• 12/01/2021

What is Candle Gazing Meditation?


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When you think about meditation, your first image is probably of someone in the lotus pose with their eyes closed, finding stillness and bliss within themselves. However, that’s not the only way to meditate, because meditation can take so many different forms. In fact, the technique of concentrated meditation, often referred to as Trataka meditation, is one of those forms. Although Trataka meditation involves gazing at almost any fixed point, many people find a candle to be the best option. And there are plenty of meditation techniques and forms that go along with this idea. If you’re curious about candle gazing meditation, here are the basics to get started on your own practice. 

What Is Trataka Meditation?

Trataka meditation involves focusing on one focus point rather than an internal idea or sound. This form of meditation has its roots both in yogic and in tantric philosophy. It is all about connecting to your inner focus and allowing yourself to center on one thing as you meditate. It’s an exercise in stillness, and it’s all about finding focus within yourself.

Who Can Do Candle Gazing Meditation?

Candle gazing is a specific kind — and the most popular subset — of Trataka meditation, and really, anybody can try it! All you need is a candle, something to light it and somewhere comfortable to sit while you meditate. In terms of who this form of meditation might be best suited to, there are actually a few schools of thought on this. While some people think candle meditation is perfect for beginners, others feel prolonged open-eyed meditation requires focus that comes from years of practice.

Really, there is no right or wrong answer as to when or how you can start doing candle gazing meditation. In fact, anybody can give it a try and see if it works for them. Specifically, candle gazing meditation can be a fantastic technique for those who have trouble meditating with their eyes closed. While having a set point of focus can be distracting for some, it can anchor the meditation practice for others.

The Benefits

Although meditation has plenty of benefits to offer, candle casing meditation can be a great way to open up your third eye. It can calm your entire system with a sense of warmth and comfort. Just like any regular meditation, candle gazing meditation can help alleviate stress and even help you focus.

The Philosophy

Although there is quite a lot to unpack in the philosophy behind Trataka meditation, finding a fixed point of focus while you meditate is rooted in hatha yoga techniques. This encourages channeling your thoughts and focusing your mind on a certain set of movements or practices in order to better find peace. Although everybody looks at meditation in their own way, it is important to keep the philosophy in mind so that you can experience the full benefits of the practice. By focusing on the movements of the flame, everything else in your mind slows and makes room for a sense of stillness.

The Basic Technique

When trying candle gazing meditation, the technique is mostly what it sounds like. All you need is a candle and something to light it, and you can get started. If you want a bit more direction, you can dim the lights in the rest of the room. This will make the candle seem brighter and easier to focus on.

Simply find a comfortable seated position, light your candle and fix your gaze on the flame. Watch it move and flicker. Focus all of your mental energy into the flame. If you want, you can even set an intention when you light the candle if you would like some thing a bit more abstract to focus on mentally. You can set a timer for your meditation, put on some light music or simply go by your own internal clock.

Candle Gazing Meditation

Whether you are a seasoned meditation junkie or you are just getting into meditating for the first time, candle gazing meditation is definitely worth a try. By giving you something physical to focus on so that you can remain mindful in the present moment, the flickering flame of the candle can help you open your third eye, expand your mind and find a bit of stillness in this busy world.

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