• 06/24/2022

Golden Calcite Meaning and Uses

An orange-tinted golden calcite stone

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Whether you’re a crystal fanatic or you’re just getting into the art of crystal healing, you might be a bit curious about golden calcite specifically, there are so many meanings and uses that you can explore within this lovely stone. Although there are plenty of calcite stones out there, golden calcite — often referred to as honey calcite — has its own special properties that make it unique and fun. If you’re wondering what a golden calcite stone can do in your life, here are a few meanings and uses to keep in mind.


Golden calcite, like many other calcite stones, has healing properties that many people can feel from the moment you’re in the presence of this precious little stone. Because golden calcite is known to be cleansing and help get rid of negative energy and bad intentions, it can bring a healing energy that can make you feel comfortable and uplifted no matter the circumstances.


Golden calcite can also bring an energy of resilience into your life. Honey calcite offers a sense of healing and overcoming, which can be extremely healing and positive. If you find yourself turning to crystal healing in order to get through a rough time in life or in order to overcome difficult circumstances, this is a great one to keep around.


Similar to the ability to bring resilience, it can also bring a sense of protection. Much like plenty of the darker stones that offer a sense of protection, golden calcite can make you feel safe and confident in a variety of situations that might normally make you feel anxious or nervous. If you’re looking for something to help you feel strong and protected, this might be the stone for you.


Although this is associated with protection, this point can be much more emotional and internal. Golden calcite has the ability to help boost your confidence and help you feel a little bit more self-assured in your own life. By offering a little bit of confidence that you might need to boost your self-esteem, it can open up a variety of possibilities for other uses of this stone.


Taking confidence just a little bit further, golden calcite can offer a sense of courage in your life that you might need a little bit of edge in order to access. By using the confidence that the stone makes available to you, you can have the courage to be bold in your life and make choices that truly align with you and your vibration.


One really unique use for the stone is to help you access the leadership qualities that everybody has deep inside of them. If you happen to be a bit nervous in order to access your leadership qualities, having the stone around can help you feel a little bit more confident as you become the leader that you were meant to be. This ties confidence and courage in with a little bit more of a specific motivation.


If you’re looking for a stone that can help you access abundance, golden calcite is a great choice to keep around. Not only can The positive energy that this stone puts out help you achieve the abundance that you’re looking for in your life, but the stone itself truly does help to attract your desires and your best self to you. Between the healing and the confidence, golden calcite can be a tool in helping you self-actualize and find what you desire.


Although it might be a bit different from some of the other qualities that this stone has to offer, honey calcite can actually be really great for comfort and protection. If you want a stone that can help you feel a bit more comfortable in your regular life or in your home, this is a great one to look into.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

Not everybody knows about chakra healing and chakra balancing, but if it’s something that’s important to you, golden calcite can be a great addition to your solar plexus chakra healing practice. The solar plexus chakra is all about motivation, willpower and purpose. It’s located in the upper belly, right above the belly button. If you want something that can help you with your solar plexus chakra healing practice, golden calcite is a great choice.

Golden Calcite Meanings

Whether you’re brand new to crystal healing or you’ve been interested in crystals for a long time, adding a golden calcite to your collection can be a great way to boost your confidence, feel a little bit more protected and experienced the abundance that you’ve been hoping for. Do you have a golden calcite stone? Or are you thinking about getting one now?

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