• 09/20/2020

10 Walk-in Closet Organization Ideas

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Walk-in closets provide extra space and make it easier to store items. However, the busier you are, the more cluttered your wardrobe will become. So, here are a few walk-in closet organization ideas to help keep your space nice and tidy.  

1. Create Specific Sections

The first step to organizing is grouping together similar items. This makes it easier to find things in a rush and makes the space more visually appealing. For example, place jewelry and handbags in a carved-out nook on the left side. Then add shelves for shoes and sweaters on the right. Also, be sure to put each item back in its place after using it. This will help to prevent things from piling up on the floor. 

2. Add Wire Frame Shelves

This is one of the walk-in closet organization ideas that is affordable. Get them in white to create a clean and modern appearance. The open shelving makes it easier to see multiple things at once. The storage is also durable and requires less maintenance. For example, the gaps between the wires cause less dirt build-up. It’s also easier to install since it has fewer components. 

3. Place Shelving Units 

Shelving units can hold more items and keep clothing off the floor. Larger cubbies can store things like folded sweaters and dress pants. Smaller units help maintain your accessories, such as scarves. Also, add box inserts, which can help conceal items like beauty products. Place these units in the corners to allow yourself plenty of room to walk around. 

4. Hang Some Mirrors 

Mirrors are a great way to make your space feel even bigger. They also reflect natural light and add more character to the room. You can easily do an outfit and hair check without even leaving the closet. Place these over shelves or clothing rods. You can also go for a full-wall mirror; just have a frame around it. Along with mirrors, patterned wallpaper and rugs can elevate the look. 

5. Add in a Dresser

If you have enough space, place a dresser along the wall. It can help hold all your shirts and pants. It’s also a great place to store thicker sweatshirts and leggings during the summer. Then in the winter, swap them out with t-shirts and shorts. Also, take advantage of the surface space to hold makeup or jewelry. In addition, add stainless steel rail next to it for your high-heeled shoes. 

6. Take Advantage of Vertical Space 

If your closet is smaller, you want to use all the room. So, add extra storage on top of built-ins. Incorporate floating shelves and cubbies going up the wall. Also, divide units into separate sections to hang more dresses. Consider white hangers for a more elevated look. Labeled garment bags can help with organization as well. Another good tip is to add a hanging shoe rack on the door. 

7. Use Glass Door Storage

This is one of the walk-in closet organization ideas that can make your closet unique. Glass doors make it easier to display all your clothes at once. Then on your way to work, you can quickly find the perfect outfit. It also keeps your things off the floor and prevents them from collecting dust. 

In addition, it can remind you to wear some of your forgotten items, like older shirts. Along with function, glass shelving creates an elevated and modern style. 

8. Incorporate Hooks

Hooks are perfect for hanging up your outfit for the next day. This saves you time rushing around in the morning. Place these hooks near the front of the closet so you don’t even have to go that far. Try the outfit on the night before, so you know it matches. You can also hang other accessories, like summer hats or winter scarves. Consider adding over-the-door hooks for easier access. 

9. Use Drawer Inserts 

Built-in drawer inserts can hold belts and ties. You can also use them for socks or other delicates. These ensure items don’t get tangled together and keep things organized. So, you can find what you need without digging through a messy pile. Plus, the insert ensures you’re using all the space in the drawer. Place them inside your dresser for further convenience. 

10. Install a Carousel 

Use any empty corners to add a carousel to your closet design. It rotates around so you can quickly browse through your clothes. The carousel also gives you more room to hang blouses or suites. Plus, hanging clothes can help to prevent wrinkles. The storage device is also an excellent way to use all the space without adding a bulky cabinet. 

Walk-in Closet Organization Ideas

You may not clean your closet every day, and it can become cluttered over time. Having an organization system in place can keep it tidy. Consider some of these walk-in closet organization ideas to have a neat-looking space. 

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