• 08/08/2022

Plan the Ultimate Self-Care Day

Plan the Ultimate Self-Care Day

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You likely see people talking about self-care all day while browsing social media feeds. It’s an essential part of any well-rounded lifestyle, but that isn’t easy to picture when it’s not part of your daily routine. This guide will show you how to plan the ultimate self-care day to find your wellness groove and enjoy the many benefits.

1. Prep Your Meals the Day Before

Part of your daily stress might happen when you’re thinking about food. Making meals and packing snacks takes valuable time away from your other responsibilities. Your stress will also become an even more challenging problem if you’re hangry from eating later than usual.

Your first step in a self-care day might actually start the day before. Consider the four types of meal prepping to learn which works best for you, such as:

  • Making full meals
  • Batch cooking specific recipes
  • Separating food into portioned meal containers
  • Preparing ingredients for your daily cooking

You’ll have much more peace of mind when you’re always within reach of your next snack or meal. If those foods also become healthier by featuring only organic or low-sugar products, you’ll also physically feel more energized.

2. Start Your Day With Positive Affirmations

Your self-care day begins when you wake up. While you’re stretching or sipping your coffee, recite helpful mantras to get your mind in a positive place, like:

  • I am enough.
  • I deserve self-care.
  • I am always learning.

As you repeat these things to yourself aloud or in your head, you’ll train your brain to remain positive every day. You’ll face challenges with a better mindset and weather through tough times more easily.

3. Practice Trataka Meditation at Lunch

By the time you sit down for lunch during your self-care day, your emotions might be all over the place. No one can know what a day will hold for them, but a quick Trataka meditation session will help you prepare for the rest of the day.

Prioritize your mental wellness by focusing on one thing during your lunch break. It might be the food in front of you, one of your daily goals or even yourself. Focus on that thing as you breathe and set an intention for it.

By honing your energy on your intention to savor every bite of your lunch or value your wellbeing above your stress, you’ll rebalance your chakras and find more balance during hectic times.

4. Listen to Soothing Music

It’s difficult to remember your self-care needs when your thoughts feel scattered. If meditation doesn’t help, try listening to a playlist with soothing music. Lyricless low-fi beats or nature sounds will calm your racing mind and help you focus again.

5. Take Care of Your Skin

Ending your self-care day with a comprehensive skin care routine that includes a gua sha stone roller. You could wash the day away by cleansing your face and reducing facial inflammation with your roller by gently pushing it against your muscle tissue.

Finish your new routine by boosting your facial hydration with a nighttime moisturizer. They often contain ingredients like retinoids that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so you’ll avoid any irritation by letting your skin soak it in overnight.

Enjoy a Self-Care Day

Anyone can plan a self-care day by following steps like these to spread their efforts throughout the morning and evening. You’ll feel rejuvenized and balanced even if stressful events complicate your routine. You may even keep your efforts going long-term because they’re so easy to do.

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