• 04/05/2022

Do Affirmations Work? Building Positivity In Your Life

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You may have heard already about the powers of positive affirmations and positive self talk. It feels like gratitude, mindfulness and, of course, positive affirmations are everywhere now. However, you might not be the first person to come into the game with a little bit of healthy skepticism. This makes complete sense, as the idea that simply saying something to yourself being able to change your mindset might sound a little bit unrealistic. However, there are plenty of ways that you can use affirmations to build positivity in your life. Additionally, using positive affirmation in a specific way that works for you will likely be the best thing to support you on your journey. Here is a little bit about how you can do that.

Reaffirming Positivity

One thing to get out of the way from the jump is that using positive affirmations at all does have the power to help bring a bit more positivity into your life, no matter how you do it. The simple addition of positive self talk, especially when it takes the place of negative self talk, is more likely to help than hurt, even if you don’t see the positive changes right away.

Training Your Brain

Even if it might feel a bit unnatural at first, one of the reasons why positive affirmations eventually do work is because they help to train your brain for positive thinking naturally. Even if it feels strange in the beginning, part of trusting the process is the knowledge that the feeling will eventually fade — at least a little bit. However, when you train your brain not only to say positive things off the bat, but also to believe them more frequently, you can get the hard part out of the way and begin to lean more into positive thinking.

Being Present

Another piece of using affirmations for positivity is the ability to use it to be present in the current moment and live your life intentionally. Many people might recognize this as mindfulness, which is all about being present with your thoughts, sensations and surroundings. When you start using positive affirmations in your life, you can use them to center your thoughts and actually consider them as a part of your overall experience, which anchors you to the current moment.

Choosing Affirmations Specific to You

When it comes to making affirmations work much as possible, one of the best things that you can do to aid that process is choosing affirmations that are specific to you and your life. There are plenty of affirmations out there that people will turn to as the first, easiest option. Of course, there’s plenty of value in saying that you love yourself or that you are beautiful, but in order to truly get to the root of your feelings, you can go a little bit further by naming specific things about yourself that you value. Also encourages you to think critically about why you are affirming yourself with positivity, and it also forces you to craft and vocalize specific compliments for your own self.

Supporting Your Practice With Other Things

Although using positive affirmations can be extremely transformative, it’s also important to note that kind words are not the only things that can help you bring positivity into your life. In fact, it’s important to create a well-rounded practice of positivity if you want to see consistent, sustainable results last in your life. Make sure that you are engaging in self care and self compassion in addition to your positive affirmations. You need to walk the walk if you want to talk the talk.

Being Consistent

Another piece of the puzzle that needs to be mentioned is consistency. Of course, saying a nice thing to yourself every once in a while or getting back to it whenever you feel like you have time can reap a few benefits. However, the best way to see consistent results is to have a consistent practice. Try to set specific times, routines and practices that you can return to on a daily or weekly basis in order to experience the full benefits of this practice.

How Positive Affirmations Work

Positive affirmations seem a little bit too good to be true, but there are plenty of ways that they actually work to better your attitude if you make the space in your life for it. By choosing affirmations that are specific to you, being consistent with your practice and reaffirming your positivity constantly, positive affirmations can actually have an impact on your life and mindset.

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