• 07/12/2023

Pillow Method Manifestation: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Pillow method manifestation involves writing your desires on paper and keeping them under your pillow for 40 days.

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If you’ve been in the law of attraction scene, you may be familiar with pillow method manifestation. It’s one of the several strategies to manifest your desires, such as financial abundance, health or a partner.

How Does Pillow Manifestation Work?

Think of the law of attraction as a toolbox. You may be more efficient with using one tool than the other. It depends on what you find easier to leverage when manipulating your vibrations to align with the version of you in the receiving state.

Here are the steps if you want to try pillow method manifestation.

1. Have a Clear Image of Your Manifestations

Visualize what you want to happen and ask yourself why you want to manifest it. Manifestation begins with a thought, so imagine what you want to actualize. If you can, play a video in your head about how happy and grateful you’ll feel once you receive all your requests. Be specific with these thoughts.

Then, imagine your dream job or the money you want to have in your bank account is finally there. How do you feel? What do you see? What version of you have you become? Feel all the beautiful emotions accompanying your manifestations coming true. Picture what you want to happen.

2. Create Affirmations of Your Desires

You need to create unique affirmations that resonate with you. Some people find pillow method manifestation ineffective because they imitate others’ desires. If they see people from TikTok saying they want to manifest a massive house in the city, have a million dollars in the bank or pay down their debt, they copy the same affirmations.

Those people may not find million-dollar savings too overwhelming — but perhaps not you. You may feel it’s impossible to manifest an enormous amount of money with your current situation. You can start with a figure you’re comfortable holding in your hand. Maybe $100,000 sounds more plausible and achievable for you.

Think about your own life and situation and disregard others’ suggestions. What areas would you like to change? Do you feel confident and comfortable achieving these changes?

You also need to be definite with your affirmations but not so specific it leaves no room for the Universe or higher being to expand your request. For instance, if you want to manifest a million dollars, instead of saying, “I want to manifest $1 million from my business,” you can say, “I want to manifest $1 million.” A million dollars can come from other sources besides your company.

Remove restricting words to allow the Universe to fill in the holes and be creative with how your manifestations come to you. If you’re an experienced manifestor, you may be more specific with your requests if it helps you easily visualize your desires.

3. Write Your Affirmations on a Piece of Paper

The most exciting part is to write down the things you want to manifest on paper. There’s magic when you write these things down — it unlocks your psychological prowess to achieve tangible results for your desires. Writing combines the left and right parts of the brain to find a creative way to fulfill your manifestations. You also achieve better memory recall.

When you write, use the present tense. Instead of “I want a dream house,” write, “I am living in my dream house. Every day, I feel delighted and grateful for it.”

Emotion is the currency in manifesting, so get into the feeling of every “I have” and “I am.” It sends a message to the Universe that your manifestation is done. 

4. Read Your Affirmations Out Loud

You need to embody the emotions, sensations and future version of yourself while reading your affirmations out loud. What will you feel if you live in your dream house and have that $100,000 in your bank? Your heart will burst with gratitude. You’ll feel like you’re living your best life. You feel more secure about the future. You wake up feeling so excited about starting your day.

Get into that feeling while reading your affirmations out loud 10 times. Place your hand on your heart and personify the person you’ll become once everything you’ve written down materializes.

5. Keep Your Affirmations Under the Pillow for 40 Days

For the next six weeks, make it a pre-bedtime routine to read your affirmations and feel grateful for having received everything you asked for. If you find one of your affirmations no longer resonates with you after a few days, you may change it.

Ultimately, you may see some changes in your life. You may see your current reality shifting to replace it with the future you speak into existence. First, you may notice you’ve developed a more optimistic mindset and feel hopeful about the future. As you continue, you may encounter synchronistic events or coincidences, signaling your manifestations are getting closer.

Take note of all these signs. You can use them to affirm your power to materialize your manifestations.

Does Pillow Manifestation Really Work?

The pillow method is a powerful manifestation technique that can profoundly affect your life — if implemented correctly. However, how soon your dream career, house or car appears in your current reality depends on your belief, energy and action. If you’re unmotivated to take action and your energy contradicts your dream life — for example, you operate on scarcity — the technique will not work for you.

Is Pillow Method Manifestation Right for Me?

Try the pillow method manifestation if you have yet to. If it works for others, it may be effective for you. Ultimately, it boils down to what manifestation technique allows you to adjust your energetic field to match the vibration of your manifestations.

The pillow method technique is just another tool, and it will remain a tool unless you hold and use it to repair areas of your life by taking action. Utilize this method of manifestation to speak the life you desire into existence. It could be what motivates you to change your life for the better.

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