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3 Easy Steps to Improving Your Self-Worth and Feeling Better About Yourself

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It can be so easy to find the things we don’t like about ourselves. I can name the things I want to improve about my appearance in 10 seconds flat. It’s much harder to acknowledge our positive qualities and find our sense of self-worth.

It’s especially hard for women. There are many ideals we are held to, or perhaps we hold ourselves to. A lot of those “ideals” are unrealistic and even damaging. 

So how can we improve our self-worth? How can we stop tearing ourselves apart like our own personal mean girls? Is it even possible to feel good about yourself?

I have good news for you. It is possible to feel good about yourself. It is possible to love your body with all its flaws. And more than that it’s possible to have healthy self worth that isn’t entirely based on your appearance. 

But how can you build your self-worth? Let’s dig in and find out! 

Step 1: Build Self-Worth by Acknowledging Your Inner Beauty

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The first step in building self-worth is to take a little time to get to know yourself. Think about who you are and what makes you unique. Think about the inner qualities you have that help you through life and endear you to others. 

We often think of the ways we lack. We tell ourselves we aren’t brave or talented. Sometimes we box ourselves in with fears and insecurities. 

Instead I dare you to find five inner qualities you appreciate about yourself. Are you creative? Have the hardships you have gone through made you resilient and strong? Are you a good listener? Do you show humility and patience? Are you helpful and kind? Tenacious and ready to try new things?

It may take a while but really think about it till you can write down five inner qualities you appreciate about yourself. Those inner treasures will be the foundation of your self-worth. 

Step 2: Find Things You Like About Your Appearance

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Now to the harder part, for most of us. Think about your appearance. It’s true that appearance is not everything. I like to say that my appearance is the least interesting thing about me because all those inner qualities we talked about matter so much more. 

But that doesn’t mean that how we feel about our appearance doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, if we are always telling ourselves we are fat and ugly, we can’t have the self-worth we need.

So stop and think about the things you like about your appearance. Do you have beautiful eyes? Is your hair amazing? Are your curves sexy? Do you like the way your fingernails are shaped or the shape of your lips? 

I  challenge you to find just three things you like about your external appearance and write them down. 

Sometimes you have to rephrase things. I used to hate my big things and derriere, but now I realize that everyone wants to look like Beyonce! Now I love my curvy body! 

Could you look at something you don’t like about your body in a new way? 

Step 3: Be Nice to Yourself

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Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had a bully?

If you have had a bully at school, at work or even in your family, you know how bad they can make you feel about yourself. They are experts at finding your weaknesses and insecurities and they love to throw them in your face as often as possible. Their goal is to destroy your self-worth. Isn’t that terrible? 

But let me ask you this. Are you your own bully? Do you tell yourself mean things? Maybe constantly? Do you attack yourself over extra weight or a unique nose every time you look in the mirror? Do you box yourself in by telling yourself you can’t do certain things? 

I can speak from experience on this. It’s very easy to bully yourself. It’s our default mode. But what if you overheard someone talking to someone else the way you talk to yourself?

How would you feel about that hateful verbal abuse? Would you be tempted to step in and stand up for the person being attacked? I know you would. 

So stand up for yourself. Stop telling yourself mean and limiting things. Start being your own friend instead of your own bully. Kick that inner mean girl to the curb!

Why Should You Build Self-Worth? 

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Now that you have three easy steps to build healthy self-worth I hope you are feeling motivated!

Don’t feel bad or weird about complimenting yourself. There is a difference between knowing your value and being egotistical. Thinking too little or too much of yourself is like looking at yourself in a funhouse mirror. Neither image is correct or based in reality. On the other hand seeing and acknowledging your good qualities is realistic and will have a positive impact on your life. 

What Are the Benefits of Knowing Your Self-Worth? 

Well, having self-worth gives you self respect which will help you achieve your goals. It will also help you protect yourself from toxic relationships and destructive habits. 

On top of those life changing benefits a healthy sense of self-worth will make you a lot more fun to be around. You will be able to get out of your head and stop feeling insecure around other people.. In turn you will pay better attention to the needs of your friends so that they can find the best version of themselves too! 

Will You Build Self-Worth? 

The question now is this. What will you do? Will you make an honest effort to see the good in yourself? Will you stop bullying yourself with abusive self-talk and limiting thoughts? Kick the mean girl out of your head and start taking your own side in the fight of life.

I hope you do because I know it will change your life! Start building your self-worth today. 

About the Author: Jessalynn Jones writes her blog Doable Simplicity to help you make minimalism fit your life and goals. She shares tips to help you simplify your life so you can live it to the full! Connect with Jessalynn on Instagram.

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