• 09/30/2023

How to Cleanse Your Energy for Greater Self-Actualization


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Do you feel that? The air is stale, and your mood is off-kilter. Perhaps you’re going through a life adjustment like health or job changes that are causing you to feel disrupted from your everyday healthy routines. Maybe you’re just in a funk and feeling less energetic than usual. So many things can be a signal that you need an energy cleanse. If you want to learn how to cleanse your energy within yourself and your space, try these techniques to learn more about yourself and seek greater self-actualization.

Exist Outside of Yourself

When we are feeling anxious or mentally blocked, we can withdraw and isolate. Everything suddenly becomes more insular, and you can feel trapped in your own body, causing an energy imbalance. The best way to overcome this feeling is to look outside of your body mentally and physically. 

Look around you and acknowledge what is in your environment, whether cluttered art projects, your sleepy pets, or friends you don’t particularly want to be around right now. It’s time to recognize how these environmental influences impact your inner self. You must be in a supportive, loving space to clear your energy. Work from the outside in with these activities:

  • Spend some time alone or invite other energetic people into your room, whichever serves you at the moment
  • Light candles or bake fresh food to inspire the area with beautiful scents
  • Adjust the temperature 
  • Open windows or blinds to allow natural light to permeate
  • Declutter areas that are stressing you out

Drink in the Sun and Fresh Air

You’ve already started this process by beginning to exist outside of yourself, seeing how the world around you affects your energy. Staying inside for too long or being around a stifling environment can cause you to feel less limber, increasingly irritable, more fatigued, and less satiated with meals. Take it a step further by letting nature do its work. 

Take a walk, hike or lay in the grass staring up at the sky, letting the fresh air and vitamin D enter your body. Some people even participate in a Japanese-inspired practice called shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing. You will feel burdening energy, and negative thoughts float away as you enter a blissful state of mindfulness.

Go on an Awe Walk

Many humans reserve their experiences of awe to see the world’s natural beauties, like waterfalls or mountaintops. Perhaps you experience wonder when you look into the eyes of people you love. Science shows there are eight major areas in which people experience awe in life:

  • Moral beauty of others
  • Nature
  • Collective movement
  • Visual design
  • Music
  • Big ideas
  • Spirituality
  • Encountering the beginning and end of life

But what if we could find more awe in the regular and mundane? That would cleanse and raise your energy. You can master your emotions and reframe your mindset to find beauty and awe in even the most humble situations. Share these experiences with others for an intensified energy cleanse because you’re spreading that joy into the world. 

Imagine Your Energy as Structures

Everyone’s energy is intermingling with the rest of the world and everything around you. Though it might be hard to visualize, make your energy more concrete by believing they are physical structures. Consider your energy as cords or bubbles around your body. See how they connect to people and objects — some may even extend into the sky, connecting to the sun. Then, it would be best to ask yourself some questions about these threads.

How far do these structures extend outside of you? Are you content with what you’re connected to, or are there connections that need severing? What is the texture of your ties? Are they coarse and dull, or smooth and vibrant? Are they strained, carrying a heavy load, or pulled taut? Do you see some are more damaged than others? Which ones are thriving?

These questions reveal where to prioritize cleansing your energy, whether with interpersonal relationships or your connection to the planet. You can also do an energy reading to see your aura as color to get deeper insights into how these structures might manifest.

Stir Up Stagnant Energy With Movement

Yank out the gongs, singing bowls and chimes, or put on a sound bath playlist from Spotify. Whatever you feel at the time, make your space alive with sound. That will get the vibrations going, but that isn’t enough — you need to get your body moving, too. Don’t see this as exercise because that might hinder your enjoyment depending on your association with working out. Instead, see it as a way to shake off negative energy. View it as cleansing the body with movement laden with only euphoria and peace.

It doesn’t matter if you do choreography, yoga, qigong or flail your body like you would while seeing your favorite band in concert. Intentional yet uninhibited movements stir up stagnant energy and air, making you release tension and feel revitalized. Sometimes, it helps to continue energetic visualization exercises, imagining the things dampening or poisoning your energy escaping the body.

Whatever space you’re in will thank you for the sounds and movement. Open some windows for some added ventilation to rid yourself and the area of stale air. If you think your space’s energy is fine, you may still need a body cleansing with movement. So, take yourself outside. Don’t care who is watching and be true to yourself. Don’t forget to smile, no matter where you are — that slight movement in your phase is one of the most critical activities you can do to clean your energy.

How to Cleanse Your Energy — All Day, Every Day

Cleansing energy is a personal, unique experience. Everyone will have different needs depending on the root cause of the energy disruption, but all of these are holistic places to start. With every method, always set an intention. 

Say affirmations to go through these cleansing rituals with positivity and open-mindedness. They will have a more significant impact if you live in the moment and value the self-love you give yourself. Once you find what works for you, you will have a toolkit for the future.

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