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How to Make a Smoothie Bowl: 7 Recipes for Optimal Wellness

how to make a smoothie bowl

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Learning how to make a smoothie bowl at home can help nourish your body with essential nutrients. A smoothie bowl is essentially a smoothie in a bowl, served with your favorite fruit, granola and drizzled toppings.

You might wonder where to begin if it’s your first time using a blender. The many options — from dairy alternatives to produce to sweeteners — might also overwhelm you. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll reap the benefits of optimal health and well-being. Master your smoothie-blending skills at home — then try these refreshing smoothie bowl recipes. 

An Easy Guide to Make a Smoothie 

All smoothie bowl recipes start with your average smoothie base — a frozen blend of fruit, liquid and add-ins. From there, the world is your oyster as you have endless options for a delectable meal. 

Popular smoothie recipes often include the following ingredients:

  • Liquid: Water, juice, milk or non-dairy alternatives — such as oat milk, almond milk or coconut milk
  • Fruits and vegetables: Berries, oranges, peaches, bananas, pineapple, watermelon, mango, spinach, kale, carrots and ginger
  • Sweeteners: Opt for natural sweeteners like honey, agave or maple syrup
  • Creamy add-ins: Nut butters and avocado 
  • Herbs and seasonings: Mint leaves, basil, parsley, turmeric and cinnamon
  • Powders and dry ingredients: Cacao powder, cacao nibs, protein powder, bee pollen, chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, shredded coconut, nuts

Always start by pouring the liquid into the blender to dissolve protein powders faster and allow easier mixing. Likewise, adding leafy greens closer to the blade will ensure they blend in thoroughly. Adding frozen ingredients at the top will also weigh down the other ingredients. 

Blend on high speed, but avoid shaking the blender to shift the ingredients. You can lessen your appliance’s life span by doing so.

Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, pour the smoothie into a bowl instead of a cup. Then add your favorite toppings, such as granola, more fresh fruit or coconut.

7 Best Smoothie Recipes to Quench Your Thirst

Now that you know how to make a smoothie from scratch, you can assemble several bowls depending on your taste buds. Start your day on the right foot with one of these seven smoothie bowl recipes.

1. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl

Have you ever dreamt of ice cream for breakfast? This peanut butter banana smoothie bowl has the same silky texture as soft serve ice cream but is much more nutritious. 

You will need frozen bananas, peanut butter and non-dairy milk like almond, oat or coconut milk. Vanilla extract, flax seeds or oatmeal are other options for this recipe.

Blend the ingredients and pour into a bowl. Top with sliced bananas, shredded unsweetened coconut and raw peanuts for a nutty, delicious meal. 

2. Watermelon Smoothie Bowl

Take advantage of summer produce with the watermelon smoothie bowl. Blend frozen watermelon chunks, raspberries and strawberries with coconut milk, lime juice and salt. You can also include mint leaves or a natural sweetener like honey, agave or maple syrup. 

Remember that watermelon is a watery fruit, so you will want to watch how much liquid you add. Top with additional raspberries and shredded coconut before serving.

This is a particularly beneficial recipe if you have depression. Watermelon is high in vitamin B6, which promotes dopamine production for better mental health. 

3. Chai Spiced Turmeric Smoothie Bowl

Few spices are as good for you as turmeric, which has five times more antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties than vitamin C. 

Your smoothie ingredients for this recipe include coconut or almond milk, chai tea bags, cinnamon, turmeric, raw honey, chia seeds and almond butter. It’s also good to have oats, frozen bananas or coconut milk on hand to make it thicker. 

Heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave — then steep the chai tea bags, turmeric and cinnamon for a few minutes. Whisk and pour the milk mixture into a blender with chia seeds, honey, almond butter, frozen bananas and whatever else you want. 

Let the smoothie mix cool and thicken for one hour or overnight. Then, pour into a bowl and top with cinnamon, oats or chia seeds.

4. Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Blueberries — known as a “super fruit” — are incredibly high in antioxidants, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Consuming a moderate amount also promotes healthier skin and nails.

Blend frozen blueberries, frozen banana slices and your choice of milk and protein powder — vanilla flavor always pairs well with this fruit — on high until it’s smooth and creamy. You may need to use less liquid depending on how thin it is.

Toppings could include chia seeds, shredded coconut, fresh berries, granola and pumpkin seeds for a crunch.

5. Orange Carrot Smoothie Bowl

Try this orange carrot smoothie bowl, packed with vitamin A, for a stronger immune system, optimal lung and heart health and better vision. 

You’ll need one peeled orange, peeled and cut carrots, your choice of milk or non-dairy alternative and protein powder.

Steam the carrots on the stove for 10-12 minutes or in the microwave for 3–4 minutes until tender. Store in the refrigerator to cool. Then, blend the carrots with the rest of the ingredients until smooth. 

Top your smoothie bowl with fruit, almonds or granola before eating.

6. Super Green Avocado Smoothie Bowl

If you struggle to eat enough vegetables during the day, the super green avocado smoothie bowl will ensure you receive adequate amounts in one serving.

You’ll first need to collect your smoothie ingredients — avocado, bananas, frozen mixed berries, spinach, kale, non-dairy milk and flax seeds. You can also include creamy peanut or almond butter if you want.

Once you’ve transferred your smoothie mix to a bowl, top it with granola, raw or roasted almonds, unsweetened coconut, berries and hemp seeds. Store leftovers in the fridge for one to two days. 

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Sweet, refreshing and tastes like dessert, you would never guess this chocolate peanut butter smoothie bowl was actually good for you. 

The blended ingredients include frozen bananas, almond milk, peanut butter and cacao powder. You can also choose a protein powder or add-ins like flax and hemp seeds. If the mixture is too thick, add more milk to thin it out.

Pour the frozen mixture into a bowl and top with half a sliced banana, granola, chia seeds and a drizzle of peanut butter. 

Studies suggest that the flavanols in cacao help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic conditions. 

Switch Up Breakfast With a Smoothie Bowl

You can always make a smoothie if you’re on the go — but if you have time to sit and enjoy your meal, a bowl is a refreshing way to switch things up. Experiment with different ingredients and toppings for the perfect combination, and alter your recipes for each season’s produce. 

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