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How Much Does a Beach Wedding Cost? 

A bride and groom stand in a gazebo on the beach.

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It’s a romantic, blissful scene — Picture you and your loved one exchanging vows amidst the soft waves and the deep orange sunset. A beach wedding is a dream many have, and it’s easy to see why. The beach offers a breathtaking view, relaxing waves, and a vibrant local culture. Getting married by the sea is an intimate celebration and a vacation in one. So, how much does a beach wedding cost? 

Average Cost of a Beach Wedding

The cost of a beach wedding can depend on so many factors. The most important is whether you’re going to a local or an international destination. The country has so many beautiful beach wedding venues, particularly in Florida and California. You can save a lot while still having the seaside wedding of your dreams. 

There are also gorgeous destinations worldwide where you can get married. The most popular destination for weddings this year is Mexico. Other popular and less expensive destinations for beach weddings are Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and the Philippines. 

Here are the average prices of beach weddings depending on whether you go local or overseas:

  • Local Beach Wedding: Anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000
  • Destination Wedding: Anywhere between $30,000 to $35,000

Beach weddings are generally less expensive. You’ll maximize savings by having one within the country. However, going overseas is still worth it. The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $30,000. When you think about it, the average price is the same as an overseas beach wedding.

Other Factors to Consider

The overall price of a beach wedding can vary based on location, but more factors can determine the price. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Number of Guests: Your expenses will mostly depend on how many guests you have. Most people who go for beach weddings invite fewer guests since planning and logistics can be challenging. 
  • Level of Luxury: How much you spend on your beach wedding depends on how luxurious you want it to be. Some couples want a simple, minimalist wedding, while some want all the bells and whistles. The prices can drastically change depending on your choices.
  • Weather Considerations: Beaches and coastal areas can have temperamental weather conditions. You may spend more if you choose to take precautions. Some couples consider the weather by renting an emergency event tent. Tent rentals can set you back $350 to $900 depending on the size.
  • Exchange Rate and Cost of Living: The overall price of your beach wedding can depend on your destination. A wedding in Santorini will cost much more than one in Cancun or Phuket. You can benefit from exchange rates and costs of living, so keep those in mind when choosing your dream location.
  • Choice of Dress: Beach weddings can have a more informal vibe, so some brides wear less expensive beach-appropriate dresses. However, some still prefer traditional dresses, so the decision is up to you. 

How to Save on Your Beach Wedding

Here are some ways you can save money when planning your dream beach wedding:

Book During the Off-Season

One way to save on your beach wedding is to book during the off-season. You can save on everything from venues to caterers. However, note that “off-season” when it comes to beaches usually means rainy season. In tropical countries, rain can be so much more than a light drizzle. Before you decide on an off-season wedding, do plenty of research. Look for that sweet spot when the tourist crowd is smaller but the weather is still reasonable. 

Book Everything Together

It’s customary for guests to pay for their own transportation and accommodations. However, couples are expected to pay for their immediate families and the wedding party. To save on costs, book everything together. Some accommodations offer special discounts for bulk bookings. You can also book on behalf of your guests to help them get discounts. 

Hire Locally

It’s more practical to hire vendors locally. First, local coordinators, caterers, decorators and photographers know the location like the back of their hand. They know what to do to keep your costs at a minimum. You can also save on shipping and transportation costs. You’ll spend on airfare and accommodations if you fly in vendors. Moreover, you’ll pay a fortune to ship flowers, chairs, decorations, food, etc.

Some resorts will charge you for bringing in outside vendors, so the most practical decision is to hire local or in-house vendors.

Combine Your Wedding and Honeymoon

You’re already at a beautiful destination, so why not have your honeymoon there, too?  When planning a destination beach wedding, consider booking your honeymoon in the same location. You can save up on airfare, accommodations and so much more. 

Although, keep in mind that some of your guests might want to stay longer at the destination as well. If you want more privacy, consider booking a different, more secluded accommodation for your honeymoon. Perhaps you can transfer to a private villa on an island away from the mainland where you might run into your relatives.

Have a Beautiful Wedding by the Sea

A beach wedding is a dream come true for many couples. The location is beautiful, serving as a picturesque backdrop to some of your happiest memories. It may seem like a luxury, but with the right strategies, you can have a beach wedding within your budget. 

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