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How To Charge Crystals in 7 Easy Ways

An assortment of pink and green crystals.

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If you’re into crystals, charging them is a regular part of maintaining your precious gems. These stones may look like ordinary, colorful rocks at first glance, but many use and treat them as an essential part of their holistic wellness toolkit. Learn why you should charge your crystals and seven straightforward ways to do it. 

Why Charge Your Crystals

Before diving in, you must understand the two distinct processes crystals have to undergo so you can reuse them. First is cleansing and second is charging. People use the terms interchangeably, but they mean separate things. Cleansing removes the stale or bad energies from the stones, whereas charging imparts or stores positive frequencies to them. 

Crystals are believed to have potent healing and purification power and sponges for energies that bring luck, abundance, love and mental clarity. From cleansing spaces, livening up mood and balancing chakra, they serve several purposes that nowadays are considered a significant subset of overall wellness. 

However, much like a phone that runs out of battery, their invigorating ability depletes with continued use. Charging your crystals is a regular activity to ensure they remain working, are clear of impure vibrations and have a supply of healing force when you tap them. 

Crystals stock positive energies and discharge them to replace the negative frequencies around the environment. Think of them as rechargeable batteries of vibrations — once drained, they require a recharge. 

How Often Should You Charge Your Crystals?

The answer to this question varies depending on how you use the stones. For instance, displaying them in your living room where several people come and go may need consistent spiritual plugging. If you wear them as bracelets but don’t meet many people carrying negative vibes, the interval between cleansing times may be longer. 

Generally, charging them once a month is the ideal, but do it frequently if they’re exposed to bad energies more often. If you use your treasured stones for healing, cleanse them afterward. 

How Do You Charge Crystals?

Several methods are available to reinvigorate your sparkly gemstones. Feel free to choose which one is the easiest and most accessible to you.

1. Sun

People stay out of the sun as it can burn the skin — but not your valuable gemstones. They need the sun as it brings unique masculine energy, which is great for renewing their power and vitality. Sunlight is the best way to charge your crystals, but some stones have high sensitivity to heat and light, so they require safer methods for re-energizing. 

Gather your stones and leave them on your windowsill or unsheltered spot before dawn, ensuring they directly absorb the sun’s heat and energy for the entire day. Collect them before sunset. Crystals like amethyst and aquamarine lose their color when directly exposed to the sun, so check the stone’s preservation methods before trying this method out. 

2. Water

You might have heard from the news or TV about a well or a spring that bestows empowering energy or miraculously heals a person of a serious disease. With its amazing healing feature, water can infuse this same power into crystals. 

Just as it washes away dirt in the body, it can both cleanse and imbue crystals with special energies. Before starting, note that some spiritual gemstones, such as pearl, fluorite, turquoise, opal and hematite, are water-soluble. These have softer properties and are known to dissolve in water, so check your gem collections before doing liquid charging. 

You have several choices for restoring the stones’ power with water. Some options are running natural bodies of water — like a stream if you’re near an area with it — and tap water. Let the energy stones bathe in a stream or tap water for a few minutes to an hour. Reuse them afterward. 

3. Moon

Preferably, the full moon is the best time for re-energizing your crystals, as it’s when it’s brightest and strongest. But you can also do it during the waning and waxing moon phases. Reinvigorating your semiprecious gems with the moon is the safest method for hard and soft crystals. Put your crystals on a windowsill or outdoor table, ensuring the area is unhindered for a moonlight bath. Let them soak up the moon’s power for a few hours or an entire night. In the morning, they’ll be rejuvenated enough for the next use. 

4. Earth

As the earth is where these stones first formed, returning them to their home by burying them is an easy way to renew their healing magic through nature. 

Dig a hole in your garden. Make it bigger if you have several crystals to charge. Once done, arrange them in the spot before covering them with soil. Leave them below the ground for 24 hours up to a few days. As the land is naturally moist, exclude crystals sensitive to water. Feel free to use a container to cover so they don’t touch dirt. Doing so won’t affect their ability to absorb nature’s restorative power. 

5. Sound

Giving your favorite stones a sound bath refreshes their healing abilities. Sound instruments can make low- and high-frequency vibrations to dispel the stagnant energies from the crystals or people and fill them with good vibrations. 

Use singing bowls or other musical tools. To give your gemstones an energetic sound bath, lay them near the instrument or inside a singing bowl while slowly creating a soothing melody. Do this for a few minutes or until your intuition tells you when to stop. 

6. Salt

Salt is also one of the best elements to cleanse and charge your rock crystals. During early times, people believed it to have purification and protective qualities to restore the energy balance of the body and the spirit. 

In Caribbean religion, practitioners place salt at the entrance of their homes or any sacred spaces to stop bad energies from going inside. Crystal collectors believe these same impressive characteristics of salt can be transferred to gemstones to recharge their vital power. 

Soak your hard stones in water mixed with sea salt and let them sit overnight. If you live near a beach, natural seawater also does the trick. Remember to skip this cleansing method if you have stones that aren’t water-resistant. 

7. Incense

Incense sticks, smudges and cones are also a staple for cleansing and charging crystals. The smoke can help clear away the unwanted energies they have collected. Light any incense and hold the stones over the stick or cone, ensuring the smoke engulfs or touches them. Putting them next to the burning stick is also an option.

You can use any natural incense for purifying. Afterward, charge the crystals using lavender, sweetgrass, palo santo wood and frankincense. These selections of incense can inject positive energies into your favorite stones and make them ready for use in minutes.

Choose the Safest Method to Energize Your Stones

Gemstones come in different compositions and features, making the energy-charging process for each type unique. Some may be water-resistant, while others are weak and lose their vibrant colors in the sun. As they’re made with distinct compounds of the earth, always remember to check how to preserve them best. Separate brittle gems from durable ones and identify their best charging methods. If you’re in doubt, bathing them with moon energy is the safest choice.

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