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The Best Bridal Earrings for Every Bride’s Style

A woman wearing cascading pearl earrings.

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You’ve said yes to the perfect dress, but your bridal look is not complete without accessories. The right jewelry can make you feel beautiful on your wedding day. Explore our list of the best bridal earrings for any style.

How to Choose Bridal Earrings

Before you start shopping, think about what style jewelry you want. Consider what will match with the style of your dress.

If you have a simple dress, you can either go bold with large or shimmery earrings, or you can stick with the classic look of pearls or small studs. For a lace or floral dress, you might continue the theme with flower pendants. A glam vibe might call for large diamonds or high drama hoops, while a feminine dress will match well with dainty earrings.

You can also choose earrings that match your engagement ring and wedding band. Most people choose not to mix metals on their wedding day, so considering choosing silver earrings if you have a silver engagement ring.

Additionally, think about what kind of earrings you’re most comfortable wearing. If you don’t typically wear heavy pieces, you might not want to go for something big on your wedding day. Large dangle earrings can pull on your lobes, which can get uncomfortable for some. However, you can still choose those statement earrings for photos and swap them out when you get tired of them.

Finally, you’ll want to establish your budget. Some people choose to splurge on special wedding day jewelry. Designer or antique earrings might become a special family heirloom that you wear on special occasions. However, your earrings are not the most important part of your bridal look. For some brides, this is an area where they decide to save money and buy something affordable. You might also consider choosing something simple that you can wear anytime after the ceremony.

Read on to see our top choices for 2024 bridal earrings.

Budget-Friendly Options

Here are some budget-friendly earrings that will still make you shimmer on your wedding day.

1. Teardrop Dangle Earrings

Diamond teardrop earrings.

Dangly earrings are a classic bridal style. These teardrop crystal earrings will sparkle with each step down the aisle without weighing on your ears. This timeless look works with any style, from old Hollywood to cottagecore. They are small enough that they won’t overpower your look, but they still have some shine.

$21.99 from Amazon

2. Crystal Pearl Stud Earrings

Earrings with pearls surrounded by leaf-shaped diamonds.

These crystal pearl earrings are perfect if you want a statement earring but prefer studs. They feature leaf-styled jewels surrounding a pearl. They hand slightly off the lobe, so they stand out a bit more than a typical stud. The subtle floral vibe is perfect for a touch of daintiness and class.

$21.99 from Amazon

3. Drop Pearl Tassel Earrings

Earrings with cascading pearls.

If you like a classic pearly earring, these cascading earrings will add a touch of drama. No one will miss the waterfall pearls, even if you wear your hair down. They will perfectly compliment a sleek gown or simple princess style dress.

$8.99 from Amazon

4. Trickle Pearl Earrings

Earrings with a string of pearls.

This pearl look is a bit more understated, but it still adds visual interest. The trickling pearls are a modern take on the classic pearl stud. Pair these earrings with an effortless updo or long beachy waves.

$40 from Amazon

Mid-Range Price

These earrings are at a slightly higher price point but still won’t break the bank.

1. Pearl Trio Hoops

Gold hoop earrings lined with three pearls.

These pearl-lined hoop earrings from Mejuri are simple but stunning. The gold hoop will match gold rings and fit a classy or art deco aesthetic. They can also be worn with everyday looks if you want something practical and durable.

$98 from Mejuri

2. Pansy Drop Earrings

Cream pansy shaped earrings with rose gold center.

From Kate Spade, these Precious Pansy Drop Earrings are perfect for a floral themed wedding. They have a slight pink tint, so they are perfect for a pink wedding. They would go well with a floral or lace gown, as well as a blush or cream dress.

$78 from Kate Spade

3. Flower Drop Earrings

Earrings with large white flowers and pearls.

If you want florals but want to make a bigger statement, go for these floral drop earrings. From Anthropologie, these earrings come in classic bridal white or gothic black, which would be stunning for a black and white wedding. They feature brass chains and faux pearls for added detail.

$68 from Anthropologie

4. Gradient Hoop Earrings

Cubic zirconium lined hoop earrings.

If you’re a hoop lover, these are the pick for you. The stone encrusted hoops have a bit more pizazz than normal hoops. They’re perfect for a silver jewelry set and a glam aesthetic.

$90 from Bloomingdale’s


If you have a bigger budget, consider these stunning pieces.

1. White Diamond Studs

Gold earrings with two small diamonds.

If you want to invest in timeless earrings, these classic diamond studs will never go out of style. The Kendra Scott earrings come in multiple carat sizes. They are classic and chic for a bridal look, flawlessly pulling off a quiet luxury vibe.

$750 from Kendra Scott

2. Sylvie Bow Earrings

Earrings featuring cream ribbon bows and two pearls.

These Jennifer Behr bow earrings will stand out in photos and complement a dainty bridal look. With coquette style in fashion this year, these earrings do lean on the trendy side. However, they have an undeniable bridal feel, and they won’t look out of place in a whimsical or vintage-style wedding.

$228 from Jennifer Behr

3. Star Lace Pearl Earrings

Earrings with gold starbursts and drop pearls.

This stunning pair from Catbird has an elegant and regal feel. The versatile style can pair well with a lace gown, a sleek high-neck style or a classic princess dress. If you have the budget to splurge on these earrings, the will sure to be a timeless piece in your collection.

$925 from Catbird

4. Black Pearls

Black pearl earrings.

We love these black pearl earrings for a bride who wants a unique look. They are eye-catching and breathtaking for a dark wedding look. Chan Luu also has them available in white if you like the style but want a more traditional earring.

$450 from Chan Luu

Find Your Bridal Earrings

There are so many bridal earrings to choose from as your wedding day approaches. If you feel overwhelmed, start by deciding your budget, and then explore options that match your wedding dress and theme. You’ll find the perfect earrings that suit your personality and bridal style before your big day arrives.

Originally posted 2/11/2023. Updated 7/11/2024.

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