accountability from the ground up.

Distillation and Extraction

How a company extracts its oils is crucial. Top brands typically employ steam distillation or cold-press extraction to preserve the plant’s natural compounds. These methods avoid harsh chemicals and high temperatures, which can degrade the oil’s therapeutic properties.

Purity Testing

Rigorous testing is a must for an essential oil brand to be considered high-quality. Leading companies subject their oils to third-party testing to verify their purity and chemical composition. COA (Certificates of Analysis) and GC/MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) reports are often available to consumers, ensuring transparency and authenticity.


A top essential oil brand will go out of its way to educate its consumers. It will offer detailed information on sourcing, production and usage guidelines to help users make informed decisions. 

Ethical Practices

Finally, a true hallmark of a top essential oil brand is its commitment to ethical practices. This includes fair trade initiatives, sustainable harvesting and environmentally-friendly packaging. These brands recognize the importance of wellness, extending beyond the product itself.

Best Essential Oil Brands

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for essential oils, you can use this list of the best essential oil brands to save time in your research.

1. Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils is a trusted name in the essential oil industry. It offers several high-quality, pure products free from fillers, additives and artificial ingredients. Every time you order their essential oils, you’ll experience the full spectrum of therapeutic benefits. 

Rocky Mountain Oils places each batch of oils under rigorous testing. The company provides COA and GC/MS reports for each product and guarantees a 90-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

The company is also committed to sustainability. The brand prioritizes sustainable and organic farming practices by carefully selecting its suppliers. With an extensive product line spanning single oils, blends and wellness kits, Rocky Mountain Oils offers holistic solutions for various needs.

2. Edens Garden

Edens Garden promises to deliver safe, therapeutic-grade oils that kids can use. Its products are high-quality due to meticulous, sustainable practices. It ensures all oils are free from additives, synthetics and dilutions, delivering uncompromised purity directly to its customers. Edens Garden’s oils are also GC/MS tested and ethically sourced from Bulgaria, India and South Africa.

Edens Garden is also dedicated to education and affordability. It offers various resources, including blending guides, usage tips and safety information. Furthermore, Edens Garden is a family-owned and operated business, allowing it to provide high-quality oils at lower prices. It has an impressive range of oils and blends, making it one of the best essential oil brands to date.

3. Young Living

Young Living’s legacy stretches over three decades. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its Seed to Seal program. From sourcing and distillation to testing, Young Living ensures each bottle of oil is pure and potent. The company also guarantees sustainable sourcing and consistent quality by maintaining its farms and building strong partnerships with select growers.

Young Living also offers an expansive selection of essential oils, blends and wellness products. From aromatherapy to topical applications, their offerings cover many health solutions. The company is also reputable for educating customers. It has tons of resources and guides to help users integrate essential oils into their daily routines. With decades of experience and a broad product range, Young Living remains a trusted choice for essential oil enthusiasts.

4. doTERRA

doTERRA is a leading name in the essential oil industry, committed to providing therapeutic-grade oils through its Co-Impact Sourcing initiative. It recognizes the importance of sustainable and ethical sourcing and partners directly with farmers and distillers across the globe. As such, doTERRA ensures its oils are derived from the finest botanicals and are free from pesticides, fillers and artificial additives.

doTERRA also prides itself on rigorous testing processes. Each batch undergoes third-party testing, including GC/MS analysis. Apart from its main product line, doTERRA has various other offerings, including body care, skincare and eco-friendly household cleaning products.

5. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy offers high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils at affordable prices. The company practices ethical sourcing and testing, ensuring every customer receives the highest purity. Plant Therapy subjects its oils to third-party testing and commits itself to eco-friendly ingredient sourcing and packaging. 

Plant Therapy also employs a customer-centric approach, offering various resources and a customer satisfaction guarantee. The company’s product line includes kid-safe and pet-friendly essential oils. With its ability to provide quality and affordable oil selection, Plant Therapy is a top choice among the hundreds of essential oil brands.

Finding the Best Essential Oil Brand for Your Wellness

Quality is key to achieving holistic wellness with all the essential oil brands available. From sustainable sourcing to rigorous testing, these top essential oil brands deliver purity, potency and value. Whether for aromatherapy, healing or balance, choose wisely to reap the full benefits of nature’s aromatic treasures.

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