• 01/31/2023

5 Hearty Jackfruit Benefits for a Healthier Lifestyle

plate reveals jackfruit benefits

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Welcome to your new best friend: the jackfruit. Packed with nutrients, this tropical fruit provides a sweet snack for the whole family. Dice some up for a fruit salad, or get creative and transform it into vegetarian meat dishes. Jackfruit’s benefits are endless and can be shuffled into the next delectable meal with ease. 

What is Jackfruit? 

Jackfruit is not an item you might recognize in the grocery store. Large, oblong and covered in pointed bumps, the jackfruit hides delicious canary-yellow pods inside of its prickly exterior. You will find these fruits growing in tropical regions like Brazil and India where they hang off of towering trees. 

For a more scientific look, jackfruit is similar genetically to figs and mulberries. The sweetness seems to run in the family, too. Jackfruits have an interestingly fruity flavor, akin to a mixture of bananas and mangos. 

Truly a natural wonder, the jackfruit offers benefits to health as well as taste. 

Jackfruits grow on a tree.

How to Prepare for Eating?

Though they are only in season in the summers, you can still find jackfruit imported to many grocery stores still intact, already prepared or canned. One option might be more essential for you; canning, for example, is great for quick and easy dinners. However, if you do find yourself preparing a whole jackfruit, there are some things to know first. 

With a sharp and steady knife, slice the jackfruit in half. They are similar in weight and thickness to watermelon. Once you can see the fruit inside, remove it carefully from the skin with gloves to avoid the sticky residue. 

Now that you have recovered the fruit, you can eat them raw or bake into a variety of sweet and savory dishes. Vegetarians and vegans have taken the jackfruit to new heights by shredding the fruit to make “meat.” See some examples of radically delicious delicious below:

Making the dish of your dreams is only a recipe away. 

Nutritional Facts

This jackfruit sure sounds delicious, but is it healthy? Thankfully, jackfruit benefits are overwhelmingly positive, jam-packed with nutrients and good taste. 

For those considering caloric intake, the one cup of jackfruit has 155 calories. Most of that serving is carbohydrates (92%) but there is some protein included here as well. The greatest jackfruit benefits are its strength of nutrients, including Vitamin C, A, thiamin, niacin, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron. 

Jackfruit Benefits

Let’s dive a little deeper into these nutritional facts and how they might contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Act as Anti-inflammatories

Inflammation is how your body responds to an “invader,” or irritant. Think about how a splinter seems to be ringed by red when you try to pull it out. Inflammation can sometimes go on for too long or react badly to certain foods if you have a condition. Keeping your body out of alert mode and lowering inflammation is key. 

The jackfruit is a pro at lowering inflammation because of its high levels of vitamin C (22.6mg). Vitamin C helps to reduce redness and inflammation when they occur and guards against future irritations. 

2. Clear Skin

If you think this one is too good to be true, think again. Jackfruit’s benefits for skin are among its best qualities. This delicious fruit’s heavy-hitter vitamin C can help prevent sun damage and build collagen levels. Collagen is essential for building up protection and strength for hair, nails and skin. Jackfruit’s vitamin C levels are amazing and can help your skin, but consider supplements or topical ointments for long-lasting support. 

3. Regulate Blood Sugar

Over 100 million Americans have high blood pressure, and the side effects of nausea, poor heart health and lack of breath can be scary. Often people target irregular blood sugar with a modified diet, so consider jackfruit’s benefits in this area. With a low glycemic index and high fiber, your body slowly digests the food while not raising blood sugar. 

4. Improve Heart Health

In a similar vein, jackfruit has a healthy dose of potassium (739mg per serving). Align this with the previously mentioned fiber, and you have a fighting duo against high blood pressure. Potassium can also prevent the hardening of arteries, which could lead to heart issues or attacks. 

5. Build Immunity 

Jackfruit’s nutrients like vitamin C are also antioxidants, preventing illnesses. Viruses are stopped by your body’s natural defense systems, and these antioxidants provide a helping hand. Avoid the sniffles this season and stock up on some hearty jackfruit dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

Seeds in a bowl.

When you’re cutting up your jackfruit, think twice before tossing the seeds. Jackfruit seeds have as many benefits as the rest of it. The seeds contain protein, fiber, riboflavin, thiamine, magnesium and phosphorus. They benefit your gut health, as well as control hunger, reduce blood sugar and improve digestion.

If you want to reap the benefits of jackfruit seeds, try adding them to a salad, mixing them into a smoothie or simply eat them on their own.

Enjoy Jackfruit Benefits Today

Jackfruit benefits are incredibly helpful for all ages. Not only are they delicious and unique, jackfruits are great for heart and body health. Try out shredding some “fried” chicken or dicing up some cool yellow pieces for your next get-together. Either way, jackfruits are sure to please. 

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