• 02/15/2023

Why You Need to Invest in a Positivity Journal

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Everyone needs a little boost in the middle of their days. If life were nothing but splendid all the time, people would have no way to recognize what the best days of their lives looked like. Similarly, it can be hard to see the good in the world when you’ve been through many hard times. Keeping a positivity journal can help you weather through the worst of your troubles — it gives you something to look to and remember when you feel like giving up.

1. Journaling Helps You Regulate Your Emotions

Journaling can help you understand more about yourself and what you might be feeling. While a regular journal is great for getting your feelings out and reducing stress, a positivity journal is perfect for jotting down the things that make you smile each day and what you’re grateful for. In doing so, you’ll have something to smile about every time you open the journal. It’ll remind you why life is worth living. 

If your mood is feeling the lowest it has in a while, you might find that keeping a journal full of positive notes to yourself can pick you up through the day. In your journal, make sure to note positive things about yourself. You should see the beauty in yourself, both inside and out, and keep a record of it to remind yourself when you may not be feeling your best.

2. You Can Carry A Positivity Journal Anywhere

You don’t have to pick a large journal to be your positivity journal. Keep a small notebook in your bag or pocket and read it when you’re out and about for an easy pick-me-up. Journals come in all shapes, sizes and styles — meaning you’ll definitely find the one that’s right for you. You can even customize your journal with stickers or doodles so that just looking at it makes you happy.

You won’t find any rules about what you need to put in your journal. Anything that brightens your day works. You might find it inspirational to add quotes that mean something to you. Alternatively, you may want to paste pictures in the journal so you can remember fond times with loved ones. The goal is to help you look on the bright side, no matter what it takes.

3. It’s a Type of Self-Care

Journaling to keep affirming thoughts with you is one of the best kinds of self-care activities you can partake in. Starting your day on a positive note can help you brave through the toughest parts of the day. The easiest way to take care of yourself is by jotting down positive thoughts whenever you wake up.

Make sure you take note of your feelings that aren’t just positive. It’s okay to have negative feelings and to grieve over certain things. Feeling all emotions on the spectrum is a part of the human experience. Just don’t allow negative thoughts and feelings to bog you down for too long. You owe it to yourself to keep moving forward and achieving your dreams.

4. It Takes Only A Few Minutes

The best thing about positivity journals is that you don’t need to spend that long on them. Consider creating a few initial pages of what makes you smile, then leave the rest of the blank pages for you to jot down notes in. You can wake up and list things you’re thankful for in your journal, almost like a gratitude journal, or you can carry it with you and write things down as the day goes on. Either way, you don’t have to spend hours writing in your journal. You can look at it when you need it and write something down when you remember it.

5. Optimism Can Improve Your Health

When you have things to look forward to and are generally optimistic about your life, you may see that things take a turn for the better. In cardiology, optimism certainly makes a difference. Patients who were optimistic about their health required re-hospitalization after surgery about half as less as patients who had a more pessimistic outlook. Your positivity journal can keep you looking on the bright side of things, especially when you feel like there may be nothing to smile about.

A Positivity Journal Is The Perfect Accessory

Carrying a positivity journal with you every day is the easiest way to keep a smile on your face. Whether you fill it with memories, quotes or little moments from your day, this journal will prove to be an indispensable tool to keep you feeling optimistic about the days to come. When you worry that you have nothing to look forward to, you can always glance back in your journal and see what has made you smile before.

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