• 05/18/2022

How Candle Quartz Can Improve Your Holistic Lifestyle

How Candle Quartz Can Improve Your Holistic Lifestyle

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The journey to spiritual peace is an ongoing experience. As life throws curveballs into your plans and dreams, you may seek help from crystals. They’re an excellent resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their wellness. This guide explains how candle quartz can improve your holistic lifestyle by connecting you with your emotional wellbeing.

What Is Candle Quartz?

Candle quartz is a type of quartz as old as the earth. People can find it wherever quartz naturally develops, so it comes in various neutral shades and sizes. Any business that specializes in spiritual crystals should have this quartz readily available.

The mineral gets its name from its natural shape. It may appear lumpy in the area where it formed, but then professionals cut a pointed shape into the top. Because it’s taller than it is wide, the crystal appears like a lit candle with melted wax down its sides.

How Does Candle Quartz Form?

There are two ways that quartz forms. The primary formation occurs where there’s magma. Quartz requires heat and water, which magma pockets provide. As the magma cools, quartz crystals form and grow more prominent if the cooling takes a long time.

Water that’s rich in silica can also create quarts. If the water pressure or temperature drops rapidly, the water becomes saturated in silica and triggers the quartz formation process. 

Can You Put Clear Quartz in a Candle?

Most crystals have an extremely high melting point, so they’re safe within candles. It creates opportunities for enhanced candle gazing meditation, which calms the nervous system so you can focus on your spiritual healing.

Follow your preferred candle-making guide to create candles at home. While the wax is still in its liquid state, align your quartz within it. When the candle cools, it will be ready for all of your meditative needs.

What Does Candle Quartz Do Spiritually?

There are several spiritual benefits to candle quartz. After adding it to your lifestyle, these are the most notable things you may experience.

It Helps You Meditate

Holding onto candle quartz or placing it around yourself before meditating could help clarify your life’s purpose. The crystal focuses your intentions for your life journey, which might be what you need to hone your ability to stay present while clearing your mind.

It Radiates Love

People also use candle quartz to amplify positive energy and carry it through the rest of their day. That energy will enhance your ability to love as well. Ruminate on that love to develop your inner self and feel less alone.

It Helps Spiritual Healing

Drawing positive energy into your spirit through candle quartz can also heal your inner child. If you currently have a broken sense of trust, this crystal may aid your journey to healing and trusting people again.

It Banishes Negative Emotions

By creating more positivity, candle quartz will eliminate negative emotions dwelling in your heart. This release could improve your spiritual autonomy but may also require new self-care methods to help your spirit recover.

How Do You Clean Candle Quartz?

Cleaning your quartz can require a few different steps. Energetically cleansing crystals may mean running them under lukewarm water while focusing on your intentions. You can also leave them in the moonlight overnight to recharge their spiritual properties. 

If you placed crystals in a candle and used the last of the wick, there’s likely wax hardened onto your quartz. Run hot water over the crystal to remove the wax. You could also leave your crystals in the freezer overnight and peel the wax off the next day.

Ways to Use This Quartz

How can you incorporate this crystal into your lifestyle? Try these tips to use it every day.

Add It to Candles

An empty jar or a candle encasing could be the perfect way to add candle quartz to your lifestyle. Pick your favorite scent and create candles in your kitchen so you have enough to last the year.

Wear It as Jewelry 

Candle quartz can also come as jewelry. Look into accessorizing it through rings, earrings or necklaces. You’ll wear a helpful crystal that promotes constant positivity through challenging times. You could even have it sewn into clothing like evening gowns or blouses to complement existing jewel work in the fabric.

Use It as Decor

Crystals are always possible decor for living spaces. Add tasteful arrangements to your shelves at home or line them under your monitor at work. Wherever you need more clarity, candle quartz can sit in an artful bowl and help you achieve it.

Start Using Candle Quartz Today

Anyone can learn more about crystals to enhance their spiritual wellness. Now that you’ve read about how candle quartz can improve your holistic lifestyle, see how much of a difference it makes in your daily life. You may find the spiritual breakthrough you need to feel more peace and happiness during challenging times or periods of self-growth.

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