• 03/11/2022

Are Face Serums Worth It?


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Whether you’re a total skincare junkie or you’re just getting into the game for the first time, there are so many skincare products out there that are bound to catch your fancy and make you wonder. From expert formulations to natural salves, there’s so much out there to try. If you’ve heard of face serums before but are still a bit unsure of what they are, you may find that they’re a little less intimidating than you originally thought. Here’s the lowdown on all things serums and how they might just amp up your routine. 

What Are Face Serums?

The first thing to learn here is what a face serum even is. A serum is any skincare product that offers a bigger and more powerful dose of an active skincare ingredient intended for specific results. Usually, they have a runny or oily consistency. Face serums are usually used to achieve a skin result that you wouldn’t target through other products like moisturizers or cleansers, and are usually used in small amounts.

How to Use Serums

The thing about using serums is that there’s no one-size-fits all. Different active ingredients will require different methods of application. Usually, you’d apply a serum after you cleanse your face and before you apply moisturizer. In terms of frequency, it’s important to pay attention to the directions on the specific product itself, as some — such as niacinamide — should be applied twice a day, some — like an AHA or BHA — should be applied only in the evening. 

Your Skin’s Needs

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a serum is your specific skin’s concerns and needs. A sure fire way to ensure that you’ll waste your time, effort and money is to get a serum just because it’s popular or well-respected, even if it doesn’t work for you. Do some research to see what kinds of serums work specifically for your skin type and issues, and then you’ll have a better idea of what’s worth it to you.

Your Budget

There’s no way around this one — serums tend to be the most expensive part of any skincare regimen. Due to the high concentration of ingredients and the necessary quality of them, those little bottles can run you a high bill quickly. However, there are plenty of brands that offer high-quality ingredients and serums at low price points. Check out The Inkey List and The Ordinary, and see what they have to offer. These, and other brands like them, tend to have wide ranges of products, all on an affordable budget. 

Overloading On Products

One thing that can definitely make your serums worthwhile is the selectiveness of a proper skincare routine. Although it can be tempting to dive in trying anything and everything, using to many products rapidly can definitely make your skin flip out on you — breakouts, excess sensitivity, you name it. Don’t try to overload yourself with selections or staples too quickly — technically, you shouldn’t be using more than two serums in any given skincare routine anyway, and definitely not for the same purpose or on top of one another. 

Being Selective

Even though this will come with time, finding a staple you truly love can be the key to finding a worthwhile serum to keep in your life. Of course, this will likely come with trial and error, and with experimenting with a variety of products, but there are things out there that fit your needs. Everyone has their own skin concerns, which is why serums can be so informative for anyone’s skincare routine. When you find something that truly works for you, that’s the mark of it being worth it.

When to Switch it Up

However, even if you find a serum you love, there are definitely times when you have the agency and the power to switch things up simply because your skin needs a little something new. This doesn’t mean that serums are the problem, but you may just need something you haven’t had yet. The change of the seasons, changing your diet and even stress can alter the nourishment your skin needs. It could just mean that it’s time to switch up your serum, which can sometimes be a welcome change. 

Are Serums Worth It?

No matter what your skincare routine normally looks like, serums can be a great addition to your lineup. Whether you have unique and specific skin goals or you simply want a bit of glow, there are so many options out there that will likely be worth it if you give them a try.

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