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Replenish Your System With These Incredible Hydrating Drinks

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Drinking enough water each day sometimes feels impossible. There’s no time for constant bathroom breaks and what about the other beverages you’d rather enjoy? Maximize your hydration without pushing your bladder to the edge by checking out these hydrating drinks. You’ll learn more about managing your health and even save some money.

What Makes Drinks Dehydrating?

Ingredients make a drink dehydrating or nutritious. When you drink your favorite soda, the high amount of sugar slows fluid absorption by transferring water to your gut. High-sodium drinks also cause more drastic dehydration by drawing water into your bloodstream to balance the sodium in it.

Classic Signs of Dehydration

You know you need more water when you stop urinating as frequently or have a dry mouth. These are the other symptoms that can appear when you’re moderately to severely dehydrated.


Your cells and organs need water to function properly. Without it, they slow down. If you’ve gone a while without water and feel more fatigued than usual, you’re likely dealing with one of the common symptoms of dehydration.


Water is necessary for maintaining your blood pressure. If you’re not hydrated, you’ll experience a blood pressure drop that causes acute dizziness for short or long periods of time. Drinking a hydrating beverage will reduce the dizziness alongside breaks from any ongoing physical activity.

Decreased Sweat

Your body will retain as much water as possible when it knows you’re going long periods between hydrating drinks. This means you’ll sweat less, which puts your body at risk of overheating. Anyone who’s physically active and sweating very little to not at all should start drinking water or a hydrating beverage right away.

Best Hydrating Drinks

Start your search for hydrating drinks with this list of leading options. They provide various health benefits and come in fun flavors to make your daily diet more interesting.

1. Electrolit Berry Blast Beverage

While you’re increasing your strength with body lunges and glute bridges, your body produces sweat to cool your bloodstream. You’ll need to replenish that hydration with ingredients in drinks like Electrolit’s Berry Blast formula.

This 21-fluid-ounce beverage contains minerals like magnesium and potassium to prevent muscle cramping due to low water intake. You’ll also get electrolytes that optimize your hydration levels more effectively than plain water.

$29.04 from Amazon

2. BodyArmor Superior Hydration Sports Drink

BodyArmor is a leading sports drink brand with many flavor packs to quench your thirst. Try a 12-pack in the blue raspberry flavor to immediately recover from dehydration. The brand doesn’t use artificial flavors or sweeteners, which is perfect for all-natural diets. Enjoy each sip of the coconut water. Your body will get antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that soothe and hydrate your entire system.

$13.41 from Amazon

3. Gatorade Rapid Rehydration Electrolyte Beverage

When you picture a hydrating drink, you might imagine a classic Gatorade bottle. Although those beverages help athletes during and after games, you can get even more of a hydrating boost from the Rapid Rehydration bottles.

This Gatorade product combines sucrose and stevia to create a low-sugar alternative to leading sports drinks. Every sip will give your body electrolytes like chloride, calcium and potassium so your cells recover faster. Enjoy the watermelon flavor in this pack of 20-ounce bottles or try the five other options that add pops of color to your fridge.

$30.96 from Amazon

4. O2 Hydration Low-Sugar Sports Drink

If your daily diet includes either water or caffeinated drinks, find a perfect middle-ground option with O2’s Hydration cans. They come in six flavors inspired by fruit from around the world. Pop a can open before a workout, after hitting the gym or in the morning after a night out with your friends. Your body will appreciate the non-caffeinated electrolytes and the one gram of sugar that makes this beverage a healthy option.

If you’re frequently at this gym, O2 has another benefit you’ll love. Each can contains oxygenated water. The extra oxygen reduces acid in the bloodstream that builds up after workouts. Your muscles will recover faster with the additional oxygen boost, making your physical fitness goals more attainable.

$32.39 from Amazon

5. Biolyte IV In a Bottle Beverage

People often mention how they add drink packets to water bottles to recreate an IV bag at home. Although those products can help when you feel dehydrated, you’ll save money by getting an IV-bottle beverage like Biolyte.

This brand combines the superior hydration benefits of IV packets with pure bottled water. You’ll gain an energy boost and extra electrolytes in a single purchase. It also has one-third of the sugar compared to leading sports drinks brands. Try one of the five flavors to see which you prefer.

$39.99 from Amazon

Homemade Drinks for Hydration

If you’re saving up to try sports drinks, you can still recover from dehydration at home. Fill an eight-ounce glass with water and mix one-eighth of a teaspoon of sea salt into it. The condensed, nutritious salt adds electrolytes to your body naturally, although the salty flavor can be overpowering. Squeeze lemon and lime juice into your glass for a tasty addition. Washing fruit slices and steeping them in your water will also balance the flavor.

You might also appreciate getting a juicer for your hydration needs. You can easily juice sliced fruits to enjoy their natural water content, internal sodium and the nutrients in each bite. There’s no need to worry about fitting in more snacks when you can drink an entire orange or apple in less than a minute.

Juicers also turn water-loaded veggies into a tasty, hydrating drink. Add cucumbers or celery to your juicer and press start. You’ll get naturally sweet water in seconds. The water doubles as a neutral taste palette for healthy flavor options like stevia, mint leaves, crushed berries or fruit slices.

Try Fun New Beverages

Get hydrated more efficiently with these hydrating drinks available online or in your home. No matter which easy and tasty option you prefer, your body will appreciate the extra electrolytes and nutrients. You’ll feel better with each sip, making every day more enjoyable.

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