• 12/13/2023

Messages From the Universe: Are You Missing the Signs?

Moon and stars over a forest.

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People receive messages from the Universe nearly every day. However, some of us forget to look for the signs of someone reaching out to us.

The Universe guides us, comforts us and reminds us we’re not alone. Sometimes, it sends spirit animals and “angels” to do its bidding for them. Let’s discover ways the Universe communicates with us and how you can open yourself up to receiving its messages.

5 Ways the Universe Communicates

When someone says they believe in the Universe, they’re really saying that they believe in a higher power of substance, laws and forces. God is not whole but rather a divine part of the equation. This belief is also known as “pantheism.” 

The Universe powerfully communicates with us throughout the day — but you’ll only hear what it’s saying if you listen closely. Here are five ways messages from the Universe come through that you likely overlook. 

1. Intuition

Have you ever felt you need to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in some time? Perhaps when you call, they tell you about the recent loss of a loved one or some other difficulty. How did you know they needed to talk?

If you’re paying attention, the Universe might come through to you by your intuition. Defining intuition isn’t easy — a “sixth sense,” perhaps? It could also be defined as interpreting information from within your environment.

An intuitive person may experience “aha” moments, feel a knot in their stomach or be adept at reading people in non-verbal ways. 

2. Synchronicities

Another way the Universe communicates is through synchronicities — also known as “meaningful coincidences.” Often, people see repeating symbols, numbers or patterns.

Carl Jung was the first to define the word, referring to repeating signs found in his clients and work. Regarding the Universe, synchronicities are things or experiences with commonalities, sometimes guiding you in whichever direction.

Do you ever see synchronized numbers on a clock, such as 11:11, 3:33, 5:55 or even 12:34? People call these “angel numbers” — important messages from the other side. For example, 4:44 on the clock means the angels are protecting from negativity. 

Likewise, seeing 999 somewhere indicates transformation and letting go of things you no longer want or need in your life.

3. Dreams

According to the Pew Research Center, 53% of Americans claim they’ve interacted with relatives who’ve passed in their dreams. In the last year alone, 34% said they felt their presence. Another 28% and 15% said they shared details about their lives and had their loved ones communicate with them from the other side, respectively. 

Let’s face it, these “dreams” often feel a bit too real, with many people referring to them as visitations instead. There are numerous messages to unpack from these visits. However, it should bring comfort that your loved ones are always with you.

4. Animals

Sometimes, our spirit guides show up as animals to give us strength and clarity amid life’s challenges. They may appear because you called for them or subconsciously asked them for help.

These messages from the Universe work similarly to synchronicities — you will see your spirit animal everywhere. It may be a physical, living creature or show itself in a book, magazine, photograph or TV.

So, how do you find out your spirit animal so you can receive the Universe’s messages? Pay close attention to the animals you’re drawn to or those that frequently come before you. 

For example, a lion may appear to give you courage when starting a new job. Likewise, an elephant may come to offer wisdom and stability.

5. Earth Angels

Feeling glum? The Universe might send you a message of positivity through an earth angel. Earth angels are empathetic, optimistic and generous people who tend to put others before themselves. 

Imagine you had a hard day at work and are grocery shopping with a sour expression on your face. An earth angel might compliment you to cheer you up. The next thing you know, you’re sharing your woes with a stranger and they offer life-changing advice. You continue shopping with a weight lifted from your shoulders and a new perspective. 

Are you highly sensitive to other people’s feelings? Do you feel random urges to do acts of kindness? The Universe may have made you an earth angel, too.

How to Receive Messages From the Universe

Of course, receiving helpful, thoughtful, loving messages from a higher power sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Imagine having the security and comfort to face problems and fears, knowing everything will work out as intended. Naturally, you’re probably wondering how to better receive the Universe’s messages.

Practice Mindfulness

Even with only 10 minutes to spare, mindfulness practices help you achieve a more focused, aware and relaxed state of mind. You will become better attuned to your thoughts, feelings and sensations and grow more present.

An open-awareness meditation is best for receiving messages from the Universe. You can practice open-awareness mindfulness with any activity, from eating to walking alongside the ocean. Pay attention to your body’s sensations, take deep breaths and be more deliberate about each task.

Keep a Dream Journal

Did an ancestor or spirit animal visit you in your dreams? Jot down the details of the experience in a dream journal.

You might notice patterns in your dreams and visions with hidden messages for your life. A dream journal is also an excellent way to remember the messages you’ve already received as reminders.

Look for Coincidences

Growing your awareness of coincidences takes practice. When you glance at the clock, consider whether an angel message is hidden there. If it’s 12:12 or 3:33, you know someone is trying to reach you about something important.

The Universe has many ways it reaches out. It could even be someone passing by you with a particular phrase or image on their t-shirt. 

Understand that you are always connected to the Universe and must strengthen that bond. Understandably, it can be challenging to notice coincidences amid a struggle, but that’s when its messages matter most.

Tap Into Your Intuition

People might know intuition as a gut feeling. Those who can easily tap into their intuition usually have a handle on distractions and know what they want.

Our internal compass helps us make difficult decisions or choose between right and wrong. Fortunately, you can learn how to become more intuitive. 

The best way to follow your intuition is to trust whatever hunch you’re feeling — maybe you have butterflies in your stomach. Keep your mind quiet, pay closer attention to what’s happening around you, connect with others and let go of negativity.

Listen Closely — the Universe Is Calling

You can only hear messages from the Universe if you’re paying close attention. Open your mind and heart to receive those messages to guide you on your journey through life. The Universe is always on your side.

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