• 01/06/2023

15 Adventurous Hobbies That Will Get You Outside

adventurous hobbies

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Has reading graphic novels lost its luster? Does the thought of crocheting another sweater vest set you on edge? If so, consider taking up one of these adventurous hobbies to add a little spice to your life. The great outdoors is calling. 

1. Camping

Whether you prefer roughing it in a remote mountain pass or putting a sleeping bag in the bed of your truck, there are so many ways to enjoy camping. Sit around a fire pit with your friends and roast marshmallows under the stars. Take a much-needed solo trip to a national park or spend the weekend with nobody but your dog. You can also camp for free in your own backyard! 

2. Scuba Diving

Want to get up close and personal with tiger sharks? Take scuba diving lessons and dive deeper into the ocean so you can admire corals, anemones, and tropical fish in all their glory. Getting scuba certified usually only takes a few days, so you can even learn while you’re on vacation. 

3. Hang Gliding

If you’d rather glide through the air than the water, hang gliding might be the adventurous hobby for you. You get to sail through the sky in a metal frame with cloth wings and have a body harness to keep you safe. Hang gliding lets you soar for hours over the world, and, if you’re truly the adventurous type, perform acrobatics in the air.

4. Geocaching

Want to participate in a global scavenger hunt? Geocaching is a game where people hide small containers — called caches — in the bushes, under rocks, and in other sequestered places. Inside the cache, you’ll usually find a written log where you can write your name. Caches may also contain small toys or objects you can exchange for something you brought. To participate in this real-life treasure hunt, download the Geocaching app from the app store. 

5. Beekeeping

Also called apiculture, beekeeping is a unique hobby that rewards bravery and patience. Although many people are naturally wary of bees, raising them can be very relaxing. You also get homemade honey as a result! 

6. Running

Of all the adventurous hobbies out there, running is probably the most accessible to the greatest number of people. You don’t need any money to start jogging around the block. You can participate in this healthy sport no matter where you live or who you know. Running can improve your cardiovascular health and help you feel your best. Plus, you can do it alone or with a group of friends. 

7. Fishing

Few activities are as frustrating — and rewarding — as trying to catch your own food. In many ways, fishing is an exercise in patience and learning to sit quietly in nature. Even if you don’t reel in a big catch, you can still enjoy spending time outdoors, unbothered by the high-speed pace of daily life. And if you do snag a monster bass? Not only do you get bragging rights, but you also get an amazing dinner. 

8. Whitewater Rafting

If standing on the riverbank isn’t your speed, why not jump right into the action? Whitewater rafting combines the excitement of moving incredibly fast with an appreciation for the outdoors, letting you get directly involved with the landscape. It’s a fantastic workout and a great activity to do with friends. 

9. Skydiving

Up for something a little more dangerous? Few hobbies are as adventurous and thrilling as leaping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. Skydiving gets you outside and lets you feel the wind in your teeth — and, perhaps, a new appreciation for standing on solid ground when you come down. 

10. Flying Drones

If you want a bird’s eye view without the adrenaline rush, consider doing drone photography. You can vicariously soar through the mountains or over an alpine lake to take stunning scenery shots and videos. This hobby also pairs well with video editing.

11. Archery

Whether you’re deer hunting or just out at the shooting range, archery is an exciting hobby that gives you a great upper body workout. It’s very satisfying to hit a bullseye, especially in a competition. Learning to care for and even craft a bow is another satisfying aspect of archery. 

12. Rock Climbing

You know it’s an adventurous hobby when you get to wear a helmet. If you’re feeling a little blasé about the gym, rock climbing is a much more exciting way to squeeze in a workout. Get hands-on and scale a cliff or rock climbing wall, trusting your harness to bring you safely back to Earth when you’re done. 

13. Spelunking

Do dark, endless caverns inspire awe in you rather than fear? If so, then spelunking might be a great hobby to take up. Caves offer some of the most surprising natural beauty in the world, from thick, daggerlike crystals on the walls to underground lakes. They’re also home to fascinating animals like salamanders and blind cavefish. Grab a headlamp and go exploring!  

14. Parkour

The world is your playground. Instead of viewing walls, fences, and railings as barriers, freerunners see them as obstacles to overcome in a three-dimensional space. Engage your whole body by running and jumping through the surrounding landscape. 

15. Birding

You don’t have to do front flips to see a crested caracara in the wild. Grab a pair of binoculars, a field guide, and your favorite birding app, then sit back and appreciate the natural world. Birding pairs well with camping and hiking, and you can do it practically anywhere. 

Live in the city? Look for peregrine falcons. On the beach? Keep a sharp eye out for oystercatchers. There is beauty to be found no matter where you live. 

Exploring the Possibilities

It’s a big, beautiful world out there, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Whether you prefer a low-key activity or an adrenaline rush, you can find a fulfilling hobby to occupy your spare time. So, lace up your boots, grab a snack, and bring a sense of wonder — it’s time to go on an adventure. 

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