• 11/02/2023

How to Use Ginger Essential Oil for Health, Beauty and Wellness

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Ginger is an integral part of many cultures and cuisines around the world. Primarily, it’s used to add a distinct earthy and spicy flavor to many foods. Aside from its gustatory value, ginger is also known for its medicinal properties. Ginger has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. 

Oils extracted from ginger hold the same medicinal benefits as the fresh plant but in concentrated form. Yellowish or greenish in color, ginger oil has plenty of applications in health, wellness and beauty. 

Here’ are some uses, benefits and applications of ginger essential oil:

Relieve Nausea

Ginger oil is used as an antiemetic in alternative medicine. Those who use ginger oil say they experience relief from nausea after use. The effects of essential oils vary from person to person, and it’s difficult to truly pinpoint their level of efficacy.

However, some clinical trials show their effectiveness in certain applications. For instance, a recent study showed that ginger and other essential oils helped reduce the severity of nausea in chemotherapy patients.

If you’re feeling nauseous from morning sickness, motion sickness, medical treatments or other reasons, you can try ginger oil to ease your symptoms.

You can use a scent diffuser to fill your room with ginger scent. You can also rub diluted ginger oil onto pressure points like your wrists, forehead and stomach. 

  • Important note: Essential oils are too concentrated to be applied directly to the skin. Before applying topically, dilute a few drops of ginger essential oil into a carrier oil. Suitable carrier oils are jojoba or coconut.

Ease Digestion

Ginger is a great natural treatment for stomach upset, indigestion and other similar issues.

To help ease digestion, you can massage diluted ginger oil onto your stomach. You can also prepare a warm bath and add two to three drops of ginger oil to the water.

Essential oils are not as thoroughly regulated as modern medicines. Even though some brands will encourage you to ingest essential oils, it’s still best to err on the side of caution. Since ginger essential oil is equally beneficial to ginger, just take fresh ginger for internal use. To help ease digestion issues, mix ginger into warm water or tea and drink slowly. 

Headache Relief

People also use ginger to help alleviate headaches. A meta-analysis of several studies found that ginger can help reduce the pain from migraines. It’s a great way to treat headaches or supplement pain-relieving medicine naturally.

Massage diluted ginger essential oil onto your temples, forehead and nape as needed. You can also add two to four drops of ginger oil onto a cloth, cotton ball or tissue and inhale lightly. 

Lastly, you can also add a few drops to your warm bath. The relaxing qualities of warm water can help reduce strain on the head and neck. Combining ginger oil and warm water can do wonders to reduce your pain.

Cough Relief

In traditional medicine, ginger is used to treat respiratory issues like coughs, colds, flu, asthma and more. Research shows that ginger essential oil has an anti-inflammatory effect on the airways. 

To use ginger oil for cough relief, add a few drops to a diffuser and let the oil spread around the room. Breathe deeply and allow the aroma to reach your lungs. 

You can also do steam inhalation. Prepare a basin of hot, steaming water. Add six drops of ginger oil. Carefully place your head above the basin, and then cover your head with a towel. Inhale the aromatic steam slowly.

Improve Skin

Ginger oil can be used topically as part of skincare. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger has been used in treating several skin conditions. Some people use ginger and ginger oil to help reduce skin redness and irritation. 

Massage diluted ginger oil onto your face and body. Observe first how your skin will react and determine how often you can apply the diluted oil. You can also mix ginger essential oil into a calming face scrub or a plain lotion base. 

Boost Scalp Health

Ginger has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe an aggravated scalp. You can use ginger essential oil diluted in a carrier oil on your scalp. Divide hair into sections and apply until the scalp is covered. Lightly massage your scalp and let the oil stay for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly after. You can use a clarifying shampoo to help remove the oil completely.

Reduce Swelling

Since ginger is a great treatment for inflammation, you can also use it to soothe swollen extremities. You can use ginger essential oil to help reduce swelling in feet, ankles and legs. Simply rub diluted ginger essential oil into the affected area. Lightly massage the oil into your skin to encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Enhance Mood

Ginger oil can also help improve your mood and overall mental health. Research shows that ginger essential oil reduces symptoms of anxiety and fatigue in cancer patients receiving infusion therapy. 

To help boost your mood, add a few drops of ginger oil to a diffuser. Let the fragrance spread throughout your home. To add to its calming effect, you can also diffuse ginger oil while doing relaxing activities like yoga and meditation.

Support Sleep

Since ginger oil helps alleviate stress and anxiety, it also gives you a good night’s sleep. Many people have used ginger oil aromatherapy to help them sleep or battle insomnia. 

To use ginger oil for sleep, you can diffuse it in your bedroom. You can also make a ginger oil spray for your room, bed and linens.

Boost Libido

Ginger is used as a stimulant in traditional medicine. It can increase libido in both men and women. Studies also explore ginger’s capability not only to increase sexual desire but also to improve sexual function.

To help boost your libido, diffuse ginger oil into your room. You can also massage the oil into your lower abdomen and your feet.

Ginger for Better Health

Ginger is a plant that has been touted for its medicinal properties for millennia. Even with modern medicine, ginger remains beneficial to people’s health. If you’re looking to boost your your health and well-being through natural means, ginger and its many forms is an excellent choice. 

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