• 09/24/2019

How to Organize Your Room to Make it Look Less Cluttered

organized your room

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Your room is supposed to be your safe haven, but lately, it’s more of a cluttered mess. Your floor is no longer visible under piles of tossed clothing, you keep losing your keys and there’s no sense of order. It may seem like a lot at the moment, but it’s simple to handle once you know how to organize your room. These easy tips will help you organize your room and make it look less cluttered in no time.

Simple Steps to Organize and Declutter

Before you start pulling everything out of your room to start from scratch, consider these simple steps to reduce clutter. You may not need to do a total overhaul to get the neat, organized room of your dreams.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Rearrange

If you’ve decided to organize your room, your first course of action may be to roll up your sleeves and move around your furniture. While you may feel comfortable with your current arrangement, a small change could clear up the space and satisfy you far more than your previous setup.

You’ll create a sense of openness with a careful selection of tables, chairs and cabinets. Investing in certain types of furniture will allow for greater flow. It also gives you the perfect excuse to hit up your local Ikea or antique furniture store for a fun weekend outing.

2. Invest in Simple Curtains

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the sun on your face. If you have dark curtains in your room, it might be time for a change.

A bedroom with large windows overlooking a city skyline.

A little sunlight can also make a space feel more cohesive and decluttered. The reason is simple. When you have decorative or thick curtains blocking your window, it fills in the space.

Having thin and simple curtains — or removing them entirely — will let in natural light and soften things up. So if you’re not sure how to organize your room, start with your curtains.

3. Get an Ottoman

Ottomans double as decorative pieces and storage containers. They can store those random items you don’t know what to do with, while serving as a foot rest.

You also have an endless array of decorative options, which means you’ll have no issue finding the right ottoman for your space. Whether you have too many shoes or an enormous collection of books, ottomans are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to declutter.

4. Don’t Clutter Your Tables

Want to learn how to organize your room? Keep your tables simple.

Tables might seem like the perfect space for displaying all of your knick-knacks and aesthetically-pleasing possessions, but that doesn’t mean you should overcrowd them with useless junk.

A white desk with a potted plant a desk lamp on it.

Tables are wonderful platforms for displaying items, as long as you display them in moderation. If you turn to your table and see a heaping mess of last week’s pizza boxes, half-used eye shadow and a whole row of water bottles, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and clear off the junk.

One of the best tips for decorating a table is to be mindful of creating balance. Use an array of different sized objects best suited for your table to curate the ideal display.

5. Be Selective With Wall Art

Most people love art. And if you’re one of them, you may find yourself shrouded in a room full of vibrant colors, lines and shapes.

While you may think that your art doesn’t have anything to do with your clutter, it actually does. Having too much “busy” art on your walls is one of the top mistakes people make that contributes to a smaller looking room.

If you think your wall art may be contributing to your room’s messiness, consider narrowing down your collection to smaller, more proportionate selections. Removing a bit off your wall can drastically enhance the balance of your room.

Items to Help You Get Organized

If you need some help, invest in some quality storage and organization solutions.

Moving Forward

If you’ve entered this article wondering how to organize your room, hopefully, you’ll leave it with a clearer plan on how to instill a sense of balance in your living space. Just rearrange your things, invest in thinner curtains, find a tasteful ottoman and follow the other suggestions on this list. Soon enough, you’ll see just how much of a difference a small change can make.

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