• 11/26/2023

3 Reasons to Wear a Black and Purple Wedding Dress

black and purple wedding dress

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Weddings still err on tradition, with most brides opting for a white gown. However, some modern brides have other plans, as industry experts witness a shift from white and ivory dresses to more colorful attire. Nowadays, it’s more common for a bride to wear a gold, blue, green, red, or even black and purple wedding dress on their big day.

But why would one choose to wear a black and purple wedding dress in the first place? We’ve got three reasons which may inspire you to do the same.

Bucking Tradition: More Brides Choosing Colorful Dresses

There’s a robust movement of young brides-to-be uninterested in the age-old wedding traditions. As the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. rises to $28,000, couples are less eager to tie the knot the traditional way and instead elope. Smaller weddings or nuptials on a whim may call for a more toned-down style. 

One tradition more brides are moving away from is the white wedding dress. White wedding dresses likely date back 2,000 years to the Roman Republic, when the color represented a woman’s chastity and them becoming a Roman wife. Unsurprisingly, this outdated notion doesn’t sit well with many women. Today, there is an ongoing fight to combat today’s sexist social norms and oppression for greater gender equality.

For example, 36-year-old bride Elizabeth Arasevi told the New York Times she wanted to feel like her best self on her wedding day — not to come across as a “delicate and demure bride” waiting to become someone’s wife. To her surprise, wedding guests commended her for her red and black lace dress choice. 

A 2021 study by Brides and Investopedia discovered a whopping 28% of brides planned to ditch the classic white gown at their upcoming nuptials. In another 2021 survey by Etsy, there was a 223% increase in searches for colorful wedding accessories, including dresses, on the website.

Additionally, there are indications that millennials are more frugal than other generations as they struggle to meet a higher cost of living. As such, it’s little wonder why brides look for more affordable dress options — a traditional white wedding dress cost an average of $1,900 in 2022. Instead, you can buy a black and purple wedding dress for a fraction of the price by shopping at a department store or boutique clothing store.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with tradition. Some brides will always stand by a classic white dress. However, few would look twice by today’s standards if you opted for something less conventional on your wedding day.

3 Reasons You Should Wear a Black and Purple Wedding Dress

It is understandable if you’re on the fence about wearing a black and purple wedding dress. It’s not exactly a first choice for most brides. However, opting for a nontraditional gown has benefits and can make your day more enjoyable, especially if they’re your favorite colors. Still need some convincing? Here are three reasons to wear a black and purple wedding dress.

1. Make a Statement

You can expect to make a statement if you’re redefining the traditional wedding dress with an untraditional color. Guests may not expect to see the bride walk down the aisle in a black and purple gown. 

Yet, wearing something with a bit of color has numerous advantages. A darker dress will stand out in wedding photographs against a light backdrop. You can also pair multiple accessories with it differently than you would have been able to in a white dress, such as bold costume jewelry pieces. 

A black and purple wedding dress is also far more memorable than a classic white dress. Although guests will always compliment your gown choice, they will remember it if it is unique and unexpected. For some brides, the memory of their dress is essential, and guests may talk about it for a long time afterward. 

Younger generations are particularly focused on online visibility and how well their dresses garner attention on social media. This makes them more keen on standing out — and what better way to do so than with a dress color that makes heads turn?

2. Express Your Personality or Style Tastes

Wearing black and purple is just another way to express your bold personality — which those at your wedding should already know about you if they are near and dear. 

According to color psychology, purple could also demonstrate your artistic and intuitive nature — a reason it might also be your favorite color. Although not scientific by any means, purple might represent your unique “way” and style preferences.

Of course, you have plenty of options for incorporating black with purple hues. Purple shades range from deep violets to plum shades and lavender. Your purple gown might also lean toward mulberry or orchid colors. Black will then deliver an exciting contrast to a lighter purple tone.

3. Create a Luxurious Aesthetic

Once again, referencing color psychology, people often associate purple with luxury, royalty, creativity, magic and power. Why wouldn’t you want to wear a color with such a significant meaning?

Depending on your wedding theme and venue, a purple gown could imbue sophistication and glamour, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the day. You may have even decided to match your untraditional dress with your decorations to tie it all together. 

Adding gothic-inspired black to a purple wedding gown will further enhance the romantic moodiness of the occasion. 

Don’t forget you also have several design options at your fingertips — for example, your dress might have black lace over a satin purple fabric or some other beaded embellishment. The more intricate the design, the more luxe it’ll appear.

Say “Yes” to the Black and Purple Wedding Dress

Of all the reasons to wear a black and purple wedding dress, do so because you love it and want to. Whether purple is your favorite color or you simply love how the two moody shades look together, it’s your special day. Always wear whatever brings a smile to your face.

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