• 11/19/2023

The 10 Best Wedding Gifts for Every Couple


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Finding the perfect gift for someone shouldn’t feel like a challenge. You’ll become the best gift-giver in your friend group by giving any happily married couple these incredible presents. They’re some of the best wedding gifts couples can receive because they fit with any lifestyle, travel plans or shared interests.

1. Married AF Travel Tumblers

There’s nothing worse than pouring a delicious beverage and realizing you can’t take it on the road with you. It’s an especially big dilemma for honeymooners. Solve this problem before your friends encounter it by giving them matching travel tumblers. The cute “Married AF” designs will let everyone know they’re on their honeymoon and make the romantic vibes from their wedding last much longer.

$20.91 from Amazon

2. Drinkworks Bar Pro Cocktail Maker

The alcohol industry grew to nearly $250 billion in 2021 due to rising product costs, but your newly married loved ones don’t have to afford pricy menu items to have a good time. Give them a cocktail maker to help them save a few bucks and get creative in the kitchen.

They can make personalized cocktails inspired by their relationship or craft new drinks for their upcoming parties. Either way, your favorite couple will have a blast without breaking the bank on drinks.

$193 from Amazon

3. Honeymoon Tote Bag

Even the most laid-back vacation plans require some supplies. Relaxing on the beach with your newly married partner wouldn’t be as fun without sunscreen, towels and a snack. Tote bags are the best way to manage those belongings.

Order your friends a honeymoon tote that celebrates their big vacation. They’ll get to use it for years afterward and remember the incredible time they had. If you want to take the gift further, fill it with fun things matching their honeymoon destination. A bag of artisan trail mix for a hiking trip or matching hats for a ski vacation will make this one of the best wedding gifts they receive.

$16.99 from Amazon

4. Newlywed Cookbook

Some couples love making new culinary creations together. The science of baking or the art of cooking is a thrill, so indulge their interest with a fancy cookbook. They could follow the recipe instructions to try new foods after their honeymoon. Tweaking recipes is also possible if they have one to follow.

Entrust your newly married couple’s kitchen adventures to the Williams Sonoma cookbook. If they enjoy what’s inside, there are other editions you can give them for future holidays, birthdays or anniversaries.

$40 from Amazon

5. Newlywed Flip Coin

People often joke about deciding where they go for dinner or who chooses their snack for movie night. It’s a sign that both people in the relationship value the other person’s needs, but it can get frustrating after years of going back and forth.

Anyone looking for lighthearted wedding gifts can get their couple a newlywed flip coin. Whenever they have to make a decision, your newlyweds can toss your present in the air. When it lands, it’ll either say the husband or wife decides their menu option.

You can always look into similar coins for other couples who aren’t a husband and wife pair. They’d likely enjoy the gift just as much if they have a history of laughing over meal choices.

$9.99 from Amazon

6. Scratch-Off Date Night Box

Sometimes, couples accidentally slip into date night routines. It even happens to newlyweds. Prevent your newly married friends from experiencing the same thing by giving them a scratch-off date night box for their wedding.

Whenever they return from their honeymoon and want to do something out of the ordinary, they just have to draw a card. It mixes anticipation with a bit of romantic fun, which is perfect for newlyweds or couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

$26.95 from Amazon

7. Just Married Photo Album

People spend tons of money on their weddings. It’s their way of celebrating, but it’s also a guarantee that their photographer will capture gorgeous pictures. Your newly married friends likely spent the national average of $2,000 on their photographer, so ensure their photos don’t linger on a hard drive by giving them a photo album.

Albums contain pictures and trinkets from special days. Your couple could save their invitation, RSVP card, pressed flowers and more alongside their photos. It’s one of the best wedding gifts because it’s so thoughtful.

$49.95 from Amazon

8. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

People show off their engagement and wedding rings because they invest so much money into them. The rings are also personal. Couples choose the colors, designs and gemstones based on their history and favorite things.

Eventually, that jewelry will collect dirt and grime. Your loved ones will appreciate having an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when that moment arrives. It uses a high-frequency vibration and sound to shake the grime away in a container with soap and water. It only takes a few minutes to make rings look brand new, compared to spending money at a jewelry store.

$33.96 from Amazon

9. Bluetooth Speaker

Background music makes every moment more enjoyable. Married couples might use theirs to listen to music while they cook, blast a podcast while they paint their new home or set the mood at holiday parties. It’s something most people enjoy using but might not think to buy themselves. Get one for your married friends so they can party wherever, whenever they want.

$39.99 from Amazon

10. Regulation-Sized Cornhole Set

Cornhole is a popular two to four-player game. Couples can set it up in their backyard or a nearby park to have fun for a half hour or more. Get your loved ones a regulation-sized set and write the official rules in your own handwriting. The personalized, thoughtful gift will help them have afternoons full of fun without spending a dime.

Price: $119.99 from Amazon

Find the Best Wedding Gifts

Attending your friend or family member’s upcoming wedding will be extra fun when you have one of the best wedding gifts in store for them. Consider these popular ideas to find a romantic or funny present couples adore. You’ll give your favorite people something they’ll use for months or years as they adventure through life together as spouses.

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