• 02/25/2022

11 Bodyweight Glute Exercises


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If you’re building a workout routine that can be done anywhere with anything, you may be wondering exactly what you can do to work that booty out. Luckily, you don’t need a weight set or a gym membership to do some killer bodyweight glute exercises that can help you grow stronger and more toned along the way. No matter your reason for working out your glutes, you can get started with these exercises and see how they feel in your routine.

Deep Lunges

Deep lunges work the legs, all the way up through the glutes. They’re great for building strength and for warming up and kicking off a workout. You can do multiple sets of these throughout the workout. Simply step into a lunge bending both knees and lower all the way down.

Leg Kickbacks

Moving closer to the ground even still, leg kickbacks are a great choice for isolating the movement of glute engagement. All you need to do is get into an all-fours position and kick your leg out straight behind you before lowering it down. Repeat this motion on both sides. 

Fire Hydrants

Similar to leg kickbacks, fire hydrants involve beginning on all fours and bending the knee as you bring your leg up and out to the side. This is a great exercise both for the glutes and the hip flexors. You can even do this right before or after the kickbacks.

Glute Bridges

These are among the few bodyweight glute exercises That don’t involve a lot of leg movement. For a glute bridge, lie on your back on the ground with your knees bent and lift your hips up towards the sky. Just make sure that you aren’t putting too much pressure on your lower back when you repeat this exercise.

Traditional Squats

There’s nothing too fancy about doing traditional squads, but they definitely have made the reputation for a reason. Regular squats don’t just work the glutes, but they also work the size and legs. Try doing a few sets of these during your next break out if you want something simple but effective.

Wide Squats

Whether you want to add these in after your traditional squads or do you want to explore this exercise independently, wine squats can be great for the hip flexors and inner thighs as well as the glutes. Simply bring your legs into a wide stance with your toes slightly out turned and do your squats as normal.

Squat Jacks

Another squat exercise, the combination of squats and jumping jacks can help you get a little cardio in while you isolate muscle groups. Simply engage with your regular squat set, but instead of finishing at the top, add a little jump at the end to give you a bit more of a push. This can be a great wake-up exercise.

Side Lunges

Side lunges are a great exercise if you want to work out the hip flexors as well as the glutes and thighs. This can also be a great balancing challenge, which can come in handy if intend to do a lot of other activities that involve balance. Simply move from side to side throughout your set and repeat.

Side Plank

Although it might not sound completely true, side planks can be great as a glute exercise, in addition to all of their other benefits that they can bring to a workout routine. By engaging all of the muscles from the core down through the legs, you’ll inevitably engage and lift through your glutes as you do this exercise.

Reverse Plank

Reverse plank is the kind of exercise where you put your arms behind you on the ground and lift in a flat plank with your hips facing up. Not only does this work as a great exercise for the arms and the core, but it also forces you to engage your glutes and lift through them in order to lift the body.

Side Skaters

Side skaters are another exercise that requires a bit of spring in your step, similar to squat jacks. As you move from side to side, you not only engage with cardio and lift from below your glutes, but you also work on the sides of your glutes as well.

Bodyweight Glute Exercises

When it comes to working out every part of the body, your glutes are inevitably going to be involved in that. If you are on the hunt for some great new workout additions that can tighten that booty, there are so many choices that can be great for you. No matter which exercise as you go with, it’s all about figuring out what makes your body feel good.

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