• 07/04/2022

The Best Floating Shelves for Any Home

Plants on floating shelves

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Your home should feel like a haven from the world, but empty walls create the opposite feeling. You might feel empty too if your furniture remains cluttered while your walls are blank slates of paint or wallpaper. Turn things around by checking out the best floating shelves for any home. No matter what sized space you need to decorate, you’ll discover the best supplies to add your personality to the interior design.

What Are Floating Shelves?

Traditional shelves fit inside furniture pieces. Picture a towering bookshelf or a wardrobe with interior storage. They can become costly additions to your home and take more space than you have to work with. Floating shelves solve both of those problems.

They only require a few minutes to install and hold belongings just like any other type of shelf. As you get to know your preferred style and daydream about what your shelves will hold, think about using floating shelves to fill your bare walls, corners or closets.

Pros and Cons of Floating Shelves

There are a few notable reasons people choose floating shelves for their interior design upgrades. Consider the following pros and cons to decide if they’re best for your home. It could help you move on to a better furniture solution or start the ultimate journey to organizational design.

Pro: You Can Put Them Anywhere

Sometimes people feel like they need to move into a new home to have more storage and decorating options. Floating shelves can help you feel more at home because they work anywhere. They could hang where a room gets the most natural light to bring your plants to life after they’ve sat in a shady spot for too long. They could also create outdoor storage on your screened-in porch.

Con: They May Not Hold as Much

Depending on which set you buy, you may not be able to hang your bowling ball collection on a floating shelf. You’ll have to check the weight limits on each shelving option and see what kind of hardware it requires to determine if it’s right for what you need to organize.

Pro: They’re Budget-Friendly

Floating shelves are single units, which are more budget-friendly than huge bookshelves or storage units. It’s an excellent resource for anyone who needs an economical solution for their reorganizing or decorating plans.

Con: They Can Create Visual Clutter

If you don’t dust your floating shelves and keep them organized, they can create visual clutter. Keep these efforts in mind as you think about what you’ll put on your shelves and if hidden storage in cabinets would be better for your belongings.

The Best Floating Shelves

Now that you know the pros and cons of floating shelves, check out the best options available to anyone who wants a wall storage solution.

1. SRIWATANA White Ledge Shelves

When you want to put family pictures, awards or heirlooms on display, the SRIWATANA ledge shelves are a great option. They have a contemporary design made of solid wood with a coat of white paint that makes these shelves match any modern interior design scheme. They also come in four sizes, so you can group them in whatever shape your wall space needs.

2. Life Concept Floating Wall Shelves

Pinewood shelving lasts for years, which is why so many people love the Life Concept shelving set. Each shelf is heat-resistant and damp-proof. They also use metal guards to safely store your belongings and prevent anything from falling to the ground. Use these well-designed shelves to keep snacks within reach and satisfy your every craving while storing them in Pinterest-worthy containers.

3. Sorbus Floating Shelf Set

Hang the Sorbus floating shelves in your pantry or laundry room to create instant storage space. They’re thick wood planks that hold more weight than other shelves and use a rustic wash to match your homestead or farmhouse interior design. You could easily keep your juicer on these shelves to help you reach your health goals without consuming all of your free counter space.

4. GREENSTELL Corner Floating Shelves With Hooks

Fit your new shelves right into an empty corner by selecting the GREENSTELL corner floating shelves for your home. They double your storage or display abilities by utilizing bare corner space that wouldn’t work with any other type of shelving. You’ll also vet removable hooks for the racks underneath the shelves to hang everything from plastic bag dispensers to kitchen towels or fruit baskets.

5. Giftgarden Rustic Ledge Shelves

It’s challenging to organize small containers like lotions and lipsticks without them falling off your shelving. The Giftgarden rustic ledge shelves keep everything in place, even your collection of hairpins. Their u-shaped ledges decoratively organize belongings in any room because they’re small enough to fit above bathroom towel racks or bedroom side tables.

6. EACHPAI Corner Floating Shelves

Your dream of owning corner shelves doesn’t have to disappear because you don’t want metal accent pieces in your home. The EACHPAI corner shelves are entirely wooden and provide 16 inches of storage space. They can easily display small trinkets and picture frames, but they’re also sturdy enough to hold up to 40 pounds. The metal brackets that come with the shelves are robust and easy to install.

7. U-Shaped Space-Saving Shelves

Many u-shaped shelves have front-facing lips that keep everything in place, but the SRIWATANA floating shelves are u-shaped from side to side. The side brackets can double as bookends and support heavy belongings. The solid paulownia wood makes each shelf strong enough to hold bathroom bottles, books or toys in your child’s room. Install them in just a few minutes with the hardware that comes with your order.

8. Love-KANKEI Corner Midcentury Mounted Shelves

Corner shelving can also create vertical storage, thanks to mid-century designs like the LOVE-KANKEI mounted shelves. The zig-zag metal accents and rounded frames add a unique touch to any kitchen, bedroom or living room. There are five shelves to hold whatever you want to put on display, but you don’t have to worry about following complicated instructions during installation. These are easy for anyone to hang in their home and start using the day they arrive.

9. BAYKA Mounted Wall Shelves

Edgy industrial living spaces are the perfect place for BAYKA’s mounted floating shelves. They have iron brackets that screw into either end of each shelf and use double reinforcements to keep them against your wall. The shelving can also work with rustic homes because the six colors for the wood showcase the natural graining. Cat owners, take note — these shelves can hold up to 44 pounds, so they’re perfect for curious cats who want to lounge on any new furniture you bring home.

10. Wallniture Ponza Wooden Shelves

Contemporary interiors and classic Victorian interior design schemes work well with the Wallniture wooden shelves. They utilize wall space efficiently because they’re all the same size. Accentuate your TV stand or create new storage in your laundry room by hanging these shelves with the complimentary installation tools. The gray metal brackets add a touch of character and strengthen each shelf’s holding ability.

Find the Best Floating Shelves for Your Home

These are the best floating shelves for anyone who wants to put anything on display or create new organizational solutions in their home. Whether you pick shelves that fit neatly into a corner, come in different sizes or feature hooks for hanging your belongings, you’re about to upgrade your home with a new set of shelves that will last for years.

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