• 03/01/2024

What is the Coquette Aesthetic and How to Achieve the Look

A woman with a green ribbon in her hair.

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The coquette aesthetic is taking over social media and closets everywhere. You’ve probably seen it, characterized by pearls, ruffles, lace, and other feminine patterns. Or you can easily look at Barbie for inspiration. 

The simplest way to describe coquette is the empowerment of girly-girl fashion mixed with elegance and grace. Picture cute and playful yet elegant and mature and you have the essence of coquette fashion.

The reason why coquette is so popular may stem from a certain shared experience of womanhood. Did you dislike anything pink as a child before the color suddenly grew on you when you became an adult? 

Plenty of girls try to stray away from their femininity at a young age and it’s easy to see why. Women are underestimated and overlooked throughout so many aspects of life. It gets to a point where you think you have to stay away from those elements to be taken seriously.

It’s nice to think of coquette as a way to finally regain the power and joy of being effeminate, looking soft and refined at the same time. It can be simple to achieve the look with a few key elements.

1. Bows

Colorful bows can bring any ordinary outfit closer to the coquette aesthetic. You can tie some satin ribbons around your hair or neck to embody that girly energy, matching the hue to the rest of your outfit. Some people also tie bows on their wrists and ankles to play up the cuteness of their overall look.

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2. Pearls

Jewelry is a must for the coquette aesthetic. And while diamonds are dubbed a girl’s best friend, pearls are seen as feminine jewels in society’s cultural psyche. You can get a matching set of pearl earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets to wear outside. Sometimes, coquette girls may also swap the necklace for a locket. 

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3. Sunglasses

Not every outfit will require a pair of sunglasses, but having them on you can look so chic. Bring the shades when it is sunny outside to protect your eyes. You can also have it at the top of your head to push back your hair, entailing an air of confidence.

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4. Scrunchies

Satin scrunchies can look great on a high and low ponytail, with or without the bows. It’s a great alternative to thinner bands that are hardly visible when you go out. The bigger the variation, the better it is to bring your coquette outfit to life.

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5. Pink Makeup

Pink makeup is a must for every coquette look. A multipurpose liquid blush will be your best friend to achieve this. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks with a large brush and a light hand. You can also dot your eyelids with the product to spread it out for a bit of eye makeup. Lastly, dab the liquid on your lips and blend it with your finger.

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6. Lacey Tights

Coquette aesthetic can have its sultry moments and the key element for such a look would be lacey tights. White is great for more pastel outfits when you want to have a more innocent vibe. That said, nothing can beat a classic pair of black tights.

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7. Ruffled Skirts

Skirts are a must-have for a coquette aesthetic. Maxi skirts typically have more of a boho and cottage-core feel. Try a ruffled skirt with many layers to go more feminine. If it’s on the shorter side, you’ve chosen the perfect one.

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8. Tie-Front Cardigans

Remember those knitted cardigans where you tie the front together with a bow? It’s the blouse that encompasses the coquette aesthetic. Even with an inner tank top or shirt, having that cute V-neckline looks effortless and womanly.

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9. Sheer Blouse

Another option for the top is to wear a sheer blouse. Even a plain white long-sleeve is an excellent base for other outfit coquette elements to shine. Plus, it shows off just the right amount of skin that encapsulates femininity.

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10. Off-Shoulder Dresses

If you prefer just wearing one piece of clothing for your coquette look, find an off-shoulder flowy dress. Many people love choosing florals, but patterns are better in moderation to avoid overpowering your coquette look. Look for tiny details and roll with it.

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11. Tiny Bags

Every outfit needs a bag. A smaller handbag is ideal for a coquette aesthetic since it plays into the loveliness of a look. A plain purse is perfect so that your outfit will shine through.

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12. Flat Shoes

The debate is still ongoing. Some people think heels typically signify conventional femininity, while flats are more out of the ordinary. Both can honestly work for the coquette, but flats can be superior. They are so much more comfy and allow you to embrace your height.

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Own the Coquette Look

The coquette aesthetic is a wonderful take on girly beauty and female empowerment. It’s also just a fun style that’s ideal for women who love pink and cute things. Add the elements to your closet to mix and match.

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