• 02/07/2023

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Colors  

wedding colors

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Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life! There is so much to plan when it comes to the ceremony. Deciding your venue’s color scheme is one crucial step. Here are some tips for how to choose wedding colors. 

1. Match Your Venue

Once you pick your dream location, let it inspire your color palette. For example, spots like converted warehouses and outdoor areas allow more tonal variety. You can add bold hues or stick to a neutral color scheme. Also, suppose you’re getting married in a field; include shades of green within the design.

However, suppose your venue already has lots of decorative elements. Then play off the current color scheme. Look for tones that match decor already in place, such as the light fixtures.

2. Consider Any-Must Have Items

Another tip for choosing your wedding colors is matching them with your non-negotiables. Do you already have a flower arrangement in mind?

Then you’ll want to match your colors with them. This gives you a good starting point. It also ensures those items don’t look out of place. So, consider essential decorations, like family momentums, early on.

3. Take Into Account the Season

The holiday season is a great place to draw inspiration from. Are you having the event during Christmas time? Incorporate shades of blues and green. Add these accents to your floral arrangements, table cloths or aisle decorations.

Pinks and yellows work well for Easter. Keep in mind you can still use your favorite colors despite the holiday. It’s just about styling them right. Suppose you want to use pink in the summer; go for a bright coral. 

4. Use Your Colors to Set the Mood

When choosing your wedding colors, consider the vibe you want. Are you hoping for a fun atmosphere or something a little more understated? For a more lively setting, include hues like bright pink, red or yellows. 

For a more laid-back ambiance, go with blues, blacks or silvers. Another thing to consider is the style of your venue. If it has a more luxurious feel, include colors like gold or white. For more rustic locations, browns or greens work well. 

5. Choose Your Favorite Colors

If you’re feeling stuck, think about the colors you already like. Try to incorporate your favorite hues to bring personality to the space. Also, think about what colors you already use in your everyday life. 

For example, what are the primary colors in your home’s decorations? Plus, you can even repurpose wedding items, such as vases. This also saves you money and is good for the environment. 

6. Use Outside Resources

Sometimes you just need to do a little research. For design inspiration, look at home decorating magazines, fashion blogs and art galleries. Also, make notes of any color schemes you liked from your friends’ weddings. 

Pinterest is another great site for inspiration. In addition, check out wedding-themed blogs for valuable tips. These sources can help you pick trendy colors that speak to you. Start by creating a large list of options and then narrow it down. 

7. Look at the Color Wheel

The color wheel is an easy way to match your favorite hues. Look for colors opposite each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue. Usually, pairing warm and cool colors create stunning contrast.

Another option is to choose colors next to each other, such as blue and green. These tones are similar and create a beautiful focal point. You can even combine a heavily saturated shade with a neutral. 

8. Start With a Base Color 

Having a base color gives you an excellent foundation to go off. It is the tone you will use most throughout the space. This color can be anything you like, from pink to blue. Just make sure it’s a hue that makes you smile. 

Then choose a few complementary accent colors. Use the color wheel for reference. Look for contrasting hues on opposite sides or stick with neutrals. These accents will add character to the venue and round out the color scheme. 

9. Think About the Weather

The time of year is also a great source of inspiration. Darker tones, like emerald green and navy blue, work well for colder seasons. This can complement the changing leaves in fall or the snow-covered landscape in the winter. 

Keep in mind bold and brighter colors are great for summer ceremonies. So, add colorful flowers to your bouquet. Pastel hues tend to work better for springtime events. Therefore incorporate pinks into your table centerpieces or cloths. 

10. Use Your Wedding Attire for Inspiration

You want to choose hues that flatter your skin tone. That’s why matching your wedding dress is an excellent place to start. Match your color palette with clothing details, like accessories. Also, consider having colors that complete the groomsmen’s attire.

Match the pocket square of their suits with your color scheme. You might even want to think about coordinating with your bridesmaid dresses. Look for tones like powder blue and navy that complement multiple people’s skin tones. 

Tips for How to Choose Wedding Colors

A wedding is a chance to celebrate your love! It’s a big event that takes lots of planning. Picking out your color scheme is one of the fun parts. With multiple options, follow these tips for how to choose wedding colors. 

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