• 09/04/2023

How Much Does a Disney Wedding Cost?

How much does a Disney wedding cost? To tie the knot with this backdrop, an upward angle of Cinderella's Castle on a nearly-cloudless day, you'll have to pay a bit more than you would for other locations.

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When you think of a magical event, what do you picture? Do you see yourself tying the knot under Cinderella’s Castle or another beautiful place on Disney property? Disney hosts both extravagant weddings and heartwarming vow renewals on several of its properties. However, the potential price tag might scare people. How much does a Disney wedding cost? It largely depends on what you want out of your big day.

Why Do People Get Married at Disney?

Why do people get married anywhere? Many people may choose to get married at Disney because it fits their aesthetic vision. Alternatively, it might be a special place that means something to them and their soon-to-be spouse. People should choose their wedding venue based on what fits them. For some people, that’s the “Happiest Place on Earth” — a Disney property!

Around 67% of Disney Plus subscribers are between 18 and 54, proving that Disney isn’t just for kids. Many of those subscribers could have grown up on Disney and still foster a love for it to this day. Most people are at least familiar with the movies and TV shows that came out when they were growing up. If Disney is special to you, there may be no better place to say, “I do.”

Is a Disney Wedding Worth It?

Getting married at a Disney property can ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. It all depends on what you want out of your ceremony and reception. You might even have your favorite character show up! If you’ve always dreamed of a dramatic entrance, you might just get to ride in the same pumpkin-turned-carriage that Cinderella used to go to the ball.

Whether something is “worth it” is typically up to the couple getting married. When evaluating what you want at your wedding, ask yourself if it’s something you can’t do without. Couples on a tighter budget might benefit from a “no frills” experience at a Disney property — going without the extravagant extras but still being married in a special place that makes for interesting conversation and fond memories.

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding at Disney?

How much does a Disney wedding cost? When you look at the big picture, almost every wedding price tag can be overwhelming. However, you have to break it down into all the different elements. Though the average wedding costs around $30,000, what you aren’t seeing is all the different categories.

Some of these significant and hidden categories include:

  • Attire
  • Beauty Services
  • Decorations
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Venue

The price of your potential Disney wedding largely depends on where you choose to get married on the property. For example, Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California are popular destinations, but you can also tie the knot aboard a Disney cruise and in other Disney locations. From there, you’ll also have several other options, especially if you want to get married in a theme park — and each one can vary drastically in price.

Like most venues, the day of the week you choose to get married will drastically impact whether you pay a higher price. Keep an eye out for the locations you like. Some options, like getting married at Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World after-hours, might be more expensive than an Epcot venue. The wedding price at one of the theme parks will cost you around $15,000 minimum, though that price tag does include a few perks.

What’s Included in a Disney Wedding?

Whenever you pick a venue, whether at Disney or in another location, you will always get something with the booking. Every Disney wedding includes a Disney Wedding Planner and a Day-Of Coordinator that ensure your big day will go as smoothly as possible — and stick as closely to your vision as possible! A wedding planner can take much of the stress off you so that you can focus on the fun parts of wedding planning.

The exceptional news is that Disney also offers a list of entertainment, florists and more to help you plan out the day to the best of your ability. These approved lists can also help you and your sweetheart if you’re coming from out of state — saving you some stress from doing the research yourself. 

The only stipulation is that you must go with Disney for all your food and beverages, including your wedding cake. The good news is that you’ll have an awesome chance to taste all the menu items and choose what fits you and your sweetheart most. Though food is typically the lowest-cost part of a wedding, it’s one of the most important elements — and your menu may leave your guests talking for months afterward.

Do Disney Weddings Include Park Admission?

Unfortunately, tickets aren’t included in the price of your wedding. The good news is that your guests — up to 300 of them! — don’t need to purchase a pass to the theme park for the day just to see you say, “I do.” The cost of a Disney wedding doesn’t include tickets for all your guests, as that might be too heavy of a financial burden on the couple getting married.

Guests can attend a wedding and visit the park if they want to, though. They’ll even get a special price on tickets through your event — meaning that you should encourage your guests to plan a trip around your big day!

How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Disney Wedding?

Almost everyone who’s ever had to plan a wedding knows that the planning starts early. The good news is that you can book your wedding date one year out. Locking in your date is vital to getting the best experience possible and having everything as you want it. As far as 16 months in advance, you can start planning your wedding with your Disney Wedding Planner. Otherwise, you’ll want to follow a wedding checklist to help you determine which tasks to tackle at what point in the process.

So, How Much Does a Disney Wedding Cost?

A Disney wedding costs as much as you want it to. Many people may not realize it, but certain areas of Disney can be more affordable than others — and as long as you’re willing to go with something more low-key, you may just be able to get married on Disney property. Take a look at their website and see if any of the venues call to you.

One of the main draws of having a Disney wedding is that much of the stress of wedding planning and coordinating is lifted off your shoulders and placed in the hands of trusted experts who have orchestrated fairytale weddings hundreds of times before.

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